Disinfecting and maintaining an office restroom

Disinfecting and maintaining an office restroom

A clean office bathroom gives a clean conducive environment for working. A clean restroom prevents users from contaminating diseases and infections caused by dirty toilets. As they say, a clean environment gives a good working place; therefore, it is good to maintain our office bathroom.

For one to begin to clean your office bathroom, you must first gather all your cleaning equipment. Load them all in one place making sure that all rags, mops, and brooms are correctly marked to avoid being used in other places.

Make sure that your office bathroom is empty then place the caution sign by the door before beginning your cleaning. The caution sign will act as a sign to the other office members that cleaning is taking place.

An office bathroom should get care daily due to its regular use. To clean, you need to follow some steps.

Before beginning to clean, ensure to put on protective clothing avoid using bare hands and feet while cleaning.

How to disinfect office bathrooms

Office bathrooms accommodate many users; therefore, they get contaminated easily.

Step for disinfecting

Always protect yourself because disinfecting requires touching and exposure to chemicals.
Before using the disinfectants, read the labels and fully understand each of their uses such as:

  • Limited disinfectants are useful for specific microorganisms
  • General disinfectants are effective in general organisms
  • Tuberculocidal disinfectant protects everything that a hospital disinfectant does with additional protection.

Ensure to apply the right amount of disinfectant as prescribed in the instruction manual.

Daily cleaning of the office bathroom steps

Make sure the bathroom is empty before beginning your cleaning.
Get rid of any ruins or debris sound the bathroom sink, floor, or toilet.
Empty the garbage bins and recycling bins by removing the trash can liner and replacing it with a new one.
Stock the toilet paper and paper towel dispensers if they are not adequately stocked.
Clean the surface of the toilet by scrubbing following the disinfecting toilet procedure.
Dry any water spills, if any, after cleaning the toilet.

Weekly cleaning of the office bathrooms

  • Empty the bathroom before beginning your cleaning.
  • Start by cleaning the toilet. Scrub all the surfaces of the toilet/urinal, beginning with the interior with a toilet bowl cleaner.
  • Clean by wiping down the exterior parts of the toilet /urinal like the toilet seat using disinfectant. Follow the disinfecting procedures until you complete the cleaning.
  • Wipe and disinfect other bathroom surfaces such as door handles, dispensers, counterparts, partitions, and light switches
  • Remove bathroom mirror stains using a glass cleaner to remove any fingerprints and marks.
  • Clean your bathroom surfaces using a surface cleaner to wipe the sinks and handles.
  • Sweep the floor to get rid of any dust using a dust mop before using a wet mop to clean the floor.

After you are done, wash all bathroom clothes, mops, and brooms and dry them, avoiding their contact with other office cleaning materials.

Monthly cleaning of the office bathroom

  • Start by emptying the bathroom
  • Dust and vacuum all the areas around the bathroom, including the vents, shelves, and partitions.
  • Shop for soap, toilet paper, paper towel dispensers, and air fresheners.
  • Make sure all drains are working correctly if not unclog them using drain cleaners.
  • Repeat the weekly procedure on how to clean the bathroom surfaces then leave it to dry.
  • Clean and rinse the bathroom mops, mop buckets, rags, and clothes that you used.

Following the above instructions and steps, you will be able to maintain a clean environment, and you will be able to prevent the spread of any infections and diseases.

3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.