Spring Is Almost Here! How You Can Get Motivated For Spring Cleaning

 Spring Is Almost Here! How You Can Get Motivated For Spring Cleaninggetting motivated

The cold weather is slowly becoming a thing of the past and the warmer days are just around the corner. And with those warmer days also comes the dreaded thought of spring cleaning. While some people can not wait to tackle a number of those do it yourself projects and clean out the garage others would much rather go back to hibernating until the winter comes again. Luckily there are a number of ways you can get into the Spring cleaning spirits and get yourself and your home ready for spring.

How To Tackle The Spring Cleaning Blues


1.) The first thing you want to do when you are trying to get into the spring cleaning mood is to be realistic. You may be itching to just get it all done and over with in just one day, but this is how many people tend to lose their interest in Spring cleaning. Break up your cleaning task into different days and rooms. This way you can break up the cleaning duties over a month or two instead of trying to jam it all into one weekend. By doing this you will not only stay more motivated to stick with your spring cleaning to-do’s but you will more efficiently get the job done. You will be less likely to cut corners in the cleaning and reorganization just to get it done.


2.) When you first start thinking about all the spring cleaning you want to tackle you will want to start making a plan. Know what you need to get done and then start making brief list for each room you plan on tackling. By formulated a plan of attack you can feel less overwhelmed and more confident about getting the job done.


3.) Before you start jumping into your spring cleaning make sure you have everything you will need to get the job done. Gather all the cleaning supplies you will need to clean each room and make sure you have extra garbage bags on hand as well.


4.) Before you dive right into each room to thoroughly clean and sort take a quick fifteen minutes to skim over the room first. In these fifteen minutes you can easily find a number of items you will already be able to get rid whether they are broken, belong in another room or are things you will be donating. Perform this quick fifteen minute skim can help you easy right into the more thorough and in depth cleaning duties.


5.) Utilize a timer while you clean. One of the biggest mistake many spring cleaners tend to make is spending too much time on one task. You may be trying your best to get every inch of your home as clean as possible but some things are just going to have to be left alone for the time being. If you find yourself spending too much time or focus on one cleaning spot than simply leave it for later. The more time you spend on that one spot the less time you will have for the rest of you clean task. Instead move onto the next area and when you are done come back to the spot.