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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve made Gleem as quick and easy to use as possible, however sometimes a bit more detail is required. These are our top questions:

How to book a clean

  • How do I get a quote?
    Own an office? Great! Just click HERE. Not an office? If you visit this link HERE and select you type of premises and area, you’ll see a big orange ‘Contract Request’ button. Click that and out team will contact you as soon as possible! Or call 0117 403 0444 now!
  • What if I don't want to book online?
    That's ok if you don't want to book online - we have a dedicated Customer Service Team here at Gleem so just give them a call on 0117 403 0444 or email us at [email protected] and leave your number and one of the team will call you back.
  • How will I know what tasks will be performed?
    Gleem will work with you to build out a comprehensive checklist for your site: we’ll break it down by room type and by time, so you can see exactly what cleaning we’ll perform. We will use this checklist for our cleaners to work through each and every clean, and our supervisors will perform regular audits that’ll ensure that none of these tasks are being neglected.
  • How do you charge your clients?
    Gleem generally use GoCardless to make you life easy: it’s a simple direct debit system that takes 2 minutes to chase. We use this because it helps avoid any invoicing chasing and the necessary correspondence: saving employees of your business time.
  • How do I amend or cancel my booking?
    When you sign up for a Gleem service, you will sign a 12 month contract with us. The first 14 days of this are a probationary period whereby you can cancel at any point. After this period ends, in order to cancel your service you would need to provide us with 1 full months notice. If you need to edit your service, please just email us at [email protected] or call 0117 403 0444
  • Can I make a last minute booking?
    Of course! We are really proud of the fact that we can book you in for a one-off or regular service on the same day (our record was being able to find a cleaner for a job on a Friday evening in just 45 minutes!). Just give us a call on 0117 403 0444 and we will book you in for that short notice clean!

Gleem guarantee

  • What is the Gleem guarantee?
    We guarantee that you will be delighted by the results of your clean. If for some reason you are not just let us know within 48 hours and we promise to send a cleaner back to put it right for free. It's as simple as that, so there is no risk when you hire Gleem to clean.

Our cleaning service

  • What does it cost to clean my business?
    Gleem have 2 different price tiers: We can provide all equipment (mops, buckets, vacuums) and supplies (microfiber cloths, cleaning sprays, etc) or you can provide all the equipment. Our price for these services start from £15+VAT per hour and £13+VAT per hour respectively. These figures reduce as the number of hours required increases.
  • Do you provide all the supplies and equipment needed?
    Gleem leave you in control of that decision: we can provide them, or you can provide them. The price changes dependent upon which of these 2 options you select.
  • Do you store all the supplies and equipment on my site?
    Gleem let you decide: we can store them somewhere on your premises (if you have space), or we can show up with all the equipment that we’ll require every clean (if you don’t have space)
  • What services can Gleem cleaners provide?
    Gleem have great experience in cleaning now, and are skilled at providing ongoing cleaning for businesses, one-off deep cleans, and end of build cleans too. Gleem can also provide a variety of extra’s, along the lines of window cleaning, gardening, and many more: just call 0117 403 0444
  • How do I know what has been cleaned?
    All of our cleaners work to a checklist that we guarantee to complete. They work through your premises, marking off tasks as they complete them. Once they have finished all of the tasks, your premises will look great. This way you can be confident that all of the tasks have been completed to the highest Gleem standard.
  • What is a deep clean?
    A deep clean is for first-time customers or customers who haven't had their premises professionally cleaned in the last three months.
  • Do you offer end of build cleans?
    Of course we do! Sometimes you need a really thorough clean when you are moving into new premises after having some building work performed. Our cleaners work to a check list for these cleans, but if there is a specific task you want your cleaning team to focus on then please let us know.
  • Why do you charge an hourly rate instead of a monthly price?
    We charge an hourly price because it is fair. We hate the idea of shaving time off the clean length in order to grow our profits: we think it’s sneaky, and reducing the time our cleaners have reduces their chance of doing a good job for you! We want to ensure we can always do a great job, so opted for the accountability of an hourly rate.

On the day of your clean

  • What time will the cleaners arrive?
    Our cleaners will always try to arrive on time for your clean however do please allow 30 minutes to take into account heavy traffic. We will give you a call if your cleaner is going to be late.
  • What supplies do you provide?
    Our cleaning teams come completely prepared to make your worke shine! They will bring the following:
    • Vacuum cleaner (if you don’t have one)
    • Mop and bucket
    • Kitchen and bathroom cleaner
    • Window and glass cleaner
    • Furniture spray
    • Oven cleaner
    • Non abrasive spray
    • Bleach
    • Non abrasive cleaner
    • Sponge cleaners
    • Cloths for windows, floors, furniture
    • Steel scourers
    • Gloves
    • Products against lime scale and mould

About your booking

  • Can I book a regular clean?
    Yes, of course! Just call us on 0117 403 0444 and we’d be more than happy to come and quote for you! If you have an office why not visit this page where you can create your own cleaning quote yourself: www.gleem.co.uk/commercial/quote
  • Can I book for any time?
    Of course! We put you into control so you will be able to select the days of the week, and times of the day that work best for your business!
  • What cities do you clean in?
    At the moment our cleaners work hard to make Bristol, Bath and Cardiff sparkle. Take a look at our cities pages to see a list of the areas in these cities where we clean. If you don't see where you live on these pages just get in touch at [email protected] and we will let you know if we clean in your area or when we plan to start to cleaning there.
  • Can I make special requests?
    Absolutely! We put you in control so if you have got a particular product you would like us to use in your kitchen or a precious vase you want us to avoid when dusting just include the information in your booking. We will then pass these details onto the cleaner.


  • Is there anything you can't do?
    We would like to say no, that anything is possible here at Gleem, so if you do have any special requests then just get in touch as we would love to help you.
  • Do you perform carpet cleaning?
    Yes we do! We can arrange for a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets at a cost of £1.5 per square metre. All you have to do is call 0117 403 0444 and we will take care of the rest.

Billing and payment

  • How do I redeem a discount code or voucher?
    It's easy, all you need to do is quote the code when talking with us and the discount will be removed from your booking instantly.
  • Will I be charged if I cancel my booking?
    If you cancel your clean within 48 hours of the scheduled time we have to charge you a cancellation fee of £40. If you re-book a clean then half of the cancellation fee will be applied towards your next service.

Insurance & keys

  • Do you have insurance?
    Oh yes! Our comprehensive insurance cover delivers total peace of mind. We have made sure that trusting us with your home is as risk free as possible. Accidents do occasionally happen but if they do we will ensure that everything is resolved as quickly as possible.
  • How much insurance do you have?
    We have £5 million public liability insurance. We also insist that each of our cleaner teams have their own insurance too. That way you have total peace of mind that your home and belongings are protected. If you have any questions about our policy please email [email protected].
  • Are your cleaners insured?
    Of course, all of our cleaners are insured. Our comprehensive insurance cover delivers total peace of mind. We have made sure that trusting us with your home is as risk free as possible. Accidents do occasionally happen but if they do we will ensure that everything is resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Do I need to be on site for my cleaning?
    No you don't. During our onboarding, we’ll collect any keys and codes we’ll need to gain access, meaning we can perform the cleaning outside of your working hours, meaning we wont disturb your business

Gleem cleaners

  • What is your recruiting process?
    We hire only the most motivated, reliable and experienced cleaners in your area. To be accepted as a cleaner for Gleem all our candidates must undertake a rigorous selection and recruitment process. This includes a telephone interview followed by a face to face interview. If they pass these we then perform a reference check on all of the teams finally we ask all candidates to perform a test clean so that we can inspect the quality of their cleaning. If the teams pass the quality inspection then we welcome them to the family.
  • How do I become a trusted cleaner at Gleem?
    Simple, just email us at [email protected] telling us a bit about your cleaning experience, and we'll help you apply.
  • Can you provide a replacement cleaner if my cleaner goes on holiday?
    Yes, we will. Your cleaner will need to take a well deserved holiday from time to time and when they do we will send another reliable cleaner around to complete your clean to the usual Gleem standard.
  • Are Gleem cleaners well looked after?
    Yes, we are a close knit team here at Gleem and we have got a close relationship with all our cleaners. We pride ourselves on allowing our cleaners to work flexibly which is important where they have children to collect from school or other caring responsibilities. We also pay our cleaners more than other cleaning companies do, this is so we attract only the most experienced and reliable cleaners in your area.
  • Will I get the same cleaning team every time if I book a regular clean?
    Sure, you will get the same team every time. Unless someone is unwell or enjoyed a well deserved holiday from cleaning we will keep sending the team that you are comfortable and familiar with.


  • How do I give feedback
    We will send you an email once the cleans are complete asking you for feedback. Please do take time to complete this as we like to give our cleaners a bonus for receiving a five star review. We promise to act on any feedback you send us as we are a young company trying to improve so please do share any suggestions that you have on how we can improve.

What is 'Gleem of Hope'?

  • Do you donate any money to charity?
    Yes we do, we have set up 'Gleem of Hope'. We are proud to say that we donate 1% of all our profits to the charity FRANK Water. FRANK Water aims to address a big problem: providing safe drinking water to the 784 million people worldwide who still lack access to this basic human right. FRANK Water has funded safe water and good quality sanitation for more than a quarter of a million people across 128 communities. So by booking a clean with us you are helping others to access clean water.
  • What is 'Gleem of Hope'?
    We believe there is more to life than cleaning, and so we have set up 'Gleem of Hope'. This is the name that we have given to our charitable activity. We are proud to say that currently we support FRANK Water and donate 1% of our profit from each clean to them.
  • Why is Frank Water your chosen charity?
    We decided to link up with FRANK Water because we were really inspired by the work that they are doing in India to give communities access to clean water. We are aware that the process of cleaning a house uses quite a lot of water and we are fortunate that this is a resource that we have easy access to so we would like to contribute to a charity that supports those that don't. Also like us FRANK are Bristol based (and have a rather lovely heart shaped logo like us) so it made sense that we link up with them.

Why Gleem?

  • What makes Gleem high quality?
    We take a different approach to cleaning to ensure that we deliver a high quality service. We only employ only the most reliable and experienced cleaners in your area, we have a dedicated customer service team to answer any queries and we have a state of the art booking system to make it really simple for you to book a clean. Our cleaners all wear uniform and work to a checklist on every clean, so you know that your business has been cleaned to the highest quality.
  • Why should I book a clean with Gleem?
    Gleem are Proud to Clean. We want to give your business the clean it deserves and we seek to empower our cleaners to enjoy their jobs whilst we do. We don't think you should spend your precious time searching for a trusted cleaner. So why not let us do the hard work and find you a quality, reliable cleaner who fits in around your life?