Dangerous Pollen Stains

Dangerous Pollen Stains - Gleem Cleaning

Dangerous Pollen Stains and How Gleem Helps

If you weren’t already aware, it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and for many of us, that means thinking up inventive gifts to present to loved ones. The most obvious choice is flowers – from an extravagant bouquet to the wilted model grabbed in a rushed panic from the local petrol station, these natural gifts always experience a surge in popularity in mid-February.

However, despite their beauty, these blooms have hidden danger – pollen stains being one of the most difficult stains to remove and clean from upholstery. Lustrous lilies are often described as the worst offenders,  their shocking orange stamens leaving terrible problems in their wake but part of the appeal in the shop.

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But no fear, for Gleem is here so you can avoid the stress and fall-out of any (formerly appreciative) loved one! Our solutions to this perennial problem include ingredients which can easily be located at home for a wonderful glorious cleaning spree!

Here’s a few tried and tested tips to ensure that pollen residue doesn’t become an enduring feature of your house:

  1. Do not touch/rub the stain, instead take some sellotape and attempt to remove as many of the specks as possible without smudging – contain the area!
  2. Put the stain in direct sunlight. Yes, it’s February and it’s still feels like the depths of winter so this may not seem the most feasible option, but even weak winter sun this will fade the stain before you attempt to attack it.
  3. Our next able assistant is wait for it, shaving foam! Yes: if the stain is still stubbornly refusing to budge, then apply a small amount and rub in using an old toothbrush. Take a new cloth and gently remove the foam, then rinse the area with some cold water and pat dry with another cloth.
  4. Allow the area to dry.
  5. Use a vacuum to suck up any lingering pollen particles (particularly if it’s a carpet stain, though lower settings can be used on clothes).

And there you have it, the ultimate guide to ensuring you can appreciate beautiful blooms without the hassle!

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