Ways on how to clean office kitchen/ break room

Ways on how to clean office kitchen/ break room

Office break rooms are places where employees of a company take a break from work to sit and relax. It provides a comfortable seating area and view. This place is meant to be a place of relief and small gatherings. They are also designed to give a good mental break from work to encourage employees to come up with new ideas and creativity.

A clean office break room/kitchen contributes to some level of respect for the company.

Break rooms are designed to contain a kitchen area, a refrigerator, a coffee pot, tables, and chairs.

Advantages of having an office break room
-It encourages teamwork
It is during break times that people in an office get to sit and talk then come up with new ideas is this encourages creativity among workmates.
-Will increase the company’s productivity
Items like free coffee and drinks help employees in the office to relax and avoid stress. This encourages them to work towards their goals.
-It builds interpersonal relationships
This has helped employees to relate with one another, creating a conducive environment for work.

Ways of keeping an organize break room/office kitchen

-Always keep an organized refrigerator
Always store your lunch break food in an orderly way in the fridge to encourage orderliness. Use clear lunch boxes or store your food for easy identification. Avoid keeping food in the refrigerator for more than two days to keep it fresh and edible.

-Always use disposable towels
This will help avoid keeping damp clothes in the break room since they might encourage insects and germs into the room.

-Label containers and food to avoid confusion
This will also save on time as there will be easy access to food and drinks.

-Always have hand soap, dish soap, and disinfectant
This will help maintain good hygiene around the break room as all dishes will always be clean.

-Make sure to have an ice scoop
This will help avoid everyone’s hands touching the ice cubes.

-Always have an emergency kit
This will help in case of any cuts around the office. This will act as an emergency kit for keeping clean around the office.

-Always clean coffee pots, microwaves, and refrigerator to avoid bad odors from accumulating. This will also help have healthy workers around the office.

Steps for cleaning an office kitchen
Always clean, starting with dry to wet.
Dust the kitchen using a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner by mopping the surfaces and floors. Then use a wet cloth and detergent to get rid of any stains on the sinks and floors.
Always start from the top of the kitchen shelves and kitchen walls, working your way down to the kitchen floor. This will help remove any debris left behind.
Clean the kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, and microwaves
Always make sure to clean their inside as instructed by the manufacturers following their cleaning tips.
Use drying appliances such as air mover
This will help quick drying of the floor as the break room area, and the kitchen is most frequently used around the office.

Daily cleaning of the break room/kitchen
-Wipe the kitchen countertops, cabinets, tables, and chairs using a clean cloth.
-Wipe the sinks and the kitchen appliances such as microwave
-Stock hand towels sanitizers and fill the water dispensers after wiping them
-Wipe and scrub off any spills and clean all coffee pots.

Weekly cleaning
-Open all break room windows to allow ventilation
-Dust all windows and doors from top to bottom
-Vacuum all the kitchen vents to get rid of trapped dirt and debris.
-Vacuum the kitchen floors and mop them using the instructed soap agent.
-Dispose of any spoilt kitchen food and replace it with fresh once.
-Label all kitchen containers for easy access

Cleaning and maintaining the kitchen and office break room is a big advantage to the employees, as it will motivate them to work and have positive morale towards their jobs and company.