Deep-Cleaning the Kitchen

Deep-Cleaning the Kitchen


The kitchen is one of the most unpleasant tasks in a house, second only to the bathroom. However, it is a necessary task, especially right after the holidays when the counters are cluttered with countless wine glasses, plates and pots! So here are a few pointers from Gleem’s own domestic cleaners on how to keep a spotless kitchen!

Start with the Dishes

A good place to begin with is taking care of the pile of dishes. Dishes are one of the less strenuous tasks, and it clears the counters so they can be wiped down. If you have no specialized kitchen-cleaning products, soaking a sponge in the dish-water works just as well.


A good rule of thumb is to scrub down surfaces a few days a week. That way, spilt food stuff is not left to harden and stick to surfaces, which make it a nightmare to clean later down the line. There is a wealth of products available at supermarkets designed specifically for this task, but hot, soapy water and elbow grease work just as well.


Cleaning the oven often seems like a daunting task you want to procrastinate away, but we have the solution to making it less of a nightmare. Generally, a good way to keep it from becoming a headache is to clean it on a weekly basis. Burnt-on food stuff that is being heated repeatedly hardens to the point it will destroy any clothes or sponges it comes in contact to, and on top of that create an unpleasant scent when cooking.

But if your oven has been neglected, it is not beyond saving. A mixture of one teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon vinegar, and leave it to soak on stains overnight with the oven door left open. This should help break down the solid matters and allow you to scrape it off.


Possibly the easiest task, but still as imperative as the rest. It’s not enough to hoover the floor, as stains from spilt liquid or trodden-in food will not be removed this way. First start with hoovering. Then fill a bucket with hot water and a just a splash of bleach and mop the floor, which should prove sufficient.

Fridge and Freezer

These appliances are often placed low on the pecking order when it comes to cleaning. Whilst it is true they do not require as much upkeep as the hob, for example, but they still need cleaning every so often. Every two weeks minimum, the inside of the fridge should be wiped down, particularly the bottom as liquid from foods leaks down which is not only unhygienic but can also contaminate other foods and make them unfit for consumption. It is also wise to ensure food in your fridge is ordered correctly.

Meat and veg should be placed at the bottom, in each drawer if your fridge has these. Liquids like milk and jars stored in the door. Food that is opened should be stored as close to the bottom as possible, especially meat. Food that still has its seal intact should be placed on the upper shelves as there is no chance for them to drip down.

As for the freezer, ice builds up overtime limiting storage space. As this is not a major issue, you can get away with defrosting it a few times a year. To do this, turn off the freezer, remove its contents, place a towel at the base of the freezer and scrape away the excess ice.

If you don’t have the time to invest into deep-cleaning your kitchen, Gleem offers a deep-clean at a great price. Just click here to get a quote for your house!

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