Our Squeaky Clean Money Saving Tips

As the mud and mess builds within our homes, we don’t just spend our precious time keeping them clean, our wallets take a big hit too. With adverts all over our television screens, it is easy to fall into the advertising trap and be tempted to buy the most expensive cleaning products. These products often promise a lot but don’t deliver the value we expect. But there is a better way of doing things. Our tops tips will help you wipe away those cleaning costs, giving you extra cash to do the things you love.

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Time to go natural!


Those shop bought cleaners aren’t too good on your bank balance and with all those chemicals, aren’t great on your home either. A wide range of natural products, often found around the home, can do an equally good job at a fraction of the price. Some great examples include lemon juice, salt, bicarbonate of soda, vegetable oil and teabags. Hard water clogging up your shower? Try filling a small plastic bag with some white vinegar and tie around the shower head. Leave overnight, untie and carefully dispose of the vinegar. The acidity in the vinegar combats the alkaline water residue, allowing the water to flow smoothly. The best bit? No need to spend your hard earned cash on expensive bathroom products!


Use, use and use again!


As the grime builds up, we find ourselves using more and more cloths and wipes to help remove those tricky stains. Whilst disposables are quick and easy to use, they can quickly chip away at our weekly shopping budgets. Most good homeware stores will offer a range of reusable products; the initial investment may be higher but over time the costs begin to shape up. Try replacing your mop head with a washing machine friendly version or swap those standard dish cloths for the microfiber alternatives. To reduce the rate you power through those sponges, try cutting them in half. Half the size equals double the value.

The power of steam!

Coffee, wine and tomato sauce; just some of the toughest stains which plague our cleaning nightmares. One small stain can ruin your favourite fabrics leaving you scrubbing away in anger. If the conventional methods don’t cut it, you may be tempted to reach for the costly ‘power’ cleaners. No need! Try a classic steam clean. Just wet a small towel, flannel or cloth and place it over the stain. Run the iron over the top forcing the red hot steam to break up those stubborn splats. Repeat for a few minutes, making sure not to burn yourself or your fabrics. Once done, give it an extra scrub to work away that steam softened stain.  

As our busy lives take over, it is inevitable that the mess in our homes will begin to build up. As we tackle the grime, the costs don’t have to go sky high. Our money saving tips can help you trim down those shopping bills whilst keeping your home in tip top shape!