Steps To Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

There is great potential in commercial cleaning services, whether you want to work at home or on a commercial level. Starting a commercial cleaning business is like starting a small business; you will need a solid business plan and a good marketing strategy to be successful. These 7 steps will ensure your new business is well planned, properly registered, and compliant with the law.

STEP 1: Plan your business

A well-organized plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. It will help you map the details of your business and uncover some unknowns. Studies show that entrepreneurs who take the time to write a business plan when starting a business are more likely to go ahead and start their business. The work of creating a business plan also helps new entrepreneurs develop skills that will be invaluable later on.

STEP 2: Be strategic in choosing the right territory

Keeping your cleaning territory within 15 to 40 km of your company’s head office is an excellent way to start, as your service area can play a vast role in how quickly you develop a successful cleaning business. Pick a location that is too large; you may be spending most of your working hours commuting. Pick a territory that is too small; you may have a hard time finding clients, especially if there are already other cleaners in the area.

STEP 3: Hire an experienced business lawyer

Staying legal can even be scary to think about it, let alone make sure you’re doing it right. Creating a legal business entity such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) prevents you from being personally liable if your commercial cleaning business is sued. Make sure you have everything you need – insurance, the right business structure, bank accounts, etc., so as not to go against the law. Also, consider using a registered agent service to help protect your privacy and comply with regulations.

STEP 4: Network with other business owners

Networking with other small business owners, both within and outside of your industry, can be a great way to keep up with the latest techniques and technologies that everyone uses.

On top of that, it can even be a great way to find potential clients and form new partnerships. Don’t underestimate the power of networking; this may be what is rapidly growing your commercial cleaning business.

STEP 5: Define your brand

You will want something that sounds professional and eye-catching. Make it unique and search engine friendly so that your commercial cleaning business appears when people are looking for the services you provide.

• Be sure to choose a name that has not been registered as a company.

• Make it look modern, as you will want to print it on business cards, use it on your website, and use it in other promotional materials.


• Design a logo that matches your brand name.

• Check if the brand you have chosen will be perfect for a web domain name.

STEP 6: Obtain seed capital

Since a cleaning business is a business based on physical services on-site at the client’s properties, there are some basic things that you will need to start this type of business. Save the funds to secure these items or create a loan agreement that allows you to start your cleaning service with reduced overhead.

STEP 7: Establish Your Web Presence

A professional website allows clients to learn more about your business and the products or services you offer. You can also use social media to attract new customers or clients.

Importantguidelines before hiring a commercial cleaning company

It is worth taking the time to understand the process of finding the right commercial cleaning company for your business. Otherwise, you could end up where you started, with an inefficient use of money and resources.

Are they legal?

Not only must the commercial cleaning company be insured, but it must also make sure that you are protected. Commercial cleaners must have adequate insurance to protect their business and people in the event of a problem, as liability insurance is necessary. Some of these insurances include general liability, automobile liability, workers’ compensation, and master policy.

Are they experienced?

If you hire an experienced commercial cleaning company, you can be sure that the job will be done to the highest possible standards. While a new business may show potential, it is simply not worth the risk. An established commercial cleaning business means you have built a good reputation, treat your cleaners with respect, and have a good customer base who trust your services. Experience matters because experienced companies are simply better at what they do.

Level of education

Just because a company offers you the lowest price doesn’t mean they are right for you. You may pay a little more to work with a professional cleaning company, and in the long run, the added expense will always be worth it. The commercial cleaning company that you plan to hire to clean your facility must have trained and qualified professional employees. Beyond basic training, if you are looking for industrial cleaning, medical cleaning, or school cleaning, your commercial cleaning services should offer your employees training specifically tailored to your type of establishment.

Make sure to search and verify their references

Make sure the company you are considering doing business with has references to verify. References are great resources for letting you know the pros and cons they have encountered with cleaning companies. Always do this by calling your references and verify that they exist and that they are satisfied with the services they have received from the company. They can also better guide you on the costs associated with these services.

Know the cleaning schedule that should be planned

One of the first questions to ask yourself is your potential cleaning service scheduling system. Many commercial cleaning services are performed at night when offices are closed during the day. Therefore, you need to ask about system planning for your potential cleaning service. Knowing what time you are doing what, you should take your time very seriously, and your cleaning business should stick to your routine. Sometimes a cleaning company may need to hire additional staff to meet its business needs. These questions will help you manage your expectations as it is up to both parties to put together an agreement/system that works best for everyone.

At this point in the article, you should have a good idea of ​​what to expect from your potential commercial cleaning business and feel comfortable investing in their services.

Introduction to commercial cleaning products

The demand for commercial cleaning products is much higher compared to that of domestic products. Besides, there are commercial chemicals that are stronger, and the application specifics are not intended for household use. These types of commercial cleaning products are manufactured and recommended for industrial uses.

Whether you are cleaning the office as a team, yourself, or using a commercial cleaning company, having the right commercial cleaning products is important to achieve the correct results and create a hygienic environment. Here are some examples of commercial cleaning products that are safe for home use:

• Microfiber cloths – the use of microfiber cloths are the perfect way to ensure that when cleaning germs and dirt, they do not spread from one surface to another

• Hospital grade disinfectants

• Degreasers

• Aerosol disinfectants and germicidal cleaners.

However, the general public needs more guidance in choosing the right commercial cleaning products for their needs. Ultimately, a business in need of such cleaning products would base its decision primarily on cost alone. But with the different types of germs, viruses, and dirt that garbage produces, you need to be more vigilant to ensure cleanliness.

The most demanding commercial cleaning products are green cleaners as most of the ingredients are natural, organic, or are extracted from plant products. Essential oils are also included in the formulation of these products. There are several different approaches, some of which incorporate baking soda or essential oils that shouldn’t irritate your clients’ allergies or cause headaches. Since this is a major change with an increase in demand as many customers are requesting the change, your investment in this type of service will likely be worth it. Although, the ability of naturally-based commercial cleaners to effectively reduce pathogens is yet to be fully understood. However, it is highly preferred for commercial use as it is environmentally friendly.

Chemical cleaners are the most common type of cleaning product used for commercial cleaning purposes. Dilution concentrate appears to be a cost-effective solution, especially when used over large areas. These chemicals come in different forms, but the most convenient type would be liquid and has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. The only downside to using these products is the smell these chemicals give off. In most cases, chlorine or acids are used in the liquid mixture and can also be toxic if not used correctly.

Steam cleaners are another variety of commercial cleaning products that can be used for carpets. However, this type of cleaner is only applicable to remove dirt, as research on its ability to reduce pathogens has not yet been conducted.

There are many commercial cleaning products you can use, but the important thing is to make sure that you have the right equipment and chemicals to deal with any eventualities and clean all areas regularly. Daily cleaning is important to prevent the accumulation of dirt and grime, as well as to prevent the spread of bacteria. The best option is to hire professional commercial cleaning services, to have more time for other tasks and also to ensure you have a clean office that is professionally done when the need arises.

Types of commercial cleaning business

Hygiene in the company’s facilities is essential. It is a mirror of the seriousness of a company and its employees. Depending on what your office space looks like, potential associates and clients create a first impression of you. This can be of the utmost importance to the future success of your business. On top of these is the advantage of saving time. A commercial cleaning service will do all the cleaning work for you with less to worry about. You can spend your precious time on more important things like cooking for your family, running your business, or checking your inventory at the warehouse.

Green (environment) Cleaning

These cover any process that uses only environmentally friendly products and techniques. For office cleaning, this could mean applying detergents without sulphates, parabens, and artificial colours.

These are a type of cleaning service offered to customers who want a healthier working environment and present various benefits for employees, the building, and the environment. Green commercial cleaning reduces the number of chemicals used to clean the building. Strong cleaning chemicals can fill the air with hazardous materials and compounds that can harm human health. By choosing green cleaning for your commercial building, you will not only see a decrease in your business water bill, but you will also find that your employees take fewer sick days.

Residential cleaning

If you have a large house and do not have housekeepers, hiring a cleaning company is always a great decision. Maybe you have a big event to plan within a little time, a commercial cleaning service will clean your home professionally and quickly.

Tile and carpet cleaning

Most offices have carpeted and tiled floors. While carpet acts as an acoustic screen, tiles are usually installed in areas such as bathrooms. Carpets help dampen noise from one workspace to another, so the need for a clean and tidy carpet is necessary. These help employees stay productive and not be disturbed by chair movements, sounds, or office meetings. You want to make sure that the commercial cleaning services you hire use the right cleaning products that can remove airborne irritants, mites, and dust that get trapped in the carpet.

This type of commercial cleaning service will vacuum, shampoo, and dry the carpet so thoroughly that you won’t see any dirt or dust. They generally charge per square foot.

Window Cleaning

Likewise, office windows require special cleaning tools and techniques. It is seldom safe for companies to deal with window cleaning independently, especially if the facility is above the ground floor. That’s why most hire specialist window cleaners to reach heights using movable platforms and harnesses.

Emergency Cleaning

Perhaps the least used but most important type of commercial cleaning is emergency cleaning. Emergency cleaners are called after an unexpected event, such as a flood, fire, or break-in. Even if you think there is no possibility of an emergency happening at your facility, we recommend that you have the number from a reliable supplier at your fingertips. They can attend very quickly as most operate 24/7. Emergency cleaners work quickly, often overnight, to make sure an office is habitable as soon as possible after an incident.

If you own or manage a business, these tips are essentials in choosing the right commercial cleaning service for your business.

How a commercial cleaning business can affect your business

Books and business are not the same. The exterior and interior of your commercial space are critical to customer judgment. The effect of a sloppy reception in a messy, dirty bathroom or disorganized sales floor leaves a bad impression, which can seriously damage your reputation as well as your centrepiece. In today’s highly competitive business environment, the services of a commercial cleaning company are undoubtedly an important task.

A dirty office can affect your employee while also giving customers a bad impression of your business. With the routine cleaning service of a professional cleaning company, you can be sure that your space is clean, organized, and fully functional. A dusty office full of overflowing and often messy trash cans can be awkward and unsuitable for working. A clean environment allows your employees to stay focused and more productive throughout the workday. 

Customers are generally comfortable seeing a clean office, especially when it is well organized and tidy. Your customers will also appreciate a clean and organized environment, which presents a positive image of the company and the company itself to customers. For example, a clean bathroom is not only crucial in restaurants, bathrooms in commercial spaces are notoriously difficult to keep clean, but a clean bathroom can make a big difference to your bottom line. When customers find a dirty bathroom, 75% of them are less likely to return to that workplace.

As a business owner, you are not only responsible for keeping your office clean, but also for finding the most profitable cleaning service companies that will lower your overall and operating costs. Commercial cleaning companies help business owners and managers keep their offices clean and sanitized to reduce the risk of illness among their employees. Studies have shown that companies lose money every year due to worker absenteeism due to illnesses such as the flu virus. This virus can survive on many common surfaces for up to eight hours. This means that an infected person could spread the virus throughout the workplace simply by coming into contact with elements and surfaces of the building.

Frequent maintenance of office equipment, including desktops, telephones, fax machines, backup units, or personal servers, is helpful to improve longevity. Improper use and failure to block the dust in a business setting can shorten the life of office equipment, reduce productivity, and increase levels of frustration. Property facilities must be well maintained to develop a sense of warmth and pride for discerning employees. Besides, it would automatically increase the level of trust of customers when entering the company.

Finally, commercial cleaning allows business owners and managers to stay focused on their work instead of worrying about maintaining their facilities. Because cleaning companies work on your schedule, your day is not interrupted by building maintenance problems. By outsourcing your office cleaning, you can focus on your job knowing your building is getting the attention it needs to be a healthy and productive workplace. Making a good impression on your clients is, therefore, the first step in building a healthy mutual relationship.

Commercial Cleaning: Introduction

If you are managing a commercial or industrial facility such as hospitals, hotels, cinemas, offices, warehouses, churches, entertainment centres, malls, etc., you probably want to keep it clean, and outsourcing a commercial cleaning company might be just what you need to reach the height of your goals. The cleaning of these commercial facilities is called commercial cleaning. This type of cleaning is necessary if you want to provide an orderly, clean, and hygienic work environment.

Businesses that hire cleaners for these cleaning services are known as commercial cleaning companies. They are known to perform different types of cleaning jobs in a variety of facilities and also provide professional cleaning services as they are well trained and experienced for the perfect task. These commercial cleaning companies also take responsibility for all cleaning work in a commercial home.

A commercial cleaning business is quite different from residential cleaning because of the amount of space to be cleaned. Cleaning your three-bedroom home is very different from cleaning a hotel with more than hundreds of rooms. As a result, commercial cleaning companies use heavier products with advanced industrial methods to get the job done. These industrial methods are put in place to make things faster and more efficient so that commercial cleaners don’t clean all day and every day. Commercial Waste Cleaning, Hazardous Cleaning, or Heavy Cleaning explains more about Commercial Cleaning. Therefore, this leads most people to think that if you hire a commercial cleaning service for your home, they will clean better. The truth is, a commercial cleaning company doesn’t clean any better than a residential cleaning company as they both deal with different things.

Commercial cleaning companies also specialize in hazardous events like floods and fire cleaning. They have industrial equipment and professional knowledge to clean objects with damaging stains.

A commercial cleaning company also provides services for construction cleaning or after cleaning of buildings, as they understand how to clean and to ensure that the premises are safe for good air quality and other needs.

The order of desks reflects the overall image of a business, as a clean and organized office can tend to create a good impression on the client. The hygienic environment also brings benefits to customers of keeping their business a priority. You can only achieve all of these benefits by outsourcing a possible commercial cleaning service. Therefore, in this time of competition, you need to be careful and more specific about how customers perceive you concerning your business environment. Hence, the need for dedicated professional cleaning is required to get everything checked for you.

As mentioned, cleaning services can vary from company to company, so it is necessary to consult the list provided by your potential commercial cleaning service. Plus, you can also consult with your commercial cleaning company to create a cleaning schedule that is perfectly suited to your needs. Besides, they are also equipped with the necessary cleaning products and equipment to do the perfect job, which also saves time and money.

A Step To Step Guide to Cleaning Floor Mats

Floor mats are used in homes to complete the look and design of a home. Floors mats are used in most homes to prevent the destruction of floors mostly tiled or wooden floors while moving home furniture around. They are also an additional decoration to improve the appearance of a home to make it more attractive. Homes that have young babies to take care of use floor mats to prevent the babies from hurting themselves while playing or crawling around the house. This floor mats also need to be taken care of. Floor mats are of the rubber and carpet type. Are you an owner of a floor mat and you do not know how to handle its cleaning? Below is a step by step guide on cleaning floor mats.

How to clean rubber floor mats

Rubber floor mats are mostly used in car flooring but can also be used in homes.

Requirements for cleaning a rubber floor mat

Bucket water, vacuum, microfiber towel, rubber floor mat cleaning solution, and stiff bristle brush

Steps on how to clean rubber floor mats

Remove floor mats from your home or car for cleaning.

Shake the mat to dislodge any debris from it.

Spray the mat with clean water to wet the carpet before you proceed with the cleaning.

Using a rubber floor mat cleaning solution, scrub your mat using a bristle brush. Scrub the mat using round motions to get rid of any dirt. In case of any stubborn dirt or grime reapply the rubber mat cleaning solution to scrub the stain.

Rinse the mat with a clean bucket of water until it is completely solvent-free.

Use a microfiber towel to dry the mat and air- dry it under the shed to completely dry.

Return the floor mat to its specific place after completely drying.

How to clean carpet floor mats

Carpet floor mats are mostly used in homes. The floor mats come in a different colour, considering the owner’s choice of colour. While cleaning the carpet floor mats, we should also consider the colour of the floor mats to avoid staining of the mat while cleaning.

Requirements for cleaning carpet floor mats

Brush, a bucket of water, wet vac/ a place to hang your mat after washing, vacuum, carpet floor cleaning solution

Steps on how to clean carpet floor mats

Start by removing the floor mats from your house to avoid your other items from getting soaked with water.

Use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum your mat to remove any loose dirt or debris.

Shake your mat if necessary to remove any remaining dirt.

Sprinkle your mat with water before applying a carpet mat cleaner using a brush.

Scrub the mat using round motions to remove any stains or dirt.

Using the bucket of water, rinse your carpet until it is spotless.

Use a wet vac to dry your mat after thoroughly cleaning. You can also consider hanging your mat to air-dry. Make sure to completely dry them to prevent damage from water, mildew, and mould.

Return the mats to their respective places after completely drying.

Above is a step by step guide on how to clean rubber and carpet mats easily. You should consider regular cleaning of your mats to prevent any staining and fast wearing out of the mats.

How to Clean Your Floor after Painting

Paint can be very stubborn to clean after painting. This is because after applying the paint, it will dry, leading to not easy to get remove. It is possible to remove paint from different floors after painting though it will require efforts to do so. Paint spill or stains occur mostly during home renovations. As a homeowner, you already know the difficulties that come along with painting your walls or rooms. Most of the time, your floors will be the most affected as they will have paint spills and stains. During your home improvements, it is advisable to immediately clean the paint spills before they are completely dry to a state you cannot get rid of them. If you are experiencing difficulty cleaning your floors after painting, below are steps to follow to be able to clean paint from different floors after painting:

How to clean paint from wooden floors after painting

Use a sandpaper sheet to scrub off the paint if it is a small area of the floor. For large paint, stain considers using an electric sander as a sandpaper sheet will not be convenient. While using the sandpaper use a coarse grip for the start till the flooring wood appears the change to finer sandpaper.

Replace the sandpaper depending on the thickness of the paint stain. If the paint stain is thick, replace the sandpaper regularly immediately it gums on the sandpaper.

After you have sanded off much paint use a paint thinner to dampen a rag and use it to remove any remaining paint.

Consider using a paint stripper to get rid of the paint. Read the label and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get rid of the paint. Using a paintbrush apply the solution in a thin layer on the paint stain brushing unidirectional.

Hot to clean paint from tiled floors after painting

To remove a small fresh paint stain use a natural cleaner to lift the paint. Make a solution of 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of water in a pan and heat it to boil. Dip a cloth into the solution, spread it over the paint, and wait for some time for it to soften. Use a pad or nylon brush to scrub off the paint.

Use a paint remover on the floor if the paint does not come off. Try the paint remover on a small part of the floor to be sure the paint will not remove the glaze. Scrub the paint using a scouring pad gently to get rid of any stain. Finally, mop the floor with warm water to clean leftover paint.

Consider starting with the simplest method to clean your floor to prevent any damages to the floor. If it does not come off, you can then consider using chemical paint removal solutions.

Above are steps on how to get rid of stain paints from floors after you paint your home. Cleaning paints from floors is a challenging but possible way to get rid of the paint spills.


How to Clean Your House after Fumigation

Fumigation is a method used to take care of the pest infestation problem. When pest infests inside your house, it becomes a hindrance to your daily lives. In case you come across pests inside your home, it is god to get rid of them immediately before they cause any harm or spread around your house. Fumigation of your house helps get rid of pests such as bed bugs, termites, cockroaches, and many other pests. Fumigation of your home is a way of pest control is a method where but fumigants are sprayed in a house choking all the pests to death. Regular fumigation of your house will lead to a pest-free environment. After fumigation, you will need to clean your home to get rid of any chemicals before you get into the house. Cleaning a house after fumigation will also get rid of the dead pests lying around the house. How do you clean your home after fumigation?

Step 1

Open all windows and doors to make sure the whole house is well aerated before you proceed with the cleaning.

Step 2

Search for any edible around the house that were left open during fumigation. Keep any open containers or food away before you proceed with your cleaning. Throw any packets of chips, sugar, butter, etc. that were left open during fumigation for precaution.

Step 3

Start by vacuuming all the dead pests around the house before discarding the vacuum bag. Then proceed to empty all the cupboards and drawers for vacuuming. You can also proceed to vacuum the curtains, couches, chairs, and home fabrics. Move around all the furniture to vacuum around the house. Do not leave any furniture and corners unturned.

Step 4

Use a damp cloth to wipe surfaces around the house to get rid of any dust and fumigants. After using the cloth discard it immediately. Make a 50-50 solution of water and vinegar. With the solution repeat the wiping process not forgetting about the cabinets, doorknobs, drawers, and cupboards. After wiping down the surfaces discard the cloth immediately.

Step 5

Proceed to mop the floors using warm soapy water to get rid of the remaining fumigants. Do not forget about mopping the toilet and bathroom floors as well. Wipe the restroom surfaces before you finish your cleaning.

Step 6

Collect all your home linen that includes the sheets and curtains for laundry, wipe the washing machine and clean linen using it.

Also, remember to vacuum your mattress before replacing the beddings with clean once. You can consider purchasing new linens if the rest of yours are fumigated. Avoid staying in your home for at least two days to let the house to aerate before you move back in properly.

Fumigation is a good way of having a clean and pest free house. Fumigation of the house may be dangerous to humans if not well handled; therefore, it is good to consider cleaning all the surfaces around the home before moving back. Above are some steps to follow while cleaning the house.


How to Clean Your House Doors

Doors give an attractive finish to your home more so when considering the interior design of your house. To have a well-finished house, you have to consider having doors as an additional touch to your home. Doors also act as a division and barrier between different rooms in your house. For security purposes, people consider having their homes having strong doors that can be locked at any time. Doors are of various types, such as wooden, steel, and fibreglass doors. With the different types of doors, one will also consider having their door colour paintings to their liking example white doors. Are you having difficulties concerning how to clean your doors? Below are some of the simple procedures to follow while cleaning your doors.

Requirements for cleaning

water, spray bottle, vinegar, squeegee, multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, stiff brush, vacuum, metal cleaner, soft clean rags, mineral spirits, and sponge.

What do you avoid while cleaning your house doors?

Avoid forgetting about your doors and not taking care of them no matter the type. Doors always give the first impression to your visitors when they visit. This is because the first thing they come across when they come is the doors. The maintenance and cleanliness of the doors will leave a good impression on them.

While cleaning your doors, avoid pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning will lead to water or solutions getting through your doors through the gaps. This may lead to the wetting or destruction of other items around your house.

Steps on how to clean steel, wood, or fibreglass doors

Use a spray bottle to mix water and vinegar to make a cleanser. Then use the cleanser to clean your door frames by spraying the cleanser, and wiping the frame using a clean, soft cloth. Do not forget to clean the top frame as it is most of the time forgotten.

Use the water and vinegar solution to clean the door using a clean cloth. Make sure to use a dry cloth to wipe away the cleanser to avoid any remaining watermarks that may damage the door.

If any stains are on the doors, use mineral spirit for any tough or greasy stains. Open your house windows or ventilate your house while using this solution to avoid effects.

Using a basic glass cleaner spray your fibreglass doors and wipe it with a squeegee to get rid of any stains and dirt. Dry the door using a clean rag.

Apply steel polish or brass to handles, kick plates, and locks to clean your door hardware. Use a clean, dry rag to wipe the polish to ensure the door is completely clean.

Steps on how to clean your glass doors

Start by vacuuming the tracks of your glass doors. Make sure to use the vacuum attachments to reach the corners of the door.

Use a multi-purpose cleaner for your frame and track by wiping them with a sponge after spraying with the cleaner. To remove stubborn dirt and grime use a stiff brush.

Spray a glass cleaner on the interior and exterior of your glass. Then wipe it from top to bottom using a squeegee.

Doors give a good and presentable finish to your house. Above are some of the steps to use while cleaning your doors.