Cleaning Wooden Floors in Bristol

Cleaning Wooden Floors in Bristol

Most homes in Bristol are made of wooden surfaces. Wood is considered suitable in Bristol to keep homes warm during winter seasons. Most surfaces in most homes, such as counters, floors, cabinets, and tables, are made of wood. The wooden surfaces at homes need thorough care to avoid them being ruined. The care offered to the wooden surfaces includes cleaning. Wooden floors are advantageous as they add attractiveness to a homer appearance. To keep up with the shine on a wood surface, we require to offer it extra attention.

Cleaning wooden home floors is a necessary activity if you want to keep your home presentable for a long time. Below are steps on how to clean wood floors:

Cleaning wooden floors

Since wooden floors require attention, it is good to hire a professional cleaner to keep up the appearance of the floor.

Steps on how to clean wooden floors

  1. Open all the windows to your home to ensure the flow of air.
  2. Sweep all the dirt around the room also collect any dust around the house. Rearrange your furniture to pone side before you start your cleaning.
  3. Dust your wooden floor to get rid of any light dirt before you proceed with cleaning.
  4. Make a cleaning solution according to the type of your wooden floor in the right amounts. Then proceed to clean.
  5. Use a damp cloth with the solution you have made to clean your wooden floor in a slow-motion to avoid scratching. Avoid exposing your wooden floor to water to prevent damage.
  6. Use a dry clean cloth to dry the wooden surface that you have cleaned.
  7. Repeat your procedures for cleaning until the whole surface is clean. Dry to avoid any damages. After cleaning polish your wood to give it a new look.

Polishing your wooden surface

Polishing your floors helps you get rid of any stubborn stains and scratches to your wooden floor. Polishing also helps give your floor a shining look.

Steps to follow while polishing:

  1. Remove all furniture from your room.
  2. Vacuum clean your floor, ensuring that the surface does not scratch.
  3. Wipe and mop your surfaces using right cleaning agents to ensure the surfaces is in good conditions.
  4. Use a buffing cloth to buff your floor.
  5. Finally, follow the steps to polish the floor.
  6. Purchase the required polish for your floor.
  7. Follow the given instructions on how to use the polish.
  8. Test the polish on a small portion to see if its the right polish.
  9. Proceed with polishing from inside to outside.
  10. Leave the surface to dry to shine.

Ways to taking care of your wooden surfaces


Dusting your wooden surfaces is a way of cleaning that gets rid of any unwanted light dirt. Always use a clean, soft cloth to clean your surfaces.

Cleaning wooden home furniture

While cleaning your wooden furniture, avoid using an all-purpose spray.

Use paste wax for your wooden furniture.

For your furniture to be in good condition, use paste wax to ensure your furniture lasts long. Wooden furniture can stay for more than 2 years before it wears off.

Wooden surfaces require extra attention as they can easily get ruined. Always polish and clean your wooden surfaces regularly to improve appearance. Since most homes in Bristol are made of wood, it is good to learn ways of cleaning their surfaces.

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