Introducing Blue Spruce Maids

This is install 4 of Gleem ‘introducing': our efforts to find other cleaning companies that have a similar outlook in the cleaning industry to oursleves!

Blue Spruce Maids: are another cleaning company. Our owner Joe has been talking with their owner about how to do cleaning…differently.

Blue Spruce maids have a ‘twist’…so what is their twist?

They asked their customers: Do you hate that chemical smell most cleaning products have?
Sure, it smells clean, but this is your home, not a hospital or corporate office.
That’s why we start with unscented cleaners that we then infuse with Essential Oils.
This leaves your home smelling natural and refreshing!

What a terriffic idea!



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Bristol Domestic Cleaner

Bristol domestic cleaner

Are you looking for domestic cleaning services in the Bristol area? You can definitely trust our company to take care of your house cleaning, giving you more time and freedom. Our company has an excellent reputation for domestic cleaning in Bristol due to our professionalism and dependability. We are constantly striving to build a solid, recognisable brand in the domestic house cleaning sector.

Our prices are incredibly competitive and we understand the most important thing to you – to find the best cleaner who is going to offer reliable cleaning services. That is the reason we persistently do our very best to make sure we have an abundance of honest, trustworthy, and hard-working cleaners.

Our warm and friendly Customers Services staff would provide you with steady friendly support whenever you need it, whether it is a request to change a cleaner or to give cover in the course of the cleaner’s holidays, for instance. We are always pleased to listen and be of assistance.

We are sure you will be pleased with our cleaner; however you are not under any obligation so you can ask to see another cleaner. Your preferred cleaner will then become your regular service provider, offering you a custom tailored clean to keep on top of all your domestic responsibilities.

We make use of eco-friendly cleaning products and techniques and can adjust to meet your specific needs. Our experienced and well trained staffs don’t just clean the surface; but clean what you can’t see too. They take extra step to offer you the highest quality cleaning service.

More reasons why you should choose our premium service

  • All of our cleaners are systematically and rigorously vetted, and checked.
  • We are well insured, shielding you against any accidental damage
  • You can change your cleaner whenever you want, should the need arise.
  • Sickness and holiday cover up is available on demand.
  • We help keep your home sparkling clean!

Why not contact us for a quick chat with our warm and friendly staff?

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Bristol Commercial Cleaners

Bristol commercial cleaners

Our company is in the business of helping your commercial businesses showcase a superior professional image. We fully understand cleaning as much as you understand your business – when talking about cleaning commercial spaces; we’re the professionals that would deliver a superior service in the Bristol area.

Most importantly, we recognise that our business should not interfere with your business schedule. Our cleaning team is competent to work around your office staff in a delicate and minimally disturbing manner. Making it possible for your office work and cleaning to still go on simultaneously.

Why Choose Our Quality Cleaning Services?

Commercial cleaning is an industry requiring higher-level cleaning by disciplined professional and fully screened staff. Our company is a full-service cleaning company working with experienced cleaning staffs that are familiar with Control of Substance Hazardous to Health (COSHH) safety and health procedures required by law. We are well informed on specifications with regards to environmental and health and safety policies and comply fully.

We also keep in mind that commercial service buildings generally house very important computer equipment, tools, office equipment, and very sensitive records and materials. Because of this we only hire cleaning staff members with documented employment records and background verifications.

Our staffs are our number one assets. We authorise them to take full ownership of each and every cleaning project they deal with. All of our commercial cleaning staffs have gone through rigorous training.

The safety and health of our staff and customers is extremely important to us. For all contracts we make site specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements before embarking on the project.

We are proud to have an impressive portfolio of high profile clients including established businesses as well as numerous small businesses – taking advantage of our exceptional range of quality cleaning services.

Contact our friendly support staff for a free a assessment today.

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Clifton cleaning

Clifton Cleaning + Bristol

Are you looking for a domestic cleaning service in the Clifton and Bristol area? Our company has been providing a helping hand with domestic cleaning in the Clifton and Bristol Area as well as other nearby areas for many years. We have built an amazing reputation by offering premium quality cleaning and exceptional customer services. All our domestic cleaners reside close to the local area, ensuring prompt visits and a dependable house cleaning service.

Our domestic cleaners are available on a regular or a one off basis and include the whole range of tasks you’d look forward to from a home cleaning service, from dusting to mopping, ironing to vacuum-cleaning and a lot, more.

We have happily offered the finest quality cleaning services in the Clifton and Bristol area. Our professional cleaners specialise in both commercial and residential cleaning services. We can help out with a single clean-up task and also routine schedule cleaning services. We always strive to deliver an exceptional and satisfactory service.

Get in touch with us today if you need to hire a professional cleaning company in Clifton or the Bristol area. Our respectful and polite staff would be pleased to help you in any way they can, they will respond to any questions that you may have regarding our professionally performed cleaning services and would be thrilled to schedule your cleaning appointment.

In addition to offering the highest quality residential cleaning services, our professional property cleaners can assist with your commercial property cleaning task, to ensure that your property becomes productive. If your organisation is messy, your employees, your customers and clients will not appreciate being on your property, which means that your employees are going to be considerably less productive your customers and clients will look for other alternative businesses.

We can schedule routine cleaning services that work with the unique nature of your organization. With our help, you can be rest assured that your property is always in a productive and appealing state of cleanliness.

Why not call us today!

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Clifton domestic cleaning

Clifton Domestic Cleaning

Do you need a professional cleaning service that offers consistently high quality cleaning to meet your high standards? Then you can depend on our exceptional domestic cleaning in the Clifton area.  We understand our customers have really exacting standards and that’s the reason why we provide you with a house cleaning service that is customised to suit your personal requirements.

Our teams of cleaners are highly trained, full-time professional cleaners; absolutely trustworthy, fully insured and checked. They are furnished with the most recent cleaning equipment and professional cleaning products guaranteeing a perfect and hygienic clean every single time.

Regardless of the domestic cleaning services you require, we are going to tailor a service to fit your needs and budget. Our company continues to be at the forefront of Home Cleaning for years. Because of the excellent service we provide we have grown a great deal since our early days, nevertheless, we are proud to say we remain a focused company offering excellent service with cleaners who take great pride in their work.

We constantly strive to maintain the high standards that the company was founded on. Our service is 100 % flexible, designed to meet the customer’s needs and exceed their expectations. We are thrilled to take on most household chores.

Our cleaners have a genuine passion for cleaning and take great pride in their work. We believe in caring for our staff, offering full continuing training and support and paying them a good wage. Happy Staff who take pleasure in their job lead to happy customers!

Our warm and friendly staff will be happy to offer you more information and answer any questions you may have. We can give you a free no obligation quote and if want you can book any of our services.

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Introducing Cleanly Maids

Introducing Cleanly Maids

Cleaning Maids offer online booking, flat rate pricing and flexible options. We particularly like the third point: They offer several options for cleanings. Whether it’s a standard or deep cleaning, one time or recurring they will provide the same great level of service that their customers deserve.

Cleanly Maids have built themselves a great online reputation: especially so on Thumbtack. We don’t have thumbtack in the UK, but simply put: Thumbtack is like the website Local Trader: people post a job that you want done, and local businesses can ‘quote’ ypu through the Thumbtack website. Once customers pick their local company, the work gets done, and then afterwards there is a review process: it’s like Yellow Pages/Yelp but with lots more vetting, and lots more feedback from both sides of the ‘transaction’.

Here is a little history about them: Cleanly Maids was founded in May of 2016 in Tampa, FL with the goal of making house cleaning easier and better than ever. Their number one goal was to bring convenience and simplicity to customers who just want a simple maid service or house cleaning in Tampa FL. One thing they realized though is that as they started helping their customers in Tampa more and more people became interested in their service. They now service all over the Tampa Bay area and you can see exactly where they service by checking out their service areas page and seeing if their city is on there. They love what they do and love to make their customers’ lives easier.

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Introducing 604 Maids

Gleem have been searching again for other companies that we can be associated with because of their approach to business.

604 Maids is a home cleaning business that provides the quality home cleaning in the Metro Vancouver area. They are customer focused, environmentally friendly and have a very simple system in place. We hire great cleaners that have been thoroughly background checked and are super qualified. They are the obvious choice for anyone looking for a domestic cleaner in the Metro Vancouver area.

They too offer online booking, using their similar, simple to use system. They guarantee that they will get the job done right — or your money back! Their main aim to to building a business that they would want to do business with themselves!

Here is a review from one of their happy customers: “Hi there 604 Maids. The lady who you send to clean my home is GREAT. She cleans everything from top to bottom, front to back and everywhere in between. My husband was so impressed that we scheduled her to come out every 2 weeks. I will recommend you to my family and friends and to anyone else who reads this. Super highly recommended.”

Check them out at


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Introducing a fellow cleaning company

Introducing a fellow cleaning company


Gleem is a business that was founded on the principles of authentically wanting to help others, and we have always focussed upon building a relationship with other great businesses. Some of these businesses are in Bristol with us too, some are cleaners and some aren’t either, but are prime examples of business being performed in the right ways.


It’s always an amazing opportunity to learn about how other companies have grown, how they operate, and the lessons that they have learned along the way. The diversity of these experiences provides a perspective of the economy in general, and makes Gleem better able to make all variety of clients happy.


The whole team at Gleem love to interact with other cleaning companies too, and in our searching through social medias and forums we came across Eco Clean Madison: a fantastic cleaning company based in Madison, Wisconsin.


They have fantastic reviews online and a great website. They also offer green cleaning supplies, ensuring that their supplies are safe for the families they clean for and the environment. One example of their exempliary reviews is this: “Our family just closed on a new house, and our cleaning crew bailed last minute, and we needed it cleaned badly, and we only had a day to get it done. I talked to Jessica, and she was able to come the very next day! Jessica and Kyle who own the company came out and spend 9 hours cleaning our house! They honestly made it feel like a new home! I would recommend them 10 times over! We will definitely be using them again!”.


Their approach to cleaning, and treating their staff well mimics that of Gleem’s, so we wanted to introduce you to them.

So take a look at their website using the link above, and let us know what you think about another cleaning company that is striving to unlock people’s free time so that they can focus upon doing what they want to, and not the household chores!


Madison cleaning

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Winter Home Cleaning Services

Keeping your home clean is extremely vital to keeping yourself and your family members healthy and cheerful but cleaning your home during the winter time presents a whole new challenge. It requires additional attention and care; mainly because of the far-reaching effect of the changing climate.

As the severances of the winter changes, the concerns and difficulties in cleaning the home will likely double. Winter time cleaning can be a very challenging task due to the snow caught up in your boots, the disgusting mud and the moisture in your rooms as well as the foggy films on household furniture. This means that you will need to make adequate preparations to deal with humidity each winter but you can’t always do it alone that why our professional winter cleaning service is designed to help you.

If you want your home to be thoroughly clean, warm, and without any mold buildup, mites, and pollen issues left from summer, you’ve definitely come to the right place; you can trust our professional Winter Cleaning Services to come to your home and provide a thorough cleaning that leaves your house fresh and new again.

We can easily customise our services to suit your routine and choices. Would you like us to visit just once for a deep clean? We can do that! Would you rather have us to come each week, we can do just that too! Regardless of your special requirements and circumstances, we are the professionals to call

We believe that our services can make a big difference this explains why we are extremely pleased to show up to every home with eco-friendly responsible products. Our cleaning solutions are very effective, safer for kids and pets and much better for the planet.

Take advantage of a company that offers thorough clean and affordable service. Get in touch with us today and request your free in-home cleaning estimate. Call now!

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Office cleaning

The initial impression that customers get of your company is often the one that would linger on for a long time. Hence, it is vital that the first impression your clients get should be one that makes them feel good about your company.

An unhygienic work environment has an effect on your employee’s working life.  Several researches has been conducted in the past and they clearly suggest that the people who work in a clean and uncluttered office environment are considerably less likely to need days off work compared to people who do not. This is due to the fact that working in a clean and tidy environment makes it far less likely that illnesses will spread, also psychologist suggest that people who work in a happy, clean and uncluttered environment are not susceptible to depression and anxiety.

We are experts in a wide selection of commercial cleaning services for your organisation. We take into account that the maintenance of a clean working environment is generally challenging while balancing a fast-paced working life. For this reason we have fashioned a service to take this pressure off your hands. Our friendly cleaners have the right training and dedication to help you!

We are skilled in a wide selection of cleaning techniques and seek to always offer innovative office cleaning service to our numerous clients. Regardless of how large or small your company is; our office cleaning services are available for you.

Our experienced cleaners are carefully recruited based on their capabilities and location. We make an effort to build a long-lasting relationship with all our clients and so strive to go beyond your expectations in addition to our guarantee to offer you consistent, trustworthy, trained, professional cleaners.


  • A no obligation quotation
  • You might need one cleaner for one hour per week, or a team of cleaners full-time. We will offer you the best solution to meet your requirements
  • We have a lot of satisfied clients and can offer you references.
  • Security vetted key-holders
  • Uniformed staff

Why not give us a try today to get real value for your money; we are just a call away.

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