This week we will be taking a break from talking about cleaning to discuss another important aspect for Gleem and businesses as a whole--the technological side of it, more specifically staff training and LMS⫪s that aid in training employees.About RomyLMSRomyLMS is a relative newcomer into the business of LMS⫪s. The CEO, Kevin Kuhn, co-founded RomyLMS as no existing ones where suitable for their business Coalition Technologies. The demand for a simple, easy-to-use LMS system was there, so they took the initiative and designed their own, commercializing it so that others could benefit from its simplicity.What is an LMS?LMS is an acronym that stands for Learning Management System. LMS⫪s are useful business tools that allow companies to track, report and deliver training programs or learning courses that are relevant to the business.RomyLMS is one such business and are pioneering a more streamlined and simple LMS to help you cultivate your business.Why is Training Employees Important?It doesn⫪t matter how skilled or the amount of qualifications and grades your employees have, what is essential is honing existing skills and teaching them new ones that will help them operate more efficiently. If they are trained specifically for their job role, they will feel more confident while at work, which will undoubtedly improve their proficiency, and a more proficient employee will result in higher quality work. Overall, if your staff are given training courses they will feel more valued as an individual as you have chosen to dedicated time and money to developing them within your business. This will result in a happier work environment, which in return boosts the quality and quantity of their work as they will undoubtedly feel more motivated. Using an LMS can help you tackle employee training by allowing you to store, manage and track training, making employee training a much easier task. The Benefits of Using an LMSAs stated previously, staff training is imperative for all business, big and small, no matter what their trade. By using an LMS such as RomyLMS, you are making the task of training a lot easier, as it cuts down on the time spent distributing training programs, and allowing you to store all the information on one convenient system.RomyLMS understand the struggle of the learning curve with most other LMS⫪s, as that is the reason it was founded. Thus it⫪s designed with an easy-to-understand GUI, all the information required is easy to find and access. Not only that, but with RomyLMS there are pre-existing materials for you to use, cutting down on the amount of time invested in creating. For smaller companies that can⫪t dedicate too much time developing materials, this is a huge bonus. Original content can also be added using the tools provided. These materials can then be distributed to individuals or to a group at once, maximising the efficiency of delivering tasks. What⫪s more, companies like RomyLMS offer great packages at affordable prices, even offering their product for free for the first 20 users.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.