Cleaning and Caring for Your Home Floor Carpets

Cleaning and Caring for Your Home Floor Carpets

Carpets always enhance the appearance of your home in a spectacular way. They tend to be expensive to purchase. Therefore, it is good to maintain their appearance and prolong their life span. Remember to keep your carpets stain free and clean always to prevent them from wearing out quickly after a short while. Keep them cleaned will also prevent harbouring of stubborn dirt and pest infestation. What it takes for your home to look all presentable and of high-quality feel is by making sure to take care of your carpets regularly.

Carpets do not only require vacuuming all the time they also require to be thoroughly washed regularly. The regular washing gets rid of any stubborn dirt, and prevent pest infestation.

Below are some of the ways to follow while cleaning your carpets:

Wash your carpets well

Regularly clean your carpet using a carpet machine. Use carpet shampoo to clean. The shampoo should at least contain Scotchgard which protects the carpet from stains.

During the removal of carpet, stains use white vinegar

White vinegar is considered as the best solution to solving your stain problem. Use white vinegar to get any stubborn stains such as nail polish, makeup powder, foundation, and food spills.

To remove the stain, follow the following steps:

  1. Mix ½ cup vinegar with two tablespoons salt.
  2. Pour your mixture on your carpet stain and rub it.
  3. Wipe it after rubbing and vacuum the surface
  4. Use carpet protectors

Most of the time you are not able to protect your carpet from coming into contact with a stain, therefore, to care for this carpet ensures to introduce carpet protection which ensures to prevent the carpet from staining. This will surely improve your home appearance.

Use shaving foam to clean

Shaving foam is used for cleaning to get rid of stains and also bad odours such as for food, milk, vomit, and pet smell. To finish your cleaning with shaving foam, use vinegar and then wipe the solution.

Use club soda to get rid of the stain

Use club soda in case of beer and wine stains. This will help you get rid of these stains easily if properly used.

Tips on how to care for and increase the lifespan of your carpets

Keep moving heavy furniture around the carpet

Moving around your furniture on your carpet will prevent having piles on your carpet. Always ensure to move them around.

Clean your carpets regularly

Cleaning your carpets regularly will help increase its lifespan as it gets rid of the dirt and stains which may lead to the carpets losing their touch.

Beat your home carpets regularly

Laying your mat onto the sun and beating it using a baseball bat regularly will help you get rid of layers of dirt. Also putting the carpets under the sun will dry any dampness this will prevent the carpet from an infestation of the pest.

Ensure to vacuum your carpet regularly

Always vacuum at least on a weekly basis to remove any dirt this will maintain the carpet and increase their lifespan. Always vacuum your carpet from the center to the outside.

While arranging your home keep sharp ends of your furniture away from the carpet

Keeping the sharp ends away will help care for and increase the lifespan of the carpets, preventing them from tearing.

What we do not know is that taking care of our home carpets improve the appearance of your living conditions. If we do not take care of this carpets, we will lead to the harbouring of pests trapping of bad odour. The negatives of not taking care of the carpet will lead to your home being unwelcoming. Always follow steps to care for your carpets.

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