Easy deep cleaning hacks from a pro

Easy deep cleaning hacks from a pro

Deep cleaning simply means no stone is left unturned during the cleaning process. Often times we involve ourselves in partial or just simple surface or shallow cleaning. Such cleaning is aimed at creating impression alone but if your visitor is curious about the state of your house, they will see the dirt right through your walls, carpets and clean sinks. Even the cleanest of people ignore their own pillows, pillowcases; rugs and toilet cover name them. You might be wondering what this could actually take a whole day but do not be surprised if it is actually two hours or less work You just need to know what to do.
Below are quick deep cleaning hacks from a professional. I hope you will find them of use as you perfect your art as a perfect cleaner.

Clean area rugs

You just need the right equipment and the right methods. Foremost, have the rag on a flat surface, in this case, could be a floor. Use a hose to soak it. In the case, the rug has picked up stains, use detergents on it and apply a bristle brush on the blemished areas. You can let the rug out on the sun for a while and later rinse with a hose, wring out the water and return to sunlight for drying.

Carefully scrub stove burners

Most precisely electric stove burners can appear dirty after long usage without cleaning. Electric stove burners can be unplugged and therefore the work just got easy. Use a slightly wet cloth and soap to remove the debris on the coils. Apply baking soda paste on the burners, leave it untouched for a quarter an hour as you do something else before scrubbing off and dry. You will love how clean it turns out to be after the cleaning.

Wipe, wash and dry vent covers

Every day, month or year passes since you moved into your new house and the cleaning has gotten monotonous. You might think you have done anything but you have been passing under the vents and definitely never noticed they need your attention. This is easy, fast and fun, you just need to remove the vent cover, wipe with a dry towel, ran sink water on it wipe and dry. Easy.

Tidy toilet syphons

Not many people recognize that this needs to be cleaned. Often times, we clean the toilet tubs, the covers but forget the syphon. However, this part makes up for a deep clean. Turn off the water supply to run the bowl empty. Wrap duct tape on the syphons and pour vinegar in the toilet tanks. Flush toilet, leave it that way for a night, remove the tape in the morning and turn on water supply.

Spray, scrub and wash sinks

Most sinks today are made of porcelain. It looks good when clean and you can actually avoid it when dirty. You can actually do something about the sinks. Spray sink with baking soda and scrub with a sponge. If you have some hydrogen peroxide you can still do the same, allow to sit for a quarter an hour and rinse with hot water. Perfect!

Soak and clean brooms

We use them to clean but we actually never clean them. Quite ungrateful! Very few people can actually stand using a dirty broom, you use and the feeling is that you are going to get sick the next minute. The trick is to just soak in warm and soapy water and disinfect after every use.

The list goes on and on, to stainless steels, couches and pillows but you will notice that none of the deep clean techniques is complicated. With good planning, equipment and technique all that needs to be clean can be easily made clean.

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