How to plan your house cleaning

How to plan your house cleaning

Do you go to work? Are you a very busy person? Are you skipping house cleaning? There is something about it so that you can leave your house clean. You leave early and come in late you will need a plan. You will need to divide the activities of tidying up your house into morning and evening tasks, as follows:
Morning to do

Start with the bedroom.
Make your bed. This is the first cleaning activity of your day. An excellent way to start your day. Doing your bed opens up options to clean other areas. What follows is a wipe on your bedside table, a quick fix of your closet and hamper before moving to another room.

Do your shower
Still a morning activity. After a morning shower, apply a cleaner. A quick clean keeps the floor clean and dry on return. What follows is hanging towels and robes in respective places. Hanging towels and robes well allows for aeration and drying before the next time of use. Have a hamper at the bathroom for your towels in case they will need cleaning.

Do your dishes
As you do breakfast, take the shortest time possible to clear the dishwasher. Do not leave your sink in a mess; you will not like in on return. Clean spills immediately, change dishtowels occasionally every morning and have the used ones kept away for laundry.

Clearing out
The keys, coat, and bag should have a spot at the door. As you leave, you do not come back and mess up with everything you have tried to put in order. Take out the trash with an apron on and leave at the hook or basket as you leave.
You might be thinking that the morning clean has done everything, but the house will be clean when you do some things in the night.
Night to do
Sort out clothes
Rehang clothes or place them in the hamper. This is not enough though, have an extra hamper for cleaner clothes. Having baskets that separate clothes, clean and dirty, allows for easy cleaning cycles. Once you get home in the evening, you can start cleaning.

Clear countertops
You might have left a lot lying around as you prepared in the morning. Keep everything in its place before you do anything else.

Clean toilet and bathroom tops
Toilets are best done in the night. As you prepare for bed, spray powder on the bathroom and do a quick scrub of the bathroom. Clean the seat with a clean cloth and leave dry before you sleep. You can also do bathroom countertops at this time so that all that remains in the morning is a quick after-shower sweep.
Do tables, pillows, and furniture

As you think of leaving the visitors rooms for the bed, clear the tables, fluff sitting room pillows and clear furniture of any clutter or snack debris.
The above activities mean you have been to clean most of the house. As you leave you in the morning, you are assured a lot is in order.

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