How To Keep Your Under Bed Clean

Are you able to keep your under bed clean? Keeping under beds clean has always been a problem. Most often under beds are forgotten while cleaning your bedrooms as it is a hidden part of the room. Under beds are also an essential part of cleaning your bedroom. While cleaning these other rooms and forgetting the under the bed, you forget that there is something dirty lurking underneath. Are you having problems cleaning underneath your bed, or are you too lazy to look under your bed? Below are some of the tips to use to keep your under bed clean all the time:

Use a blow dryer to blow dust bunnies away

Blow dryers are some of the few types of equipment we forget are useful to do some life hacks. If you own a hairdryer at home, you can put it to use and use it to get rid of dust and bunnies under your bed. The blow dryer will blow away any hidden dust painlessly without you struggling. While using the blow dryer, be sure to have a broom, vacuum, or duster to clean up any remaining dirt.

Clean using a duster with a long handle

Under beds will give a hard time to the cleaner if not handled with care. To easily clean your under the bed, you can adopt using a duster with a longer handle. To make your work easier always look for or purchase these long handle dusters which can be able to reach every inch of your under the bed. Always consider the dimensions of your bed while looking for the dusters to make your work easier.

Put duct tape around your broom handle to work.

Duct tape can be said to be a creative tool improvised to work with a broom to get rid of dirt under your bed. Brush ends of brooms are known to be useful while cleaning under the bed but, if we use duct tape together with the broom, it will be more effective and reliable. To be able to use this method, wrap the broom handle with duct tape and roll it under the bed or push it back and forth. This is works similarly to a lint roller. It will require you to change your duct tape regularly, but it is worth the results.

Be creative and use vacuum attachments.

Vacuums are known to clean surfaces around the house, but we forget that vacuums come with attachments that are also useful. Did you know that you can use vacuum attachments to clean underneath your bed? Using your vacuum, you can use the mattress attachment to clean the corners of your mattress from top to bottom. Vacuum cleaners have extension wands that you can use to get to those places under your bed which are hard to get. Using your vacuum cleaner to clean your under the bed floor you can flatten it to reach under your bed.

Use a robot vacuum if available.

You can consider investing in a robot vacuum to use it to clear any under bed dirt. With a robot vacuum, cleaning under the bed will be painless and sweat-free.

Above are some of the useful ways to always keep your under bed clean at all times. With a clean under the bed, you will have a comfortable and healthy sleep.

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