Your Workplace May Be Making You Sick!

Your Workplace May Be Making You Sick Clean

With the majority of us heading to work every morning, we make sure our homes are as clean as possible for trying to prevent common household illnesses and allergies like asthma, mould, mites, fleas and much more, we rarely think of our workplace being a cause of concern.

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How to get rid of flies

How To Get Rid Of Flies At Home Or Office

Flies, an unwelcome house guest

Last week, Gleem looked at a classic method to target those annoying flies hanging around your home. This week we will be looking at a more aesthetically-pleasing method to combat these critters.

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Investment Into Gleem – Startup Serial 18

Investment Into Gleem


When I started the business, I knew there was potential to grow something larger than just a local business. As a result of this, I applied to a variety of investment pitches, seeking investment.

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Search Engine Optimising Gleem Startup Serial (Part 17)

Search Engine Optimizing Gleem

Search Engine Optimisation

From Day 1, Gleem has focussed on being modern and tried to remain a business that represents itself well online. We built an intuitive website, had a vocal social media presence, but weren’t visible on Google when you searched for the services that we provide.

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Utilising the opportunity for interns – Startup Serial #16

Utilising the opportunity for interns

Gleem was growing but we had limited funds. I started researching apprentices and other ways to help keep costs low. I found that the University of Bristol had a fantastic internship scheme available.


I set up some vacancies for ‘Business Development’ interns. Over the next month the applicants started rolling in.

I conducted some interviews and was amazed by the calibre of the applicants.

I ended up taking on 3 interns: Jay, who was an articulate and well rounded editor of the university newspaper, Khurram who was studying his masters in accountancy, and Pili, a graphic designer.

Myself and these three interns were Team Gleem. We moved into an office that was large enough for the four of us, and set to work developing the business.

The University of Bristol was invaluable in helping Gleem find interns.

Without these internships, Gleem would have struggled to grow in the early days, but the support of the University of Bristol was fantastic: it offset the cost of growing and enabled the interns to gain some fantastic experience working in a start-up.

Something that doesn’t happen too often with Universities relentlessly focussing on students applying for graduate schemes.

The internships were for a limited amount of time, so I decided the best thing to do would be to address these periods as ‘projects’, letting them focus on working towards achieving a specific goal instead of just using up hours ineffectively.

We talked about it and identified which projects would utilise their skills and interests the most, enabling them to really dig their teeth into something that they care about. 

This is the method I’ve decided to focus on in every job role and hire I make at Gleem.

Based upon their interest and skill set so as to make the most of the time available.

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How to Unblock A Sink – Cleaning Hacks

Simple Cleaning Hacks By Gleem
How To Unblock A Sink
Unblocking a sink: oddly a very satisfying task

Blocked sinks: a perennial problem impossible to ignore!

This phenomenon is extremely easy to cause but also easy to undo, particularly with the help of those cupboard staples: vinegar and baking soda.

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The King Street Office – Startup Serial #15

The King Street Office

I started this business in my bedroom and after a few months moved down to a dining table.

From here I had started renting a single desk space at where I met some lovely people.

I utilised the University of Bristol for interns and needed more space, which I fortunately found in the same business. The business felt like it was becoming something: it wasn’t just me now and we had our own space!

The space we had was fine- it was rough around the edges in terms of its finishings, but it served its purpose, providing us with a private space we could use. We were here for four months when I found a great space that was up for rent.

It was on King Street, next to the historic landmark; the Old Vic. It was also finished really well and was available to be moved into immediately.

The rent was higher and it was too much space, but it was something that we could grow into, so I took it.

A prime location!
A prime location!

The extra space and resulting extra cost could be offset by hiring out desks, which would have the added benefit of introducing a diverse range of people to the office. In short, the newfound space had no drawbacks!

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