How to clean your painted office wall

How to clean your painted office wall

How to clean your painted office wall

Most people often clean their office floors and forget about their office walls. Because we touch and lean on these walls regularly, it is time we started cleaning them like any other surface ocean our offices.

Today, different wall paintings have been invented; therefore, it is up to us to learn how to manage and keep them sparkling clean.

Types of office wall paintings and finishes

-Glossy or semi-gloss finishes
-Flat, satin and eggshell finishes
-Latex painted walls
-Oil-based painting

How to clean different walls with different paintings
Cleaning glossy and semi-gloss office walls

These paints are mostly used in the office kitchen walls and restrooms.
They are highly durable and last long.

-Use mild degreasers, although it’s advisable to use a soft sponge as the walls can still easily scratch
-Mix vinegar water and dish detergents letting the solution sit for about 10 minutes.
-Use a sponge to clean the walls by soaking it in the mixture then using it for the wall
-Make sure to wring the sponge before using it on the wall
-Start from the top left corner of your office restroom or -kitchen to the bottom using circular motions.
-Repeat the procedure on the wall making a new mixture to cleanse your wall.
-Turn on your office fan and open your windows to speed up the drying of the wall.

Cleaning flat, satin and eggshell finishes

The paint looks good on the interior office wall, as they do not bounce backlight.
They are less durable when it comes to cleaning
Avoid using harsh chemicals or degreasers when cleaning flat paint walls
Avoid scrubbing the walls too hard as the paint may pull off.

-Mix a few drops of dish detergent to water/2-3 spoons of vinegar to warm water.
-Soak a sponge into the water for a few minutes then wring.
-Use circular motions to clean your office wall, starting from the top left-hand side of your wall. Repeat the circular motions from top to bottom.
-Repeat the procedure for the second time to cleanse your wall.
-Leave your wall to dry by opening your office windows and directing your office fan towards the wall for faster drying.

Cleaning latex painted walls

-Use warm water with non-abrasive all-purpose cleaners.
-Dip your sponge into the mixture and then wring.
-Rub the wall with the sponge gently in circular motions from top to bottom.
-Rinse your wall with a clean sponge and clear water
-For stubborn stains such as fingerprints and spills, use a paste of baking soda or if it doesn’t remove, use a mixture of white vinegar and water.

Cleaning oil-based paints
-Use a detergent solution of vinegar and water solution to soak your sponge.
-Wring the sponge until slightly dry
-Then wipe the wall from top left-hand corner to bottom
-Repeat the process using a clean solution to cleanse the wall

It’s crucial to keep our office walls clean at all times as they are the most forgetting during cleaning and they are the most prone to dirt. As we have seen, we only need enough equipment to make our walls shiny and clean at all times.

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