All about contract cleaning

All about contract cleaning

For many of us cleaning is a necessary exercise and cannot be postponed for too long. It can get harder if not done regularly. Hence, cleaning services today has grown to be a big industry and having a cleaning business can be rewarding. Hiring professionals can be a costly affair, but sometimes is the only solution to yield perfect results. Hiring these services come in as a helping hand during crucial times wherein you cannot take up the cleaning job. For big offices, hiring professionals is not a luxury, but a necessity.

What is contract cleaning?

Contract cleaning refers to a service wherein you and the cleaning company enter into a contract to determine terms and conditions for cleaning arrangements. Contract cleaning governs services of the cleaning company and the costs associated with it. The benefits of hiring a professional for contract cleaning are many and it can be beneficial to know details while deciding whether to hire a company for the service or not.

Types of contract cleaning

There are different types of cleaning services available. However, they come at a cost wherein cleaners come home to organize and clean the place. It is a great way to free up some time during busy work week.

The most prevalent option is setting up a weekly cleaning service with a cleaning company. The company sends its cleaners home or your business place once in a week and gets the house thoroughly cleaned either when you are home or out. The cleaners may clean the whole house or work on rotating schedule as per your wish.

Similarly, a bi weekly cleaning option is available, wherein a cleaner comes in every two weeks. In general, setting up a regular schedule will cost less and cleaners can be called on need basis as an alternative option.  A cleaning service can also be called in for special events like a party, which would require you paying a onetime fee.

Cleaning services usually bring in their own tools and supplies. You do not have to provide them tools unless you are particular on using specific supplies in the cleaning process. You need to always make cleaning service provider aware of special instructions before they come in. Make sure the cleaner is insured and provides you some kind of guarantee against any damage to your belongings.

Other types of services include office cleaning and carpet cleaning. Office cleaning is usually more expensive and usually hired on weekly basis, if not every day.


Contract cleaning can be variable depending on the company you decide to hire. The services may range from fully cleaning your house or office, organizing it according to your specifications, dusting, taking out the garbage and doing the dishes. It is important that you understand all aspects of the contract cleaning arrangement before you hire a professional. The contract must well define how frequently the cleaning company needs to visit your house/office, the cost, the extent of service and other aspects.

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