5 Quick Tips for Office Cleaning

5 Quick Tips for Office Cleaning

Mess happens regularly virtually everywhere. How can your office be an exception to this, more so when you have so much to do and that also involving so many people? The mess starts at office with preserving of scrap papers until they become a huge mess and an overwhelming pile. However, that’s not the only pain area – there are other messes too.

Here is a list of 5 quick tips for office cleaning that will prove to extremely handy:

#1 Dealing with the desk clutters

When we discuss about desk clutter, there are so many things to take into consideration. They may include papers, pens, stables and paper clips, markers, whiteners, erasers, old printouts of emails tapes and every other thing that you may thing of!
At first, take a deep breath and a hard look at your messy desk. Organise the papers and segregate them into different categories. Separate the ones you do not need any more, like old receipts, printouts, notes from our colleagues, incomplete or redundant reports and so on, from the ones you need. The unnecessary stuff should find its place in the paper shredder or trash bin. The rest should be organized in a proper manner and tucked away either in the drawer and if kept on the desk, should be so in an orderly manner.
Getting rid of the unused, damaged or old throwaway pens is one of the most significant parts of office cleaning. Do so and keep the ones you use regularly in a pen case along with whiteners, markers etc. You can distribute the good ones among your colleagues if you have too many of them.
Use a box where you can keep stuffs like clips, staplers, stapler pins, board pins and other stationary. Keep the box in your drawer and keep the desktop as free of things as possible.

#2 No food on your desk

Do not have your lunch or snacks at your desk. Most of us do this, and this is a bad habit to say the list. It will attract insects once you have left for the day and the office is closed. Moreover, you may damage the keyword, as you may inadvertently drop food particles on the keyword, which may swoop in between the key, damaging the keypads. Use the lunch table whenever you need to have some food – be it snacks or your lunch. You can have tea or coffee, but be careful not to spill. These few good habits make your task of office cleaning trifle easier.

#3 Keep your desk dust free and disinfect it regularly

Keeping your desk clean, wipe it regularly with the help of a clean cloth and this should include your desktop or laptop as well. You can use cleaning agents for that as well. Use disinfectants regularly. Use wet cloth or paper towel for wiping off the thin layer of accumulated dust.

#4 Hire a professional office cleaning company

So many things come within the periphery of office cleaning. You may not be able to manage them all. For that, you need to hire Professional office cleaning companies. They will consider every detail and take care of them with utmost care and professionalism.

#5 Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to cleaning your office. Carpets seem to accumulate all the dust and dirt of the world and you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to get rid of that. Make sure they take up the task at least once a month to keep your office clean.

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