Best places to eat at Bristol

Best places to eat at Bristol

The restaurants in Bristol certainly will make your mouth marvel due to the rich, remarkable produce around the area. Apart from its famous musical and cultural heritage, the vibrant food scene matches up at Bristol. Some of the favourite restaurant spots are

The Canteen

The Canteen café occupies the ground floor of Hamilton House and offers honest, affordable home food with emphasis being on local supplier networks. The café serves wonderful rolls that will keep your mouth drooling for long.

Flinty red

For hard-core foodies this restaurant deals in southern Mediterranean food. The restaurant is co-owned by nearby vintners Corks of Cotham.

Grillstock Smokehouse

It all started as a festival, became a stall at St Nicks Market subsequently and now is a restaurant in Clifton. Grillstock Smokehouse happily serves you pork, ribs and beef brisket along with cornbread and house pickles.


As the name suggests it is situated by the water and dishes up ethical produce at very low price. The food is locally sourced and the range of meat is organic in nature. The favourite of the place being river exe mussels and skinny fries.


‘Live and Eat Pie’ is the message emblazoned at the brick above the door. It is a casual dining place and you can best order some pork scratchings and cider as it is difficult to choose over which pie to devour. Pieminister provides pies that are crisp outside and delicious inside.

Thali café

Three are five venues of Thali café dotted around Bristol. All go about serving delicious thalis with selected Indian dishes. You get to choose from a wide range of vegetarian, Moghul and southern dishes of India all served with Kerala salad and seasonal vegetable dish.

Bell’s Diner

Mediterranean menu here is made up of small plates that include seasonal ingredients. From simple peas, cheese to plump juicy scallops everything is cooked to perfection. It also serves wine.

Flinty Red      

The setting of the restaurant is casual, the menu is clever and the wine list is outstanding. With dishes like suckling pig, grilled kid liver on the menu card you can gladly try out different cuisines here.

The Ox

Located on the old bank vault, The Ox is a decent, dark and perfect place for treat in the evening. You can drop in between 5 to 7 pm and get yourself treated to rump steak, chips and a glass of red wine.


Casamia remains as the top list of restaurants and mostly meant for special occasions. The food here is impeccable with the menu reflecting seasons and the walls are adorned with excellent work of art.


The setting of the restaurant is relaxed and cosy, the food is awesome and the staff attentive. The ingredients are combined in a simple manner and cooked to utter perfection. The fish served here is good and is a must try.


The wonderful restaurants and café that Bristol houses will definitely leave your tummy satisfied and your taste buds rejuvenated. It is not worth traveling to Bristol if you have not checked out the exquisite cuisines that the restaurants here offer.

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