Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home Toilets and Bathrooms

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home Toilets and Bathrooms

Your home toilets and showers determine a person’s cleanliness. We always assume that the showers and baths don’t require cleaning, but in the real sense, if we do not clean our toilets and bathrooms, we are making our home living conditions uncomfortable and hard. People think cleaning the toilets and showers is a waste of time but, with the proper cleaning techniques, our cleaning becomes easy and fast.

Our bathroom and toilets are used for different purposes such as easing ourselves, taking showers, brushing our teeth, and also dressing. During these activities, the toilets and bathrooms collect dirt such as hairs, body dirt, toothpaste stains, foundation spill and many other kinds of dirt. Therefore, our showers and toilets require thorough care.

Our bathrooms and toilets need extra care, and that care includes disinfecting them always.

How do we disinfect our home toilets and bathrooms?

Our home toilets require regular disinfecting to prevent the spread of infections and contamination. That is why we are encouraged to take part in disinfecting all the time.

Requirements for taking care of your toilets and bathrooms

Steps for disinfecting

First, protect yourself as sterilizing requires you to touch and expose yourself to specific chemicals .consider using gloves during your care for the toilets and bathrooms. Always start by reading the instructions provided on your manual before using the chemical to understand and avoid mixing them and making poisonous substances. Below are types of disinfectants:

  • Limited disinfectants – used for specific microorganisms
  • General disinfectants-they are used for general microorganisms

Use the right disinfectants for the right purposes following the right steps. Also during your cleaning ensure to use the right amounts of the disinfectant. While cleaning, give your toilets and bathrooms thorough care and pay attention to your clean all through the cleaning process.

Steps on how to clean your toilets

  1. Start by making sure that you empty your toilets, empty your toilets and open your toilet windows before you proceed with your cleaning.
  2. Remove any debris, ruins or hairs around the toilet sink, toilet, and floor.
  3. Empty your toilet bin and get rid of the used garbage can liner before replacing it with a clean one. Replace your old tissues with new once and also stock it with paper towel dispensers if they are not stocked.
  4. Start cleaning the surface of your toilets following the provided procedure:
  5. Apply a toilet cleaner to your bowl and leave it for a few minutes to soak
  6. Clean the exterior of your toilet using a scrubbing sponge
  7. After cleaning your exterior use, a toilet brushes to clean your bowl.
  8. Dry any water spills if any after cleaning the toilet.

Steps to taking care of your home bathroom

Bathrooms harbour a lot of dirt as after a person is done taking a shower they will use their bathrooms to dress for the day.

To clean your bathroom consider:

The sink

The sink is mostly used for brushing our teeth .therefore, and it contains toothpaste dribbles. It also contains other types of dirt and grime.

To clean the sink, use all-purpose bathroom cleaners and also consider the use of homemade cleaners: clean sink fixtures and rim with a disinfecting spray cleaner. Buff your fixtures and rim with a clean, dry cloth.

The tab and shower

The tab and shower surfaces contain the following dirt bath oil, soap scum, hair products and soil. Mildew, moisture and mould also are known to hide in the showers and tab fixtures.

Use all-purpose cleaner for your cleaning. Apply the cleaner on your tab and showers and let it set as you clean other parts of the bathroom. Scrub the surfaces using abrasive scrubbing pads.

Rinse your surfaces with clean water and dry them with a clean cloth.

Taking care of the bathrooms and toilets is very important as it prevents us from contamination and diseases; therefore, it is good to make sure you pay attention to these places always.

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