Bristol Commercial Cleaners

Bristol Commercial Cleaners

Bristol commercial cleaners

Our company is in the business of helping your commercial businesses showcase a superior professional image. We fully understand cleaning as much as you understand your business – when talking about cleaning commercial spaces; we’re the professionals that would deliver a superior service in the Bristol area.

Most importantly, we recognise that our business should not interfere with your business schedule. Our cleaning team is competent to work around your office staff in a delicate and minimally disturbing manner. Making it possible for your office work and cleaning to still go on simultaneously.

Why Choose Our Quality Cleaning Services?

Commercial cleaning is an industry requiring higher-level cleaning by disciplined professional and fully screened staff. Our company is a full-service cleaning company working with experienced cleaning staffs that are familiar with Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH) safety and health procedures required by law. We are well informed on specifications with regards to environmental and health and safety policies and comply fully.

We also keep in mind that commercial service buildings generally house very important computer equipment, tools, office equipment, and very sensitive records and materials. Because of this we only hire cleaning staff members with documented employment records and background verifications.

Our staffs are our number one assets. We authorise them to take full ownership of each and every cleaning project they deal with. All of our commercial cleaning staffs have gone through rigorous training.

The safety and health of our staff and customers is extremely important to us. For all contracts we make site specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements before embarking on the project.

We are proud to have an impressive portfolio of high profile clients including established businesses as well as numerous small businesses – taking advantage of our exceptional range of quality cleaning services.

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3 Gleem Home / House cleaning staff members inside a  homeroom wearing  purple aprons, white t-shirts with white Gleem logo and yellow rubber gloves on hands holding a cleaning brush, vacuum cleaner and  a mop.