How to clean your office floors?

Cleaning floors can be messy sometimes. When clients come to your office, they first notice the floor. Floors make a big impression about you to clients as well as motivating to employers. There are many ways you make office floor cleaning experience better as well as get good results. Those ways are as follows:

Using a scrubber
Scrubbers are good for tougher floors can help with smooth and textured tiles. A simple floor wipe can get rid of surface dirt but using a scrubber helps with dirt between tiles. You can also use scrubbers earlier in the week to make the cleaning of floors during the week easier and faster. Scrubber will also make your cleaning cheaper in case you have a cleaning staff.
Using Wax

Are you looking forward to restoring the state of your floor? Using wax is your next big plan. Once your floor is done, smear floor with wax. The wax acts as polish and gives your floor a shining touch. Different floors use different waxes. The most come are linoleum surface waxes. You can also find waxes for vinyl floors.
Grout and tile protectors
The occasional cleaning of floors can result in wear and tear. Grout and tile protectors provide wear and tear solutions for your floors. Foremost, the protectors provide a protective surface for your floors. The floors appear cleaner and newer as well as increasing the lifespan of the floors.

Pay attention to cracks
Cracks are the one part an office cleaner can ignore. Dirt and mud trapped in the crevices of your floors end up leaving the floor dirtier and messier. The overtime accumulation can make cleaning even more challenging for you. Dirt also opens up the cracks and can cause tripping hazards for your stuff. Inspect the crevices and fix them before they get out of hand.
Pay attention to instructions
Cleaning is a good idea but knowing what you are using is also important. Before you decide what you are going to use for your floors, read the instructions on the cleaning agent. Cleaning agents show aggression towards stains. Beware such a cleaning agent can also be a threat to floor surfaces. Read instructions and consult cleaning service providers before deciding on the cleaning agent.
Care for cleaning equipment
Cleaning equipment can be the source of damage to your office floors. After cleaning your floor make it routine to ensure the cleaning equipment is in a clean and well-maintained state. Unmaintained equipment with previous dirt accumulation maintains a tough state not suitable for your floors.

Change cleaning water

When cleaning your floor, the water can end up getting dirty before you have many any progress. Make a swift clean and change your cleaning water for a final cleaning round to ensure the floor is stainless.
With the above hacks, you can be sure that your floors stay sorted. Use these tactics for your floor, and you will admire the result of your cleaning.

How to maintain a clean office

A clean office means a pure mind. Are you the person that still ends up feeling they are sitting in a dirty place even after a severe cleanup. You could be the problem and the solution to your dilemma. There are habits you need to teach yourself that will help maintain a clean office.

Set aside administrative time
You are your manager and secretary. This is the moment where you put everything that is personal in order. Start with your computer. An inbox with hundreds of unread messages is a dirty office. Read all mail, delete unimportant messages and archive the rest.
Avoid deal with it later
In case you need to refresh your mind about a particular project, walk off your desk an do it at your shelve. Such files should be there. The more you will keep putting aside tasks for refreshers; your desk will keep piling up and leave it chaotic. Attention is on keeping the desk as clear as possible with the latest project in front of you.
File always
There is no way we are going to avoid the paperless technology. Some approvals have to be done manually. Review too might need manual handling. Every project needs a file, even so, you need a general file for off the work paperwork. In case everything is digital, it will be chaotic to have documents all over the desktop window. Folders are perfect virtual files, use them land you will have an organized offline and online filing record system even better a cleaner workplace.

Get better at stacking your desk
If you are, the individual that loves all the pending projects next on the desk, stacking in a smart will come in handy. Ensure that all you have on your desk is entirely relevant to ongoing and pending projects. Any other piece of paper will confuse you, and you might end up throwing everything around out of confusion. Stacking smartly maintains a clean office.
Practice desk disinfection
A clean desk is not just what you see but also what you do not see. On your desk, there are items, a PC or laptop, keyboard, telephone and mouse. You frequently touch these items. Ploughing project papers and getting back to the personal computer off to the phone and back to the keyboard is germs making rounds. Why not wipe these items on a daily or weekly basis, followed by monthly deep cleans.
Digitize paperwork
Once a paper has gone through all the work processes, scan and keep the digital copy. This way you do not have to fill up your desks with paper, you do not need. This is not only cleaner but also easy to retrieve than the manual way of filing.
Control personal items on your workspace
A clean office can appear dirty because of your knick-knacks. You carry these items to every work you have been so they can remind you of a lot. They could be playing motivation but the more they are, the dirtier your workplace looks.

Maintain a cleaning office should not be a problem anymore. With these activities, you have a cleaner office with less cleaning and organizing work to do.

What makes a perfect house-cleaning checklist?

A checklist is the one tool most of them do not lack. Most homes have multiple rooms. Each room comes with its challenges and sub-challenges, knowing what to tackle when you are in a given room is significant. For this reason, a house-cleaning checklist is the one item that can lay everything out. In case you are for a perfect house-cleaning checklist, you are welcome:

General activity
Have you handled clutter?
Before you can even start working on any room, you need to work by elimination. Getting rid of all the clutter. If the clutter is something reusable, sort them in different compartments. The sitting room is where you leave most things, your books, newspapers, and magazines.

Deal with dust
It is just not, what you see but also what you do not see. The ceiling, the door tops, blinds, pillows, picture frames, light fixtures, and many other items check these areas for dust and clear up before you move to any serious house cleaning. Remember to check appliances; they do not miss to gather dust.

Vacuum, sweep, mop and treat floors
These works for all floor and surfaces apart from the kitchen, which you can treat. Ensure your hand vacuum is in shape for use when moving into clearing surfaces. Remember to check furniture; the hand vacuum could still help with this. After sweeping and vacuuming or mopping, finish by freshening furniture.

The kitchen activity
As mentioned above, each area requires different attention and action. The kitchen requires:
Clearing countertops and cupboards
Wipe stove clean sink and area around the sink

Clean the inside and outside of various appliances, i.e. list them before you tidy them

Wipe down countertops and cabinets (start at the immediate right of the stove).

Conclude with floors

Bathroom activity
A sensitive area in your house and being able to handle the bathroom before it gets worse is essential. For the bathroom, there are some things to handle:

Have a wastebasket and hamper; with these items, dealing with bathroom madness becomes easy. The first act is to empty the basket.
Clear tub or shower, if there are clothes hanged, remove dry ones and have them in their respective storage. Soak tub or shower with water.

Apply cleaner on tile and allow staying before a simple scrub
Other parts need spraying with all-purpose cleaner

Clean the racks and soap dishes
Handle the sink
Clean cabinet fronts or faces
Clean mirror and sharpen faucets
Conclude with the floor and replace rugs

Bedroom activity
This should be busy; the general activity allows you to do clutter, dust rooms and vacuum. You can sort out bedroom by arranging bedroom furniture. You can make and straighten bed.

Final activity
This means the windows. Use glass cleaners and wipe with newspapers. You could also use lemon solutions. You can also use the all-purpose cleaner on every part of the windows. With the help of a brush, you can scrub to conclude on cleaning the house.

The above is your perfect house cleaning checklist. You can turn it into a table and tick or star at the end as you do your cleaning. We hope it makes your cleaning experience better.

Why a house cleaning company is your best cleaning option

Are you the perfect person that loves everything done correctly? Do you go to the extent of doing it by yourself? Well, you could be the best at what you do, but we can change the way you look at everything. There is a reason why a house cleaning company is your best option for home cleaning. Below is why:
The best saving on cleaning option
Have you been the person that has spent most of their house cleaning solutions on a lot of money only to end up not using most of them? A house-cleaning firm most times comes with its own. They are in business, and they could be going for the best, the most economical not cheap but effective. You would end up saving most of what you have been spending on cleaning supplies. Moreover, spending on tough stain and dirt can be tough when you do not know what the best solution is. A good cleaning firm can fix this with ease.
You need your alone time
Time can be a good resource, for us, this is what we do for a living; we will do it fast and perfectly. Cleaning on your own can be distracting if you have to attend to more other things on your own. In the case, your house is even bigger you could end up not doing anything at all. For a fair price, a house cleaning company can solve your house hygiene issues.
Cleaning companies can save you the stress of cleaning
Not many love cleaning. Somehow, I feel it is not on top of your hobbies and if it is, it is time for a change. A cleaning firm can save you the thought and ensure you get value for your money. You will feel even much better when you see the result and the stress nervous system it has saved you.
Some cleaning tasks can be hard
Truth be told you are not a professional; some tough dirt can be something you have never experienced. All we can say is that you could find a solution, but you may lack the solution for your sinks, bath tabs, name them. A house-cleaning firm with experienced personnel can pull off tough cleaning exercise. Do not worried about the outcome.
You do not have to do some parts after a cleaning company has helped
A perfect one-time cleaning could leave some areas of your house cleaning for a long time before you will need a cleaning service. A house cleaning company renders long-term clean solutions and the energy spent on tidying some places is not overrated.
You deserve a sparkling home
Even with a hired person doing the house, each day a touch here and there could not be enough. You need a third party, someone that sees a problem in a home thought to be clean. A house-cleaning firm can spot the problem where it is hiding and help set your house on a bright streak.
The above are the many reasons you need the help of a house-cleaning firm.

What are the important dos and don’ts of house cleaning?

House cleaning is a self-love activity. We do it for fun, and it gives us the happiness we might have been in pursuit of occasionally. Sometimes we do it well, other time we do it wrong. If we do not clean our houses well it messes up with the mood. There are some things we can however do and some that we can avoid doing to get the best out of ourselves as house cleaners, as follows:

What are the dos?
Try to do it yourself
Sometimes we have solutions to the challenges we face. You may have done house cleaning for yourself for a long time. You would be aware of the kinds of tough dirt you are always fighting. My advice is that you should keep doing it and getting better at it. Go out and seek the best of solutions to your house, it is fun and economic most times.
Find a solution to grease stains
Corns starch and baking soda are my number one. These two always-accessible home cleaning solutions can remove grease stains with ease when well done. The two are the best absorbents and can do some good cleaning in the least time possible.
Get rid of the old
You may have done some good cleaning, but your old possessions could end up leaving the house clean. You need to know what to keep and what to lose. You could be a collector, fine, have some place to keep your collectibles. This helps to ease off space and makes the outcome of cleaning even clearer.

What are the don’ts?
What not to do when doing it yourself
Even as much as you are doing the cleaning yourself, research is a big part of it. You might get solutions, but they could backfire. A bleaching agent could end up accelerating rust. Besides finding homemade and economical solutions, you also need to find out the effects the solution can have on the same surfaces.
Avoid quick fixes
This frequently happens on spread cloth, furniture cloth, and carpets. When a dark agent could be a drink hits your clean cloth, spills on your carpets, the solution is not to dip the whole part in water and kill yourself scrubbing the part and end up not clearing the mess. A simple practice is to use a clean cloth and try to soak up the impending stain.

Avoid dry dusting
A dry cloth is like a playing cloth in a dusty place. The cloth keeps the dirt playing around. Use a soft duster and rid of dirt with ease. You will quickly and efficiently at your dusting and move on to other deeper places as you clean your house.
With the above, you should be able to know how to deal with the most critical cleaning issues. House cleaning is fine when you know what needs and does not needs doing. Stress on the does and be careful about the don’ts to improve your cleaning experience.

Must have tools for perfect house cleaning

Cleaning is like war; you need the right weaponry to beat the competition and win the battle. If you have been cleaning for a long time, you must have realized that there is equipment you always have. The reason you need them is clear. You need to be aware every time that you have all of those. You also need to improve your list if possible and get yourself better equipment occasionally to make the house-cleaning job easier. We have a secret list for you to own and can count on any time, as follows:
A hand vacuum
Not only is the hand vacuum healthy it is a convenient piece of cleaning equipment. This is equipment can fix your floor, the inside of your car, the always-daunting kitchen floor, and the mattress. With a hand vacuum, you have cut on most supplies like brooms, which would have required a change occasionally.

Microfiber Cloths

Dust can be painful. Imagine of a day you come home so early only to land on your couch and find yourself in a pull of dust. Microfiber cloths are the one solution to such a setback. Have one at the door as you come in tidy up sitting place and rest. Do not just use as dry microfiber; make it damp to effectively dust surfaces. Microfibers also help on other surfaces rather than furniture could be counters, on top of appliances like ovens, microwaves, radios, name them.

An extension dusting kit

There are parts of your house you cannot reach. The extension dusting kit makes the job easy for you. You are assured of cleaning unimaginable lengths of your house like the ceiling which many people do not do, the top of kitchen cupboards, light fixtures and many other above the head regions. After such exercise, laying off dirt outside could mean you have done a perfect deep clean of your house.

An ergonomic scrub brush

This gives a lot of control over tough surfaces that could pick up some serious dirt. Brushing can be tiresome and hurting. You need a brush that gives you the best grip and the right force to deal with dirt using lesser energy and doing a good scrub. Seek out an ergonomic scrub brush to clear the bottom of shoes, mats for the house, car mats, pots, and garden equipment, name them.

Steam Mop

A steam mop is an economical cleaning option. Due to its steaming feature, you could skip specific cleaning solutions. Choose one with washable pads and you are guaranteed of clean surfaces left behind on any area you use it on. They are good on vinyl, wood, marble and tile floors.

The squeegee

You need something to keep your windows and tall mirrors clean. The squeegee attached to an extension pole enables you to sort out these surfaces and leave not just the inside parts of your house cleaning but also the outside of glasses, short and tall mirrors.

The list does not end here, but at least you have equipment that can handle all the critical parts of your house and leave your home all sparkling.

How to plan your house cleaning

Do you go to work? Are you a very busy person? Are you skipping house cleaning? There is something about it so that you can leave your house clean. You leave early and come in late you will need a plan. You will need to divide the activities of tidying up your house into morning and evening tasks, as follows:
Morning to do

Start with the bedroom.
Make your bed. This is the first cleaning activity of your day. An excellent way to start your day. Doing your bed opens up options to clean other areas. What follows is a wipe on your bedside table, a quick fix of your closet and hamper before moving to another room.

Do your shower
Still a morning activity. After a morning shower, apply a cleaner. A quick clean keeps the floor clean and dry on return. What follows is hanging towels and robes in respective places. Hanging towels and robes well allows for aeration and drying before the next time of use. Have a hamper at the bathroom for your towels in case they will need cleaning.

Do your dishes
As you do breakfast, take the shortest time possible to clear the dishwasher. Do not leave your sink in a mess; you will not like in on return. Clean spills immediately, change dishtowels occasionally every morning and have the used ones kept away for laundry.

Clearing out
The keys, coat, and bag should have a spot at the door. As you leave, you do not come back and mess up with everything you have tried to put in order. Take out the trash with an apron on and leave at the hook or basket as you leave.
You might be thinking that the morning clean has done everything, but the house will be clean when you do some things in the night.
Night to do
Sort out clothes
Rehang clothes or place them in the hamper. This is not enough though, have an extra hamper for cleaner clothes. Having baskets that separate clothes, clean and dirty, allows for easy cleaning cycles. Once you get home in the evening, you can start cleaning.

Clear countertops
You might have left a lot lying around as you prepared in the morning. Keep everything in its place before you do anything else.

Clean toilet and bathroom tops
Toilets are best done in the night. As you prepare for bed, spray powder on the bathroom and do a quick scrub of the bathroom. Clean the seat with a clean cloth and leave dry before you sleep. You can also do bathroom countertops at this time so that all that remains in the morning is a quick after-shower sweep.
Do tables, pillows, and furniture

As you think of leaving the visitors rooms for the bed, clear the tables, fluff sitting room pillows and clear furniture of any clutter or snack debris.
The above activities mean you have been to clean most of the house. As you leave you in the morning, you are assured a lot is in order.

How to go green with your house cleaning

We always want to do things and feel safer doing them. Today, there are what we call eco-cleaning methods. Foremost, they are not just important to you but also to those who visit you and the surrounding. You can miss most of these skills by research and the tools by simply shopping but having a clue of what green house cleaning looks like makes all the perfect sense.

Are you the ammonia person?
The name itself shocks me. Ammonia-based window cleaners could be doing a great job, but we fear they are not healthy cleaning options. With half a gallon of water and a couple of tablespoons of lemon juice (4 tablespoons), your windows, glass, and mirrors are as good as clean.

The old school use of newspapers has also always worked. The many newspapers you have read and kept around could be a healthy way to tidy your windows.

Having problems with Vinyl surfaces?
Stains can be troublesome, and Vinyl surfaces can look disgusting. Simply dip microfiber cloth in plain lemon juice and wipe out stains on lemon on vinyl made surfaces.

Furniture polishing always a bad idea
Are you the person that paints things? Do you paint furniture? How is that practice going? Multiple polishes are petroleum solvents and distillates. They are full-time dangerous to use and have a terrible smell. There are, however, eco-friendly ways you can deal with such. With a combination of 2 parts olive oil and 1 part lemon, you have yourself an agent which with soft cloth gives your furniture a pleasant scent and sparkling appearance.

Are you having a problem dealing with paint odors after painting?

This just got easy. As you do your painting there having vinegar dishes scatter around the painted room can help with the scent. Do this for some days, changing the vinegar dishes each day until the house dries up and the smell subsides.

The always-disappointing metal
Most polishes used today are the worst and done in the unhealthiest forms. You do not have to do a metal polish when cleaning and be afraid of the skin and hand damages it could cause. Most metal polishes use ammonia and acidic agents. Using greener methods could still so the job and keep you and the environment safe.

How bad and sooty do you want your fireplace to appear?
The answer is you do not love seeing that sooth, you the impending damage it could be exposing the areas to as it stays there for long. For this reason, using a creamy paste made of tartar and smudge on those exteriors and scrubbing it off later could leave the surfaces clean and new again.

Laying off clutter in a meaningful way
By cleaning, you could end up with a heap of items that have lied around for a long time without use. Some forums engage in taking such items, these are green initiative platforms and they put the reusable into use, being a part of this nation can be helpful, convenient and cheap way of laying off reusable items unwanted by you.

The above mentions some eco-friendly methods and equipment that guarantee you a clean house. These methods keep you healthy and save the environment of pollution.

House cleaning without putting much effort

Many people can dress well but have a huge problem doing their houses. Some would be busy and cannot manage house cleaning. There are those who can manage the job in the shortest time possible and spend very little time and energy on those jobs. There, however, ways you can clean the house without putting much effort as discussed in this article:
Walk into each room
Go into the rooms of your house and take your time you identify what makes those places messy. Go around as you pick clutter. Pick clutter around into baskets and put aside, on free time sort things into relevant baskets, this will mean less energy spent and less time spent.
Wipe down surfaces
In step above, if you managed to clear the rooms what follows is to do clean the open surfaces left behind. Clear the kitchen floor and upper surfaces, clean floors across the room all at the same time. If you have a hand vacuum, the cleaning will be both economical, convenient and effective. This will take you lesser time and effort, and before you know it, the house is already looking good.

Empty all trash cans

Cleaning your house can be easy, laying off dirt into the dustbins is also easy but emptying the trashcan is beautiful. Being able to empty trashcans gives you the satisfaction that all that is expected of cleaning makes work easy.

Blow or fluff the pillows

Pillows are comforting; people play with them a lot. The worst thing about pillows is having them feel stuffy. A simple fluff from time to time, a little aeration allows pillows to ease in and out fresh air important to the room. Fluffing pillows gives you the clean feeling and trust that the room is full of clean air.

Make Your Bed Every Morning

This is a masterstroke practice. When you make your bed in the morning. The day is set for cleanliness. You can trust that the rest of the places will be cleaned. A transition from the bed to other parts of the houses and tidying up clears the house making it appear more organized.

Keep your hamper away

A clean house with dirty clothes spotted easily is a messy house. Being able to decide where to situate your hamper in a place where only a few access to it see is not a demanding energy activity. Having all dirty clothes in the basket and having the hamper away gives the impression that everything is already clean.

Clear fridge door

I do not know why people think the fridge door is the place to hung programs, cards, funny pictures but it makes less sense when what is in it is food. Clearing the fridge door shows clarity. Being able to look at the fridge and it just seems like a regular place makes sense. This act takes less of your energy.
The above list provides a group of practices that are light but still give your house a good appearance. House cleaning is made easy without much effort, and even less resource used.

How do you safely disinfect house during house cleaning?

Keeping your house clean is one thing and keeping it disinfected is a different concept altogether. Disinfection for a long time has been related to chemicals and feared methods of doing it. In this article, we will cover how to disinfect your house without fear of your safety:

Start with soap and water
In the case you are dealing with easy or light germs, using hot soapy water is your best bet. With such and a relatively rough rug, dirt comes close together and can be put in its place easily. Using these methods, you do not have to worry about your safety. Use this method for your floors, countertops and household surfaces.
Have you tried baking soda?
Soda is not a direct disinfectant, but when combined with agents like vinegar it becomes a natural cleanser. Baking allows for mixing with water, and when done correctly it can act as a scouring powder. With this agent, one can also sort our dirt on cooking surfaces and appliances and make them clean. You can use the baking together with lemon juice to polish metal. Vinegar, powder, and lemon can serve as a way to unblock a drain. This can easily be applied by bare hands and do not worry about your hands wearing.
Use of natural oils like Tea Tree Oil
This tree comes from a tree that exhibits the ability to fight bacteria and fungi. Tea tree oil commonly used in cosmetics and skin care mixed with water is a good house cleaning solution. Applying this mixture when cleaning countertops and tiles. You do not have to worry about this oil as it is a solution for treatment of injuries in children.
Hydrogen Peroxide is a safe disinfecting
As much as it is used as a healing agent, hydrogen peroxide can be used to remove stains on carpets and clothes when mixed with vinegar. Hydrogen peroxide can be used for the removal of scum water could have caused on tubs, sinks, and tiles. The good thing about hydrogen peroxide and water solution is its mild scent. A homemade or special spray bottle with the solution can be used to spray off dirt and make cleaning for you easy. Have the bottle dark and opaque then cover areas sprayed to avoid killing the cleaning the agent could have on the hydrogen peroxide.
Vinegar is a common cleaning solution
Vinegar is a jack of all uses. Vinegar has been used for widespread home purposes. Vinegar, however, has a strong scent. It has the anti-microbial features that allow it to fight mold growth. With vinegar and a soft cloth, you can wipe glass and stainless steel. If you are worried about the kind of vinegar am talking about going for the traditional plain distilled vinegar.
The above methods will surely leave a neat feature on most of the delicate surface. You do not have to worry about shopping for chemical-based disinfectants to kill germs on your items.