How to keep your cubicle office desk clean

Your desk is the one place you might be picking germs. Many people have an idea about how to do their houses, their floors, and their furniture but lack the sense to handle their desks. After this article, you should be able to have a clean desk throughout with a lesser threat from office germs and infections. The activities of cleaning your desk will differ, there are things you will do every day, some every week and some every month.
Daily desk cleaning activities
Wipe frequently touched items
Mouse, keyboard and telephone. They are definitely on top of the list of most touched items. How many times do I reach the mouse and still handle my breakfast? You probably do this every day, every morning, every snack time. Wiping these items ensures you have made the first step of getting rid of invisible desk dirt.
Clear food items
Are you working in a busy place? Then you might not have the time to leave your desk and do something else apart from using a washroom or go to a meeting. Even though you have the plan of using a can or bottle on the next day, have it placed in a designated food area and not on your desk.
End of day tidy up
A good day starts with a clean desk. At the end of every day, try to clean up your workspace. If there are, things, you are not using dispose of them. Those for future use have them in a clean shelve, file papers and even have them in a designated box.
Weekly desk cleaning activities
Your phone needs a deep clean
Your telephone being one of the most used items requires disinfection every week. You are not the only individual using it and therefore break the germ.
Empty trash bin
If you have a busy desk, a trash bin could fill up every day. If your job is less on paper and more on the desktop, then clearing your trash every week is your best resort.
Monthly office desk cleaning activities
The keyboard needs a deep clean
Food and dust particles could be landing on your keyboard occasionally; a deep clean could come in handy. Use mild cleaning solutions such us partly wet cloths and microfiber cloths to tidy your keyboard.

Your mouse needs a deep cleaning.
The same method for cleaning keyboards applies here. Before doing any of these cleaning, have the appliances unplugged.
Clean the monitor.
You cough and sneeze on it occasionally. You might not touch every day, but there is no point of letting the germs circulate. Choose cleaning equipment carefully to avoid affecting the screen’s protective coat.
With these methods, you have a whole month desk-cleaning program. There are also things you can do on a quarterly and yearly basis. Clean organizers such as pen cups, photos, and paper sorters need doing quarterly. You can also change the setup of your desk on the same basis, change clean organizers, and change a hand and desk sanitizer.