Eco-friendly office cleaning guides

Eco-friendly office cleaning guides

            Every day we go about our daily activities neglecting some important factors that promote a healthy living. Most times we use up cleaning chemicals and burn stuff that does nothing but harms the environment, for this reason, we have to focus more on how we can initiate an eco-friendly office cleaning that won’t pose any negative harm to the environment.

            As an office manager, you should always take note of environmental targets and add them to your employment jurisdiction when hiring a commercial cleaning service. Taking cognizance of your environment has numerous benefits both to your health and to the company’s productivity; because your workers won’t be able to work 100% if the office environment is bad.

What is an Eco-friendly cleaning?

            Eco-friendly cleaning is done when you make use of cleaning methods, materials and supplies that are designed to preserve and sustain human health and the environment at large. This involves using environmentally friendly cleaning products, some of these products include dropps dishwashing and laundry detergent, EarthHero dishcloths, scrubber, brushes and towels, frosh neutral cleaner etc.

            Whether you’re working in an office or you’re part of commercial cleaning service you should follow the guides below to carry out a healthy and eco-friendly office cleaning:

●       Steam cleaning office:  When initiating a cleanup in the office it is advisable to use steam for deep cleaning of carpet and bathroom. Studies have shown that steam is highly eco-friendly and is one of the safest ways to deep clean surfaces. It also disregards the need for abrasive and other toxic chemicals which is harmful to health and causes water pollution.

●       Crosscheck chemicals: if your company uses a commercial cleaning service you should take proper precautions to check through the type of chemicals they use for spraying office surfaces. Some chemicals are harmful to the environment and sometimes cleaners may use it because of their low prices.

Most times the brand of the chemicals might seem all-natural or eco-friendly; however, the contents are just another harmful product. To know if a product is authentic and eco-friendly; research the product website and check through if it has a green certification. There are also some approved seals placed on the product that ascertain its quality.

●       War against office waste: completely reducing the number of rubbish items or materials that are not used in the office will help a lot in carrying out an eco-friendly cleanup. Prohibit the use of single-use plastic from the office environment, and encourage the use of mugs and jugs; the use of reusable cups for coffee should be encouraged. Also, be aware of the recycling method of your cleaning services, and if it is not appropriate to sanction them immediately.

●       Make use of furniture that is easy to clean: Some furniture requires the use of chemicals for cleaning; however as you update your office desks and other furniture features you should pay more attention to the ones that are ethically and modernly manufactured, they can be cleaned up easily by using a damp cloth.

In conclusion, retaining the greenness of your environment is very important to promote good health and productivity. Always strive to keep your environment clean and green. 

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