Top 10 Office Cleaning Tips That Can Save You Time and Money

Top 10 Office Cleaning Tips That Can Save You Time and Money

There is only a sensible reason if you are reading this right now, cleaning your office may have probably taken a toll on your time and money, and you are looking for tips to minimize them. You are in luck for today I am going to share my top 10 tips in office cleaning that I have gathered in my years of experience in maintaining one.

1. Use a check-list.

Hiring responsible workers who are inclined to a clean workplace as much as you is vital, yet we can not always rely on them to remember the primary cleaning to do as they leave their workspace and why it is necessary to have a check-list. The check-list can include basic activities like throwing their paper scraps in the garbage bin, turning off their computer and arranging the wires, and keeping their desks tidy.

2.    Create a schedule.

Planning when you should have your office clean and which items should be cleaned daily or annually can help you save money. Daily activities can be easily performed by you or your employees, if you own a small office, such as vacuuming, dusting, or organizing files. You can also do more complicated monthly and annual tasks yourselves, if you are not knowledgeable enough about it, like recoating tiles, it may be best to hire a professional.

3.    Encourage your employees to perform 5s/Clean as you go.

The Japanese are known to be well-disciplined and diligent people. One of the methods they utilize to achieve less maintenance cost and higher productivity is maintaining cleanliness in the workplace by tidying up after themselves is 5s. 5s include sorting out what they need in their work and disposing of unnecessary items, setting in order the remaining items from sorting; maintaining its orderliness by sweeping; standardizing the first three steps by creating policies and guidelines and lastly, self-discipline to consistently follow-through the first four steps.

4.    Organize

Organization is essential to maximize productivity and reduce waste materials. It is easy to spot dirt and clean it immediately in an organized workplace, avoiding it to pile and become less manageable later on. Organization also involves having a system of rules such as no eating at one’s desk and no vandalism to the business property.

5.    Put signs and rewards.

Signs such as “Do not step on the toilet” or “Clean as you go” can help remind your workers of their shared responsibility to keep the office clean. If you have the money to print or buy one, make the letters large enough to be readable and with contrasting colors. You can also try offering rewards to people with the cleanest work area to reinforce cleanliness.

Keeping your office clean can truly cost time and money, but if you try the steps above and commit to them, you may find yourself waking up one day with less pile of rubbish on your office and less cost on your cleaning bill.

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