Dishwasher Woes - Dinner Party Woes 9

Dishwasher Woes

Dishwasher clean (part 3)

In our final instalment on how to clean the dishwasher, we’re singing the praises of the main component to Fish and Chips: versatile vinegar.

A fighting force
A fighting force


  1. Fill two mugs with vinegar
  2. Place one on the top rack and one on the bottom
  3. Run a hot cycle with everything else apart from the mugs in the washer. As the water fills the machine, it will overflow the mugs and disinfect the dishwasher due to the acidic quality of the vinegar.

Also, the vinegar’s properties mean it will automatically eradicate any odours lingering around – the best of both worlds!

Happy Gleeming!

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