7 Tips for Office Cleaning When You Work from Home

7 Tips for Office Cleaning When You Work from Home

Working from home is now a common trend that took the world by storm. New technologies were already pushing people to spend time at home working and the pandemic accelerated the process. As a result, it was necessary to adapt home spaces to make them more friendly for office duties. Some spaces became the office, but they are still at home. This situation brought many questions and one of them is how to carry out a home office cleaning? Check here for seven tips to get the most of it.

1. Differentiating home and office

Perhaps the most critical issue when you work from home is to set clear boundaries between the use of your home and the office. When it comes to cleaning, that implies that you need to keep the office space free of home issues like toys from your children, food, laundry, and any other domestic stuff.

They all have their own load of dirt, and it should not be included in your home office. If you only have a space inside the house without walls separating the office, make sure that the area surrounding your desk or table is clearly apart from the rest of the house.

2. Use eco-friendly products

Since you are at home, your work inevitably affects your home. Hence, it is convenient to use eco-friendly cleaning products to avoid any harmful effects on your home. That would disinfectants, soaps, and multipurpose cleaners. Also, if you need materials to work, you can think of using eco-friendly products too such as print toners, recycled paper, and similar.

3. Cleaning air filters

If you use air filters or air conditioning systems, make sure you change the filters in the frequency recommended by the fabricant. Also, hire professional cleaning services for maintenance at least once or twice a year. Remember that you will be more active using the systems at home than during the time you were working out of it.

4. Frequency of office cleaning

You should sweep the office every day. Depending on your activity, you can also mop the area every day. Moreover, clean daily the surface of the desk or table where you are working. Once a week, clean the entire area and all the cabinets, windows, and walls if any.  Vacuum carpets and chairs and allow fresh air to enter the area.

5. Storage and organize

Now that you are working from home, it is convenient to find some new materials to organize your office. To keep the home office as neat as possible, start by finding trays and small cabinets to store documents and files.

6. Set and share cleaning roles and schedules

When you work from home, you will be using the bathroom more frequently and the kitchen will be your new break room. Hence, it will be necessary to set and share new cleaning roles and schedules with family members.

7. Get professional cleaning services

You can opt for hiring professional services for office cleaning once a week or once a month. That can help you stay more productive by using your time for work. Also, you can use the time for resting. You can use a company or hire a maid for one day.

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