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Gleem customers help us give to charities.

Charitable giving isn’t just an activity we do to look like we care: before we’d performed our first clean Gleem was charitable.

We decided to link up with FRANK Water because we were inspired by the work that they are doing in India to give communities access to clean water. We are proud to say that we donate 1% of our profits from each clean to FRANK Water.

We are aware that the process of cleaning a house can use quite a lot of water and we are fortunate that this is a resource that we have easy access to.

FRANK Water aims to address a big problem: providing safe drinking water to the 784 million people worldwide who lack access to this basic human right.

FRANK Water has funded safe water and quality sanitation for more than 250,000 people across 128 communities, so by booking a clean you are helping others access clean water.

FRANK Water’s headquarters are in Bristol (like Gleem) and they have a rather lovely heart shaped logo (like Gleem) so once we started building a relationship with them it made sense that we link up with them, and they are someone we intend on supporting indefinitely.

To find out more about the work of FRANK Water please visit their website www.frankwater.com

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