How to Maintain Clean Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops endure different kinds of abuse. What do I mean by this? On your daily basis, every activity you take part in will result back to countertops. This is where you keep your ingredients while cooking, by the time you are done cleaning your countertop will have leftover ingredients, crumbs, and many more. This is where you keep your day's emails when your receive is also where you stand while brewing your coffee. And on the day you've gone for grocery shopping, this is where you will unpack your grocery. Even though you keep the countertops clean, you will also have to maintain them. What does maintaining countertops promote? Well maintained, countertops will last longer and will enhance the general appearance of your kitchen area. Below are some of the ways to keep clean kitchen countertops:

Protect your countertops from hot dishes of food, pans, and pots.

Exposure of your countertops to excess may lead to cracking and corrosion of the surfaces. Is there a way to protect kitchen countertops from hot items? The countertops can be protected from hot items using trivets that allow the flow of air under the hot items.

Avoid sitting on countertops.

Sitting on countertops may lead to cracks or scratches caused by you sitting on countertops. Cracks may be caused by excessive weight applied when sitting on countertops. Consider using a stool instead of sitting on countertops. Scratches may also be caused by any sharp objects from your clothing while sitting on countertops, therefore, avoid sitting on the countertops.

Always pay extra attention to any spills and wipe them immediately.

Always consider wiping any spills immediately they occur. Kitchen countertops are susceptible and easily stain from any kind of acidic spills such as wine, vinegar, and citrus drinks and solutions. Kitchen countertops made from stone, granite, marble, wood, and marble easily stain if they encounter any acidic spills. It is, therefore, essential to prevent any kind of spills or take care of them immediately they occur.

Always pay attention to the seals of your kitchen countertop.

Always pay attention to countertop sealers. The sealers often wear out. It is important to take care of them immediately to prevent staining of surfaces. Sealers are important to all kinds of kitchen countertops as they prevent the covers from staining in case of any spills. Sealers also improve the appearance of a countertop; therefore, it is vital to take care of them.

Avoid chopping and slicing directly on your kitchen countertops.

Always consider using a chopping board while slicing or chopping any ingredients and meats. Chopping and slicing directly on the countertops will lead them to scratch which will wear out the surfaces and chip part of the surfaces, this will destroy the countertop, and therefore it is important to avoid chopping or slicing directly.

Dry your kitchen countertops thoroughly after cleaning or using.

Avoid leaving wet countertops without drying. Water spills left without being taken care of will ruin the surface example; if the water remains on a stone countertop, it will leave white spots on the top which will damage the surface after some time.

Kitchen countertops not only do they need to be cleaned but also maintained. Above are some of the ways we should keep our kitchen countertops tidy.

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