Cleaning checklist for DIY deep cleaning

Cleaning checklist for DIY deep cleaning

Since the start of the year, you have been busy trying to kill your back saving for your school, family and a house. You have not even had the time to put the focus on the restoring the sanctity of your house. Then suddenly and you are asking yourself what to do. You look around, the bus fare just skyrocketed, the weather is just good enough to keep you around but your house is in a mess. When is the last you actually did a deep clean? This holiday is the answer. You are still asking yourself where to start and indeed a lot needs to be done and the only way to be the hero at the end of all this is a plan and a do it yourself deep cleaning checklist is important what you need. A good checklist focuses on the rooms and the tasks needed to accomplish deep cleaning, am happy to provide you with a checklist that can guide cleaning. My best route is the kitchen, the bedroom and finally, the toilet and bathroom.

Always start with the kitchen

Most days of the year, you have been doing kitchen floors, surfaces, shelves and shallow touch to the sink once in a while. For deep cleaning, the game just changed, a lot has to be done, include a number of activities in your checklist as follows:

Focus on cleaning storage areas and kitchen appliances. Storage areas could be cupboard areas, fridges and storage containers. Kitchen appliances could be the fridge, kettles and burners. Foremost, clear storage areas of food; throw away old food and clean the surfaces, grills and tray with a slightly damp cloth. In the case, you use plastic, cardboard and glass containers it will be proper to recycle them so that you do not go back purchasing other ones and save for other important things.

Move to the sinks and surfaces nearing the sink and cooking area. Cleaning a porcelain sink is easy anyone could imagine, with the right equipment and technique, one can actually retain its original look.

Move to cook surfaces like cookers. If you are using a removable cooker, even easier. You can eject cooker and wipe to cleanliness carefully.

The cleaning is actually moving downwards, the next part should be the floors. Remove any delicate equipment around before you scrub, sweep and mop the kitchen floor.

Move to the bedroom

After the business of the day has left you fatigued, the last thing you want to face is a dirty place of rest. You can shake up your bedroom through a number of deep cleaning tricks on your checklist.

Soak blinds and curtains, if they are light you can use a washing machine if you have one with detergent, wash thoroughly, air and iron to add the freshness of the room.

Tidy the wardrobes. A holiday is just the best time to pay attention to the wardrobes. You can use a good broom to dust, remember to put on nose masks and protect your eyes from damage by dust. After a cleanup, arrange wardrobe and give it a new look.

Remove cobwebs from walls and ceilings. This is not something you do on a normal day. There are cobweb removers in the market to ensure you do not have crawling animals walking on you.

Include beddings and mattresses on your to-do list. Having good beddings not forgetting pillows clean is one of the things most people forget until the bedding has developed a suffocating smell

Move bed and other furniture and clean underneath. A fresh bedroom means you do not have any cover unturned. I would advise you do under the bed occasionally to avoid breaking your back during a deep cleaning activity.

Finish with the bathroom

Most people do their bathrooms and toilets. Showering in a dirty bathroom will mean not having to lean against the wall, shower with fun, and even enjoy the bathtub. Not cleaning the toilet will mean not seating on your toilet seat. A number of things to include in the checklist for a fresh and pleasant bathroom and toilet are:

Ensuring surfaces are wiped down and storage places are cleared off out of date cleaning products.

Wash bathtub with natural products. In your planning to clean the bathroom and toilet remember to shop for natural products. The toilet and bathroom are health sensitive places and making sure you avoid exposure to poisonous chemicals, always use natural products.

Wash mat and scrub floors. This comes last as you finish off. This means that you are approaching the end of a deep cleaning exercise and a good win.

The details above should give you a screenshot of what deep cleaning entails. Going back to work you will return to your easy cleaning and still have a good environment to back to at the end of the day.

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