How to enjoy doing your deep cleaning

How to enjoy doing your deep cleaning

The deep cleaning process is thought to be hard by some people when it actually is not; you can actually deep clean and never get by doing it. You can make the cleaning fun yourself. All the fun you are looking for is actually around; you just need to make them worth the fun. I enjoy my deep cleaning each time I do because I flavour my cleaning in a number of ways, which am happy to share with you.

Music is good for a cleaning day
If you are the person that easily get bored in a silent room then you are in the right place. Music can motivate you to achieve heights you did not imagine. This will hugely depend on your preference. You do not want to find yourself in the middle of your cleaning going to change the music playing on your background. Select a number of playlists before you settle to clean this way you are enjoying the process. You can do it in any way you want to but focus on being effective in your deep cleaning.

Use a checklist
Do you know why shopping is always fun? To me, the checklist is just the reason why my shopping is fun. A deep cleaning checklist makes work easy for you by breaking down the deep cleaning process into simple tasks and missions. Having a checklist on your cleaning attire pocket is a simple guide responsible in making the cleaning process easy. Doing your cleaning without checklists is like visiting a new place without a compass, a map or directions.

Focus on a room at a time
Consider these as small wins that later become a big win. Doing a room at a time means progress will be seen. Progress is motivation in deep cleaning. Dividing the activities of your cleaning across rooms makes cleaning easy. Cleaning with respect to rooms allows you to give each room the attention it requires from sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, dusting and vacuuming.

Use finely smelling cleaning supplies
Ever wondered why some people’s toilets, bathtubs, sinks, doormats are clean? Why are they enjoying doing this cleaning? The list is long. At the end of the cleaning, the areas are well scented because they used the right equipment. Always your time and shop for the right cleaning supplies. Buy eco-friendly supplies from natural and healthy detergent for your cleaning. Not only do they smell good but you will also enjoy using them during deep cleaning.

Promise to reward yourself
Self-motivation is important for deep cleaning. Promise yourself something once cleaning has been achieved. You can write that on the whiteboard or set aside some clothes for a pizza or movie night after a busy deep cleaning day. This easily motivates you to do your cleaning to the end, because the end promises fun. Cleaning just got enjoyable.

Do not clean alone
Cleaning with someone as you talk, share memories, play can be fun. Cleaning is faster, more efficient and fun when there is a company. You get the best out of yourself by talking to someone, as you clean, could be a friend or family member, all the same, you will still enjoy the cleaning exercise.

The above practices will enable you to enjoy your cleaning, the fun is within, you just need to put yourself in that moment and have a successful deep cleaning exercise.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.