Bristol cleaning for tenants and landlords

Bristol cleaning for tenants and landlords


When you rent a building there is usually a deposit required to ensure you leave the property in good condition. Through removals, general wear and tear and just not having the time you may find that you have more cleaning to do than you originally thought and not enough time to complete it before the landlord comes to inspect. If the house is not up to scratch the landlord can hold back part or all of your deposit. Getting a Bristol cleaning specialist in to clean up the areas you missed will ensure your deposit won’t be lost to clearing up cooker grease, dust and marks that you have missed or created during your move.

Bristol cleaning companies will have a range of services with the basics being to mop, wipe surfaces and hoover but many will also partake in other needs such as polishing, inner window cleaning as well as tile, bath and toilet cleaning to a professional standard. Having a professional clean and the receipt to prove it could save you from losing your deposit or being charged for your previous landlord to hire their own.

Moving into a new home

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Moving into a new tenancy or your own home will often mean a big cleanup operation. This is usually the last thing anyone wants to do when they have just moved their furniture in. having a professional one off Bristol cleaning service come in to get the house clean before you move your own belongings in will save you the arduous task of cleaning dust from skirting boards, clearing dust and cleaning marks from the last occupants removal.

Landlord cleaning services

Two of our excellent Gleem cleaners
Two of our excellent Gleem cleaners

If you have a communal area to maintain you may not be able to rely on your tenants to ensure it always shows you in the best light. Getting a professional Bristol cleaning service can ensure that new and present tenants are able to access their property via communal areas that are clean, fresh and inviting. Prospective tenants you wish to show around vacated properties can easily be put off by dirt left behind by the last tenants. Some will not even want to look around the property itself if they notice the reception area, stairwells and other communal areas are not well kept. Professional cleaning ensures that there are no areas left untouched and will ensure that any food, wrappers or other items that could attract vermin are removed regularly.

A clean maintained property will attract more potential tenants and allow you to charge more for your properties rental. When the entrance to rented homes looks clean it encourages tenants to take more pride in the property and will attract a better caliber of tenant.  Bristol cleaning professionals will help to restore vacated properties to their former cleanliness getting it ready for the next tenant to move in. They will ensure the kitchen is ready to cook in, the bathroom hygienic and ready for use and communal stairwells and rooms inviting.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.