Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Hygiene in the company's facilities is essential. It is a mirror of the seriousness of a company and its employees. Depending on what your office space looks like, potential associates and clients create a first impression of you. This can be of the utmost importance to the future success of your business. On top of these is the advantage of saving time. A commercial cleaning service will do all the cleaning work for you with less to worry about. You can spend your precious time on more important things like cooking for your family, running your business, or checking your inventory at the warehouse.

Green (environment) Cleaning

These cover any process that uses only environmentally friendly products and techniques. For office cleaning, this could mean applying detergents without sulphates, parabens, and artificial colours.

These are a type of cleaning service offered to customers who want a healthier working environment and present various benefits for employees, the building, and the environment. Green commercial cleaning reduces the number of chemicals used to clean the building. Strong cleaning chemicals can fill the air with hazardous materials and compounds that can harm human health. By choosing green cleaning for your commercial building, you will not only see a decrease in your business water bill, but you will also find that your employees take fewer sick days.

Residential cleaning

If you have a large house and do not have housekeepers, hiring a cleaning company is always a great decision. Maybe you have a big event to plan within a little time, a commercial cleaning service will clean your home professionally and quickly.

Tile and carpet cleaning

Most offices have carpeted and tiled floors. While carpet acts as an acoustic screen, tiles are usually installed in areas such as bathrooms. Carpets help dampen noise from one workspace to another, so the need for a clean and tidy carpet is necessary. These help employees stay productive and not be disturbed by chair movements, sounds, or office meetings. You want to make sure that the commercial cleaning services you hire use the right cleaning products that can remove airborne irritants, mites, and dust that get trapped in the carpet.

This type of commercial cleaning service will vacuum, shampoo, and dry the carpet so thoroughly that you won't see any dirt or dust. They generally charge per square foot.

Window Cleaning

Likewise, office windows require special cleaning tools and techniques. It is seldom safe for companies to deal with window cleaning independently, especially if the facility is above the ground floor. That's why most hire specialist window cleaners to reach heights using movable platforms and harnesses.

Emergency Cleaning

Perhaps the least used but most important type of commercial cleaning is emergency cleaning. Emergency cleaners are called after an unexpected event, such as a flood, fire, or break-in. Even if you think there is no possibility of an emergency happening at your facility, we recommend that you have the number from a reliable supplier at your fingertips. They can attend very quickly as most operate 24/7. Emergency cleaners work quickly, often overnight, to make sure an office is habitable as soon as possible after an incident.

If you own or manage a business, these tips are essentials in choosing the right commercial cleaning service for your business.

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