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Meet the team

We are proud to work with THE best cleaners in the South-West!

We reward our cleaners in a way that no other cleaning companies do, empowering our cleaners to take pride in their work. This then translates across to the service that they provide, allowing us to be confident when we say we provide a high quality service for commercial clients.

Your cleaning journey

Once you make contact with us, we will discuss your specific requirements.

Next, one of our highly experienced commercial cleaning managers will come to meet you at your property, to talk in more detail about what you want, enabling us to develop a checklist for your property that fits in with the exact tasks you need completed, and the perfect frequencies to ensure your property stays as clean as possible.

We select the best cleaners for you, taking into account their location, their most recent feedback, and their particular skill sets.

We offer two types of service: with and without supplies and equipment provided. You can be in control of the products used, or, we can provide everything, including our eco-friendly supplies (we use Earth Renewable Solutions).

On the first day of your cleaning, your operations manager will arrive, on time with your cleaners, and we will guide the cleaners though the protocol for your clean.

From here, we utilise technology to monitor feedback, track cleaners, and ensure you cleans happen seamlessly.

Our recruiting

We pride ourselves on our thorough recruitment process, ensuring that we hire ONLY the best cleaners. This is how our process breaks down:

  • 1. We pro-actively search for and accept applications via email from cleaners with sufficient experience.
  • 2. We arrange a telephone interview with the potential cleaner to ensure their English is to a suitable standard and to establish a good working relationship.
  • 3. We always choose the cleaners who are the most motivated, hard-working and reliable and then schedule a one to one meeting.
  • 4. In the one to one meeting we are able to explain how Gleem works and that we’re no longer just ‘a cleaning company from the internet’. We think of ourselves as a family. This really helps with the cleaners’ morale making us a great team to work with.
  • 5. We perform a reference check on all cleaners.
  • 6. A test clean is then performed so quality can be inspected.
  • 7. Once all tests have been completed and passed to a high standard then we welcome them to the team.

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