How to Clean Your House Doors

How to Clean Your House Doors

Doors give an attractive finish to your home more so when considering the interior design of your house. To have a well-finished house, you have to consider having doors as an additional touch to your home. Doors also act as a division and barrier between different rooms in your house. For security purposes, people consider having their homes having strong doors that can be locked at any time. Doors are of various types, such as wooden, steel, and fibreglass doors. With the different types of doors, one will also consider having their door colour paintings to their liking example white doors. Are you having difficulties concerning how to clean your doors? Below are some of the simple procedures to follow while cleaning your doors.

Requirements for cleaning

water, spray bottle, vinegar, squeegee, multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, stiff brush, vacuum, metal cleaner, soft clean rags, mineral spirits, and sponge.

What do you avoid while cleaning your house doors?

Avoid forgetting about your doors and not taking care of them no matter the type. Doors always give the first impression to your visitors when they visit. This is because the first thing they come across when they come is the doors. The maintenance and cleanliness of the doors will leave a good impression on them.

While cleaning your doors, avoid pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning will lead to water or solutions getting through your doors through the gaps. This may lead to the wetting or destruction of other items around your house.

Steps on how to clean steel, wood, or fibreglass doors

Use a spray bottle to mix water and vinegar to make a cleanser. Then use the cleanser to clean your door frames by spraying the cleanser, and wiping the frame using a clean, soft cloth. Do not forget to clean the top frame as it is most of the time forgotten.

Use the water and vinegar solution to clean the door using a clean cloth. Make sure to use a dry cloth to wipe away the cleanser to avoid any remaining watermarks that may damage the door.

If any stains are on the doors, use mineral spirit for any tough or greasy stains. Open your house windows or ventilate your house while using this solution to avoid effects.

Using a basic glass cleaner spray your fibreglass doors and wipe it with a squeegee to get rid of any stains and dirt. Dry the door using a clean rag.

Apply steel polish or brass to handles, kick plates, and locks to clean your door hardware. Use a clean, dry rag to wipe the polish to ensure the door is completely clean.

Steps on how to clean your glass doors

Start by vacuuming the tracks of your glass doors. Make sure to use the vacuum attachments to reach the corners of the door.

Use a multi-purpose cleaner for your frame and track by wiping them with a sponge after spraying with the cleaner. To remove stubborn dirt and grime use a stiff brush.

Spray a glass cleaner on the interior and exterior of your glass. Then wipe it from top to bottom using a squeegee.

Doors give a good and presentable finish to your house. Above are some of the steps to use while cleaning your doors.

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