Office cleaning methods and checklist

Office cleaning methods and checklist

                Whether you are working for a commercial cleaning service or not, having a detailed office cleaning checklist is very important, because it gives your client a head start to whatever you are planning to do for them. It also presents your commercial cleaning services as being professional and capable enough to handle any given job.

                If don’t have a cleaning checklist provided by your company you Can make use of this and present it to your client at every given time. An Office cleaning checklist can also serve as a reminder to the in-house office cleaner for those things that are needed to be done in the office to retain a spotless and clean workplace.

                Here are some of the cleaning methods and checklist you can initiate in carrying out various office cleaning services:


                For your daily task, you should pay close attention to the office reception, kitchen, restroom, etc. the daily checklist involves all cleaning that takes place in the above areas and it includes mopping, dusting, and vacuum cleaning.

Daily tasks for reception areas:

●        Empty trash bins and replace trash bags

●        Vacuum all areas in the office

●        Sweep or vacuum dirt off the floor, carpet and rugs

●        Clean window surface and door entrance

●        dust office gadget and equipment plus furniture

●        Disinfect  all horizontal surfaces with a damp cloth

●        Mop the floor thoroughly

●        Make sure all nooks and crannies of the reception area are cleaned up

Daily tasks for restroom

●        top-up toilet papers and hand soap when needed and change or clean-up hand towels

●        clean up toilet mirrors, windows and units

●        Disinfect toilet, urinals and bathroom surfaces

●        Mop the floor thoroughly

●        Empty toilet trash cans

●        Disinfect and sanitize toilet and bathroom basins


The daily task for kitchen

●        Empty trash cans and replace garbage bin

●        Clean up sink, countertop, tables, chairs, cupboards etc.

●        Click up all kitchen utensils and appliances

●        Top-up liquid hand soap and change or clean hand towel when necessary

●        Mop tiles thoroughly



                The weekly checklist does not require many tasks to be done unlike in the daily. However, it is very important to carry out the weekly tasks. Checklist tasks for the weekly include:

●        Polish floor surfaces

●        Disinfect and clean kitchen appliances like gas cooker, microwave, refrigerators etc.

●        Disinfect electronic gadgets

●        Vacuum carpet and rugs

●        Scrub thoroughly sinks, basins, and tiles in the kitchen and restroom.

●        Scrub and clean up the bathtub, and toilet fixture


                This checklist involves replacing damaged furniture, rugs, carpets, tiles in the office. The task carried out for the monthly includes:

●        Vacuum office furniture and equipment

●        Clean window frame, lintels and covers

●        Polish all wooden furniture

●        Replace worn-out rugs and carpet

●        Replace damaged tiles and toilet fixture

●        Dust and disinfect places in the office at a high distance from the floor; like the ceiling fan, cabinets, countertop of shelves etc.

In conclusion, you should make the above checklist a personal guide to effective office cleaning, furthermore, as a commercial cleaner if you present this to your client there is no how you won’t be approved or employed.

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