How Paying A Responsible Wage Can Bring You A Lot Of Benefits

How Paying A Responsible Wage Can Bring You A Lot Of Benefits - Startup Serial #3

How Paying A Responsible Wage Can Bring You A Lot Of Benefits #3

A Working Wage

When I was researching my competitors, I found the reviews could be a little sketchy to say the least. I wanted to build a top-class product for Bristol and Bath, and to do this I needed top notch workers.

We currently use 15 professional cleaners across the South West area and I am happy to say that all of these have undergone a rigorous interview process to ensure they’re the right candidates for the job.

However, this is not the only factor in a successful business model – generous remuneration is an obvious incentive for an well-presented worker and a good job.

When planning Gleem’s service, I suggested paying well over the minimum wage of £6.50 and as a result, our reviews our pretty exemplary – read a couple here and here.


I was shocked to hear that employees are not a priority for other companies, such as East Midlands Crossroads, a firm which provides supports for carers of the disabled and the aged.

According to a recent government press release, EMC owes a whopping £37,000 to 184 workers, and even more shockingly, the firm is one of 70 UK employees who underpay their employees.

Business Minister, Jo Swinson has undertaken the responsibility for naming and shaming these employers – a measure that first came in in 2013. She declared that

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and as an employer myself, I can’t help but agree.

New legislation will see companies not currently paying their employees at statutory levels fined a punitive £20,000 per worker, I hope this will result in a fairer working environment.

I personally will uphold at least a minimum level throughout my career – I realise how much effort my workers put into each clean, and to short change them would not only be terrible business practice, but from a personal perspective, it’s just not the way I operate!

As Gleem continues to expand into the commercial sector, I will seek to calculate the best possible wage for our employees and promote the Gleem Guarantee.

Let me know how you feel and share your opinions here. Its great to hear from like minded people.

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