A Clean Lifestyle : Life Cycle UK

A Clean Lifestyle : Life Cycle UK

Life Cycle is a local Bristol charity aiming to improve the fitness of locals so they can get out and about and enjoy the beauty spots Bristol has to offer. Young or old; the charity hopes to encourage all to get out and about, proving that age shouldn’t be a barrier to getting out and about and seeing the South West in all its glory. Gleem spoke to Ed Norton, Fundraising Officer at Life Cycle to discover more about the foundation’s links to Bristol, and what it has planned for 2015; the year of Bristol Green Capital…

1. Can you give a brief history of Life Cycle UK in Bristol?

Our interviewee!
Our interviewee

Life Cycle was born in Bristol back in 1996 – before becoming a registered Charity in 1999. Over time, we have grown and diversified well beyond our initial focus of helping employers to increase the number of people cycling to work – our “inclusive cycling” projects now include a bicycle recycling project inside Bristol Prison and a project which takes blind or visually impaired individuals out cycling on tandem bicycles.

2. How do you think the city has changed since Life Cycle was established?

There has definitely been an ongoing feel of positive change in Bristol and a real improvement of attitudes, visibility and awareness of the general public about cycling. We still have a long way to go to achieve European levels of cycling, but for the UK, Bristol is doing pretty well – let’s hope Bristol Green Capital helps notch things up another level!  

3. Agreed! What campaigns are you currently working on to promote cycling in the South West?

We offer loads of practical schemes to help people in the South West to cycle: we offer free secure cycle parking stands to small businesses and community organisations in Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham & Gloucester and Bournemouth; confidence boosting cycle training for adults and children, bike maintenance tuition – and provision of affordable refurbished bicycles. Check out our website for upcoming events – and get in touch!

An Inclusive Cycling volunteer with some biking devotees
An Inclusive Cycling volunteer with some biking devotees

4. What plans have you got in the pipeline for 2015, especially considering Bristol has been awarded the impressive accolade of Bristol Green Capital?

We’re running a special programme of “nature-themed” cycle rides in 2015 thanks to a grant from Bristol Green Capital – specifically aimed at helping those with mental health issues and the over-55s to get out and about on a bike and discover Bristol’s green spaces and wildlife. Apart from that, we’ll still be running all our other cycle promotion schemes – and hope to engage even more people than last year.


Thanks Ed! As keen believers in fitness here at the Gleem offices, we’re especially interested to hear what’s going on to get us moving in the South West! With the evenings getting lighter with Spring, we can’t think of a better reason to get out and see the beauty of Bristol. For more information on the brilliant schemes afoot at Life Cycle UK, check out http://www.lifecycleuk.org.uk/our-projects.

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