Cleaning and Defrosting an Office Refrigerator

Cleaning and Defrosting an Office Refrigerator

Cleaning and Defrosting an Office Refrigerator

Cleaning the office refrigerator once or twice, a week in the inside or outside is very important. This is because the food you will purchase or store in the fridge will stay fresh longer.

A clean refrigerator saves on cost and keeps food from spoiling.

Steps on keeping a clean refrigerator

  • Empty the whole fridge by removing all the food inside it
  • Empty the ice cube containers and trays and clean those using warm water. Fill them with water then arrange them back into the refrigerator.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe all cans, jars, and containers and arrange them back into the refrigerator.
  • Put any other food back to the refrigerator after completing your cleaning. This prolongs the life of the food and prevents fast spoiling.

Cleaning the inside of a refrigerator

  • Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with a quarter glass of water
  • Wipe the top, bottom shelves, corners and wall using the mixer of baking soda to get rid of odours and dirt
  • In case of any stains and spots, use dry baking soda to scrub off.
  • After cleaning, wipe the inside with a clean, dry cloth for faster drying.
  • Wash the inside door and rubber strips around the refrigerator using a cloth and warm water, then rinse using clean water and dry with a clean towel.

Defrosting a refrigerator

Defrosting a refrigerator helps to prolong the life of the food and helps a fridge work better for a more extended period.

Why a refrigerator becomes frosty

  • When you have put hot food into the refrigerator
  • When the door has been left open
  • If the door has a bad seal

Steps for defrosting an office refrigerator

  1. Turn off the fridge or switch it to defrost
  2. Unplug your refrigerator then open all the doors
  3. Remove all your food from the refrigerator and place them on cardboard covering them with a magazine paper
  4. Remove the ice cube trays and empty them, clean the trays, and replace the ice cubes with cold water.
  5. Remove the drawers and shelves from your refrigerator. -Clean them all and keep them aside to dry.
  6. After emptying the refrigerator, leave the door open and unplugged to allow the melting of the ice for at least 6 hours.
  7. If in a hurry, you can use other methods to speed up the process such as ;
  8. Place boiling or hot water in the refrigerator
  9. Use a fan near the open fridge as it is easily available in an office to speed up the melting process
  10. Use a hairdryer to melt the ice if it is available around the office

Do not bit or scrape off the ice; let it melt by itself.

  • Discard the water collected from melting the ice then dry it using a clean cloth.
  • Put back the refrigerator shelves and drawers.
  • Then arrange back the food into the shelves.

Maintaining an office refrigerator is very important as it ensures that there will be no spoilt food lying around and prevents bad odour around the office.

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