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Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Housekeeper

You may have thought long and hard if you are going to hire a housekeeper. Now that you have decided to hire one, you may think that the process is going to be short. You can keep it short but you also have to choose the right housekeeper that will provide what you are looking for.

Find someone who is trustworthy because you are going to give different responsibilities to her. For example, if you need someone who will do grocery runs for you, you need to find someone who will not overcharge you for the items that you are going to get.

Hiring Individuals VS Hiring from Companies

There are different housekeepers right now who would like to improve their own business. This means that they will be promoting themselves. They can also be very clear about the things that they need.

Pros of Hiring Individuals

  • The same person will do your errands week after week.
  • Rates are usually lower as compared to hiring from companies.
  • It may be easier to build a professional relationship with the person.

Pros of Hiring from Companies

  • The individuals are screened before they would be available to be hired.
  • They may be trained to do some of the skills that you need.
  • You can easily choose a different person if you do not like the first housekeeper that they would recommend.

It is evident that there are pros for both. You just need to choose depending on what you think will work best for your needs.

Other Things to Think About

If in case you do not want to hire from companies, you can always ask your family members and your friends for some referrals. They may know of some people that they have hired in the past. You can also look for those with a lot of services. Some may specify in walking dogs or even other pets. Some may be good in cooking. It will depend on what you are looking for.

Do Not Forget to Interview Candidates

You need to come up with questions that you genuinely want to ask potential housekeepers. Make sure to ask what type of services that they can offer. You also want to hire people who are passionate about housekeeping. Some may be doing it because they have no choice. Some are into housekeeping because it is something that they genuinely like.

You can also think about the following:

  • Do a background check. You may not want to hire someone who has a criminal record.
  • Decide on the fees that you need to pay. Some would have a fixed rate while others would charge every hour. Once again, choose depending on what will be more ideal for you.
  • The work history of the person will also matter.

Should You Agree on a Trial Period?

A trial period will be ideal for you. You want to check if you can work well with them. The trial period may last for about two to four weeks. If in case you are satisfied with them, you can make a formal offer. If you are not, then you can look for another housekeeper instead.

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