Steps on cleaning your glass office walls

Steps on cleaning your glass office walls

Most of the modern offices these days have great use in glass walls. Glass wall provides an elegant look to the office not only do they offer a sophisticated look to the office, but it also offers excellent lighting to the entire room.

However, how good the glass walls look, they still are prone to attracting dirt very fast. Dirt and any spills tend to be more visible on these walls than on any other type of walls.

To clean your office glass walls, you need a few tips such as;

-Never use strong adhesives on your walls
These adhesives might stain your walls. Use glass friendly adhesives to prevent damaging the glass.

-Always use specialized cleaning solutions to clean your glass wall
Avoid using typical cleaning solutions as they might leave stains and scratches on your wall surfaces.

-Never forget to clean both sides of your glass wall
For your glass wall to look clean and neat, both sides of your glass wall need to be taken care of. Always clean your walls at least twice a week to make sure they are clean and spotless.

Always use the most appropriate method to clean your wall. There are different methods of wall cleaning, which include:
-A vertical method is a simple method that is carried out on windows that are taller and less wide.
-The horizontal method-this method is best when the window is wider and less tall.
-Fanning method-this is the method in which professionals use this method combines both vertical and horizontal actions without lifting the squeegee of the glass.

-Never clean your glass walls when the sun is out. Always clean during cloudy days to prevent quick drying of cleaning solutions, which leaves smears.

Steps to making your glass wall sparkling clean

-Always clean your glass from top to bottom to make sure no drops of cleaning solutions will drop on already clean surfaces
-Clean your windows on cloudy days. This is to prevent your cleaning solutions from drying before completing your cleaning process to prevent smears.
-Use a squeegee to clean your glass wall and polish off any stubborn dirt.
-Clean the corners of your glass wall using cotton swabs. They will help get rid of hidden small dirt where the squeegee cannot reach.
-To polish your windows, use old clothes or t-shirts as they rarely carry any dirt residues. This will also save on money instead of using a paper tissue to clean your glass.

Daily cleaning of your glass office wall
-Use a microfiber cloth to wipe your wall on the inside and outside.
-If the glass is stained by dirt, spray the cleaning solution on your glass and spread with a clean cloth.
-Then dry with a clean cloth to shine the glass.

Glass office walls require cleaning at least twice in a week to prevent dirt from occupying the glass and maintain its shine. Glass walls have become a motivation to cleanliness as they expose even the slightest dirt, which has made people cautious about their cleaning.