You vs. The Kitchen: 5 Top Tips

The kitchen is often the room in the home that brings the family together. After a long day at work or school, the family sit down for a hearty, home cooked meal. Whilst the end result is always rewarding, the process to get there can cause a lot of mess! If not maintained, the kitchen can get very dirty, very fast! Here’s 5 quick tips, to help you stay on top of the spills and stains in your kitchen. Courtesy of our friends at Booking Maid Easy – Cleaning Services Cleveland.

1. The Microwave

Often an area that gets forgotten, the microwave is a common culprit for accumulating those cooked on strains. Before going straight to the chemical cleaners, squeeze some lemon juice and hot water into a microwavable bowl, place into the microwave and heat for 3-5 minutes. Not only will the steam produced soften the stains, the lemon will naturally help replace those lingering odours with a fresh citrus smell.
Extra Tip – Try boiling your lemon water on the hob to create a natural air freshener.

2. Tea/Coffee Mug Stains

Us Brits love a good cup of tea or coffee in a classic white mug. But over time, the evidence is there for all to see. Place an equal mixture of vinegar and salt onto a fresh sponge to help wipe away those hot drink stains. Once done, give those mugs a good wash before brewing your next cup.

3. Wooden Chopping Boards

The wooden chopping board is a staple part of any kitchen; often used to prepare some of those strong smelling ingredients. It is not advised to soak or dishwash a wooden chopping board so another option is required. Try taking a half cut lemon, coat it with a layer of salt and work it into the board. This will not only work away any tough stains but leave a fresh scent for your next meal. Never forget that if you have prepared raw meat, wash your board with an antibacterial product.

4. Ceramic Tiles

Spits, splats and splashes are inevitable when preparing a great meal, often causing our tiled walls to become painted with food. If left, these tiles can become permanently stained leaving an unsightly mark. For those stubborn marks, try using a damp sponge with a little rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can be used throughout the kitchen but be sure to read the safety instructions and always keep away from exposed skin.

5. Tupperware

Often those home cooked leftovers are just too good to throw away, being placed in the fridge for the next day. Unfortunately rich sauces can leave some unwanted stains. No problem! Take a fresh cloth and rub a thin layer of vegetable oil on the inside of the tub before transferring your leftovers. This will create a protective barrier helping to reduce staining and boost the life of your tupperwares.

The kitchen is a fantastic family room where great meals and memories are created; don’t let the spills and stains leave a bad mark on your day. Our quick tips will help make meal time, your favourite part of the day.