How to Keep Your Pub Clean and Organized

How to Keep Your Pub Clean and Organized

As a customer, what do you normally search for when you are looking for a restaurant or a pub where you can hang out? One of the things that you look for is cleanliness. You want to make sure that you will find a place that is decent-looking and clean. Would you like to eat in a restaurant wherein you would find hair all over the food that you are supposed to eat? Will you still drink the prepared drink that you are holding when you discover a dead ant at the bottom of the cup?

This is something that you have to remember when you are a pub owner. You need to think about what you would like as a customer then apply that to the pub that you have. Keeping your pub clean is going to be a bit of a challenge especially if you normally get a lot of customers. You can teach your employees to clean their own spots especially after a customer leaves but will this be enough to keep your pub clean?

The Set-up of Your Pub
One of the first things that you should think about is the set-up of your pub. Can you see all of the items that your employees may need to serve your customers well? It is best that you will check the set-up before you open your pub to the public. You should also inform your employees regarding the items that they need. The more that they know where the items are, the lesser time that it will take to serve customers.

Pubs would need a lot of glasses and a lot of garnishes. These items can easily become disorganized when your employees do not know the set-up. Organize all of these things and also the other equipment and tools that will be used to be sure that you can do pub cleaning efficiently.

Teach Your Employees to perform Pub Cleaning as They Go
It is ideal if you would set up the various bottles that you need for making drinks in the right place. You can also keep track of the drinks that have been opened first. It is important that opened drinks will be consumed in a limited amount of time to lessen potential issues with the drinks later on. The tables and the bar should be wiped not only because they feel sticky but because they should be wiped clean for the next customer.

Slowly but Surely
One of the mistakes that people make is assuming that they would be able to accomplish more things if they would work fast. It is okay to work fast if you know that you are capable of accomplishing everything that you have to do flawlessly. If not, you can go slow but steady. This way, you will know all the right things to do at the right time.

When each movement that you make has a clear purpose, you will find it easier to do the right tasks properly. Another thing that you can do is to pay attention to the things that you may do when you are managing your pub. Have you noticed that the dishwasher overloads after placing a certain item? This may be a sign that your dishwasher will not be able to handle that item properly.

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