Nightclub Cleaning by Gleem

Professional Nightclub Cleaning by Gleem

We'll Make Your NIghtclub Sparkle
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Nightclub Cleaning by Gleem

Why Gleem

Large event and party venues like nightclubs operate with a high footfall of people and often lots of extra attention to detail needed(spilt drinks, food, etc). Gleem are your reliable cleaning partner with over 10 years’ experience in this sector, we can assist you with that goal.

From intimate late night venues, to high capacity venues that can hold tens of thousands of people a nightclub clean can include anything from high level specialist cleans for ventilation and air conditioning systems to deep cleaning of bathrooms and bar cleaning, in addition to the normal everyday cleans required.

We tailor our services to your organisational requirements, frequency and circumstance by working at low traffic times and integrating into your shift patterns to minimise disruption to your operations.

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What is included in your Nightclub Cleaning?

Cleaning of toilets

Cleaning of outside areas and patios

Cleaning of seating

Specialist cleaning of dancefloors

Cleaning of floors - hoovering and polishing

Powerwashing outdoor areas

Bar area cleaning

Cleaning of point of sale areas

Cleaning of fridges and storage units

Cleaning of all front of house areas

Cleaning of tables

Cleaning of floors


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