House cleaning for a new move

House cleaning for a new move

Are you the person that loves cleaning before you move into a house? Even so, you might need to give your new home some freshness, and for this reason, cleaning before you move in is always a good idea. Cleaning on this day requires paying attention to some things and areas, as follows:

Start with your kitchen

This is the backbone of the house. You have to get it right with your kitchen always. There could be unlikely scents or dust on surfaces. Cleaning the kitchen from head to toe is your best bet. You are not advised to use hair fresheners in this place, going natural is also the best route to take. You can easily go green with most kitchen areas from using lemon and water solution or baking soda and water solution for most areas.

Move to the appliances

This requires a lot of energy and attention, therefore, for fridges, cookers and ovens have wax or go green with baking soda and water solutions. Have a heavy sponge to get rid of dirt on appliances. For the stove, use a brush to scrub surfaces and dip in hot soapy water. Fridges have bins and trays, remove them and clean them up in a different sink. Always remember to check whether electronic appliances are unplugged to avoid electric accidents. Clean the surfaces with a soft cloth to avoid wearing off the surfaces.
Clear kitchen counter, spaces, and cabinets

For cabinets applymild or natural cleaners in case their inside is painted. You can also line the cabinets before you can arrange dishes in them. Using the non-stick lining allows you to remove it once you need a change. Remember to wipe tops of cabinets, use agents that do not affect the type of surface.

The sink needs to sparkle

A bleach free of Chlorine is your best option. Mix with water and soak sink with a bleach solution. Allow staying for a while then rinse. Remember to bleach the plugs. Wipe the surfaces slowly to clear dirt and rinse. Remove by draining them with baking soda and water solution. Cleaning the sink is a masterstroke, it can make the kitchen appear perfectly clean.

Move to the walls

For a painted wall, you have less to worry about. You can, however, check for any small marking in areas of the wall close to the floor and clear them with fabric softener. For tough stains use liquid stick cleaners. You can also get rid of cobwebs in corners and vents as you finish cleaning the wall.

Finish with the floors

You could seek the services of a professional cleaner. Still, you can do it on your own a little bit earlier before you move in. Steam clean the carpeted floors and use wood soap for wood floors. The solvent should keep the floor smooth, natural and well scented.

The above guidelines enable you to make your move in cleaning with ease. As you finish, you will start experience a better and cleaning feeling from the surrounding. It is easy, efficient and effective.

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