Decluttering: How to Keep Your Home Free of Clutter

Decluttering: How to Keep Your Home Free of Clutter

Keeping your living environment clean is not nearly enough to maintain a healthy, happy home–ensuring your home is free from clutter is just as imperative. This may all sound like a nightmare, but don’t worry, here are some effective and proven methods on how to keep your home free of clutter!

Regularly Put Away Items

The most basic of basic chores but one that often goes neglected. Dishes, clothes, children and dogs toys, often than not they get left out forgotten or to be put away on the tomorrow that never comes.

If you are guilty of this, a good rule of thumb is to set half an hour before you go to bed or just after waking and spend that time tidying away. Doing it before sleeping will mean you wake up to a clutter-free house which can be a great mood-booster, and doing it as soon as you wake places you in a productive mindset, meaning you are more likely to be motivated to do more chores.

Keeping pushing yourself to do this everyday at around the same time, and eventually it will become part of your routine and therefore become easier to do.

Make Use of Storage

There are many clever ways to get more storage spaces even in small rooms. Fold-away storage boxes while not innovative are still perfectly good and affordable boxes to put away clutter. They are ideal for children and pets toys as when they are not in use they can be folded away in order to save floor space.

Pull out drawers and wall-mounted cupboards completely save on floor space, and are widely available at DIY stores. While a more expensive method, they are far more efficient and durable.

Chuck, Sell or Donate Items

Hoarding is an addiction and a serious problem. It is tempting to hoard filled notebooks, broken electronics and clothes that are out of fashion and no longer fit. Keeping hold of items for sentimental value, or because you never know when you might need them, is an easy mentality to slip into that many people share. But sometimes you can’t afford to keep hold of things. After all, the attic and shed can only hold so many items, and eventually you will have to deal with those messes when overfill inevitably happens. My parents are guilty of this, shoving everything away in the cupboard under the stairs rather than properly decluttering, and sooner or later it becomes a huge issue and great source of stress.

So make it a priority, that once a month you will get rid of a portion of the clutter. If you are attached to your hoard, sort them out in priorities–broken items should be an easy category to chuck out. Remember old, broken electronics aren’t suited for general wastes. Check to see if there are any local services or businesses that are willing to take them off your hand to recycle them for scrap or parts.

Charity shops such as Oxfam are always looking for more books and clothes. If you have clothes you haven’t worn in a while, or that don’t fit that are still in good condition just drop them off at your local store–some stores will even pick up bagged donations from your front door, completely free of charge.

And if you have relatively new items in good condition, you can hawk them on Ebay. That way, you get a bit of extra pocket money and your items find a new, loving home. Everyone wins!

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