How to prepare for your move out cleaning

There is nothing bad as being caught off guard. It is always good to prepare for your move out cleaning. You might be asking yourself why to prepare when you actually want to only move out. Everything could go completely wrong when you could have done something about it. There are a number of things you need to take care of so that the cleaning does not affect you, the house, your items and the lease contract.

Always give a notice
You might have a good move out cleaning services firm in mind but giving a late notice can be costly. Always prepare them, show interest and do your own follow up even after they do theirs, pay down payment so that you have them chained for your planned move out cleaning. A late notice might mean that you might not get the right people for the job or the job poorly done. An early notice means the cleaning firm gets to prepare for you on time.

Prepare list
The mistake with not having a list is the chance you could lose something important. A list acts as a checklist, you can share the list with the cleaning firm so that in the case they come across something in the house that belongs to you, they are able to put it together for you. You might have left things on purpose or not, making that aware to you prevent losing items you might have spent a lot on a purchase.

Move all your items out before the cleaning firm arrives
A move out cleaning activity is supposed to leave your place perfectly clean. Clearing the living space of your items can make the job easy and prevent damage. It will be okay that you have your items stored in some different place away from the area to be cleaned. Do this on time before the firm arrives to avoid having them to have to wait for you.

Arrange for a place to stay during the cleaning
Once you have left the house there will be no turning back. An end of tenancy inspection by a landlord can land you in trouble of having your deposit refund slashed. Having the place untouched before an inspection will secure your full deposit. This means arranging for a place to stay or moving to your new house is a good idea.

Perfectly inspect house
Before cleaning the house, take your time to move around each of its parts and check if anything requires your attention. If you are responsible for any damages in that house, it will be proper to have them fixed. No one will be held responsible for the damages but yourself. It can be cheaper if you have them fixed than the landlord having to charge for repairs from the deposit. Once the house is perfect, the move out cleaners can come in.

The above are enough ways of preparing for a move out cleaning. They will ensure that you are not having to turn back to the once you have stepped out. You only need the place cleaned, grab your deposit refund and move to your new place of residence.

How to enjoy doing your deep cleaning

The deep cleaning process is thought to be hard by some people when it actually is not; you can actually deep clean and never get by doing it. You can make the cleaning fun yourself. All the fun you are looking for is actually around; you just need to make them worth the fun. I enjoy my deep cleaning each time I do because I flavour my cleaning in a number of ways, which am happy to share with you.

Music is good for a cleaning day
If you are the person that easily get bored in a silent room then you are in the right place. Music can motivate you to achieve heights you did not imagine. This will hugely depend on your preference. You do not want to find yourself in the middle of your cleaning going to change the music playing on your background. Select a number of playlists before you settle to clean this way you are enjoying the process. You can do it in any way you want to but focus on being effective in your deep cleaning.

Use a checklist
Do you know why shopping is always fun? To me, the checklist is just the reason why my shopping is fun. A deep cleaning checklist makes work easy for you by breaking down the deep cleaning process into simple tasks and missions. Having a checklist on your cleaning attire pocket is a simple guide responsible in making the cleaning process easy. Doing your cleaning without checklists is like visiting a new place without a compass, a map or directions.

Focus on a room at a time
Consider these as small wins that later become a big win. Doing a room at a time means progress will be seen. Progress is motivation in deep cleaning. Dividing the activities of your cleaning across rooms makes cleaning easy. Cleaning with respect to rooms allows you to give each room the attention it requires from sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, dusting and vacuuming.

Use finely smelling cleaning supplies
Ever wondered why some people’s toilets, bathtubs, sinks, doormats are clean? Why are they enjoying doing this cleaning? The list is long. At the end of the cleaning, the areas are well scented because they used the right equipment. Always your time and shop for the right cleaning supplies. Buy eco-friendly supplies from natural and healthy detergent for your cleaning. Not only do they smell good but you will also enjoy using them during deep cleaning.

Promise to reward yourself
Self-motivation is important for deep cleaning. Promise yourself something once cleaning has been achieved. You can write that on the whiteboard or set aside some clothes for a pizza or movie night after a busy deep cleaning day. This easily motivates you to do your cleaning to the end, because the end promises fun. Cleaning just got enjoyable.

Do not clean alone
Cleaning with someone as you talk, share memories, play can be fun. Cleaning is faster, more efficient and fun when there is a company. You get the best out of yourself by talking to someone, as you clean, could be a friend or family member, all the same, you will still enjoy the cleaning exercise.

The above practices will enable you to enjoy your cleaning, the fun is within, you just need to put yourself in that moment and have a successful deep cleaning exercise.

How to do end of tenancy cleaning yourself

Has a property owner ever denied you deposit refund? Did the landlord slash deposit refund to restore space? If so, how did you feel? One of the main reasons is that you might have left the space worse than it was. I can offer one solution for such so that you avoid future disputes with property owners. I would prescribe an end of tenancy cleaning, this job can be quite taxing but you can actually it yourself and save some bucks to facilitate a move-out.

You must be thinking this is a quite heavy duty and you are right, the tips below will facilitate your end of tenancy cleaning process, you will be surprised you did it; the result is a restored space and the reward an undisputed full deposit refund by the landlord.

Always start the cleaning early
I would advise the cleaning starts a week to end of a lease contract. End of tenancy cleaning can actually mean you spend most part of the days of the week cleaning. If you are a busy person, more than a week’s allowance is advisable. This will ensure you actually restore the place to its initial state without having to wear yourself out in the cleaning process.

Use a move in report
Some property owners might hand you a not so perfect place and expect to leave it perfect. A move-in report shared between you and property should come in handy. In the case of a dispute, a copy of the move in inventory report will alleviate dispute. Always ask for one before paying for anything. Have yourself and landlord agreeing on the state of the space so that you have no problems after an end of tenancy cleaning inspection about the state of the house. If it does not hurt you, take a clip of the place when moving in to highlight the state of areas of the property as proof during a dispute.

Use a checklist to support your cleaning process
Before you start the end of tenancy cleaning, prepare a checklist of how to go about your cleaning, where to start, where to focus, what to fix, what you require in restoring the place. Use the checklist as a focus tool and stick to the plan until the end. You can self-inspect the place using the same device after cleaning before allowing the property owner to do an inspection.

Use the right equipment
Equipment is important in the cleaning process. Some equipment can only make the space worse than it was. Take your time and use the right equipment and technique for the right place. The right equipment also means you get the work quickly done. You can actually use what professionals use for example hire a vacuum cleaner for the floor and the carpet.

You can also hire an end of tenancy cleaning company
Research, ask around, walk into their offices and learn about what they do. You can take part in the cleaning process, no one can prevent you. Besides, you will be able to compare plans and checklists and learn new tricks. At the end of it, you will take the credit, take your money and walk.

Cleaning checklist for DIY deep cleaning

Since the start of the year, you have been busy trying to kill your back saving for your school, family and a house. You have not even had the time to put the focus on the restoring the sanctity of your house. Then suddenly and you are asking yourself what to do. You look around, the bus fare just skyrocketed, the weather is just good enough to keep you around but your house is in a mess. When is the last you actually did a deep clean? This holiday is the answer. You are still asking yourself where to start and indeed a lot needs to be done and the only way to be the hero at the end of all this is a plan and a do it yourself deep cleaning checklist is important what you need. A good checklist focuses on the rooms and the tasks needed to accomplish deep cleaning, am happy to provide you with a checklist that can guide cleaning. My best route is the kitchen, the bedroom and finally, the toilet and bathroom.

Always start with the kitchen

Most days of the year, you have been doing kitchen floors, surfaces, shelves and shallow touch to the sink once in a while. For deep cleaning, the game just changed, a lot has to be done, include a number of activities in your checklist as follows:

Focus on cleaning storage areas and kitchen appliances. Storage areas could be cupboard areas, fridges and storage containers. Kitchen appliances could be the fridge, kettles and burners. Foremost, clear storage areas of food; throw away old food and clean the surfaces, grills and tray with a slightly damp cloth. In the case, you use plastic, cardboard and glass containers it will be proper to recycle them so that you do not go back purchasing other ones and save for other important things.

Move to the sinks and surfaces nearing the sink and cooking area. Cleaning a porcelain sink is easy anyone could imagine, with the right equipment and technique, one can actually retain its original look.

Move to cook surfaces like cookers. If you are using a removable cooker, even easier. You can eject cooker and wipe to cleanliness carefully.

The cleaning is actually moving downwards, the next part should be the floors. Remove any delicate equipment around before you scrub, sweep and mop the kitchen floor.

Move to the bedroom

After the business of the day has left you fatigued, the last thing you want to face is a dirty place of rest. You can shake up your bedroom through a number of deep cleaning tricks on your checklist.

Soak blinds and curtains, if they are light you can use a washing machine if you have one with detergent, wash thoroughly, air and iron to add the freshness of the room.

Tidy the wardrobes. A holiday is just the best time to pay attention to the wardrobes. You can use a good broom to dust, remember to put on nose masks and protect your eyes from damage by dust. After a cleanup, arrange wardrobe and give it a new look.

Remove cobwebs from walls and ceilings. This is not something you do on a normal day. There are cobweb removers in the market to ensure you do not have crawling animals walking on you.

Include beddings and mattresses on your to-do list. Having good beddings not forgetting pillows clean is one of the things most people forget until the bedding has developed a suffocating smell

Move bed and other furniture and clean underneath. A fresh bedroom means you do not have any cover unturned. I would advise you do under the bed occasionally to avoid breaking your back during a deep cleaning activity.

Finish with the bathroom

Most people do their bathrooms and toilets. Showering in a dirty bathroom will mean not having to lean against the wall, shower with fun, and even enjoy the bathtub. Not cleaning the toilet will mean not seating on your toilet seat. A number of things to include in the checklist for a fresh and pleasant bathroom and toilet are:

Ensuring surfaces are wiped down and storage places are cleared off out of date cleaning products.

Wash bathtub with natural products. In your planning to clean the bathroom and toilet remember to shop for natural products. The toilet and bathroom are health sensitive places and making sure you avoid exposure to poisonous chemicals, always use natural products.

Wash mat and scrub floors. This comes last as you finish off. This means that you are approaching the end of a deep cleaning exercise and a good win.

The details above should give you a screenshot of what deep cleaning entails. Going back to work you will return to your easy cleaning and still have a good environment to back to at the end of the day.

Your move out cleaning personal inspection checklist

If you maintained a clean stay during your occupancy then the move out cleaning should not take much time. You can even do it yourself as discussed in the previous article. If there is no time, you do not have a choice to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning firm to do the cleaning and restore the house to its former state. This is not the end, once the cleaning is done; you need to do a thorough inspection yourself. This is where the move out inspection checklist comes in handy. The checklist is not only for the cleaning but to ensure the house is in its original state in all ways. Below are a number of things to include in the checklist that will give a better success score and finally even earn you a full deposit refund.

Landlords care about utilities

In this case, we are talking about the water, electricity and gas connections. Property owners care about this items because they actually invested in them as they established their property. They could have invested a lot in them and will not be ready for any excuse in the case they do not properly function after tenancy. Therefore, ensure that the gas connections have not been altered, ensure the water taps are well functioning and that the electricity is properly working as it was at the beginning of a tenancy. If there was an issue with the utilities, have them fixed before the actual inspection.

Personal items on the property

At the end of a tenancy all, a landlord will want to see is his property sparkling clean. Not because it makes them happy but because they want the space occupied by the next tenant as fast as possible. During your personal inspection, make sure that none that is yours is on the property. If there is, remove all and clean up the area you have found the item to ensure there is no dirt is around in the actual inspection.

Trash on the property

Always make it to the end. This means that even after doing property clean up you still have to make sure there is nothing related to your dirt on the property. This includes trash, empty the bins, the trashcans, the ones on the inside and outside of the property, the best time to call trash collectors and have them pick the trash before the actual inspection.

The yard is still your business

Before a move in you must have found the yard perfectly done. The landlord will want to see the property just that way. Have yourself or someone else to mow, edge and trim the yard a day or more to the inspection and have the dirt in a faraway place before the inspection. Do not forget to attend to the gutters.

Check carpet

The landlord will definitely check if the carpet has been handled. On hiring the move out cleaning firm, ensure you have included the carpet in the must-dos. Have a receipt for the carpet cleaning. This should be an electronically generated receipt to avoid having the landlord slash your deposit to cater for the carpets.

Check the cleaning checklist

You need to ensure the areas you instructed for an end of tenancy cleaning have been perfectly handled. This means the areas like the walls, ceilings, the rooms, windows and doors are free of stains, marks, smudges, debris, webs, soap scums, streaks, and ashes if there is a fireplace.

Check the alarms

Replace A/C filter, after all, is done. This is to avoid being charged for a fresh one. Some landlords will check for how clean they are, they could come with their technicians and will definitely they will want it replaced or paid for. The smoke alarm should be as found, the inspector will actually test it. Install working batteries in all the alarms if possible.

In the end, you have perfected the imperfect places, thanks to the self-inspection description above. You are now ready for the actual inspection and a deposit refund. All the best. Do this inspection a day or two to the actual inspection and fix the needy areas.

Considerations when looking for an end of tenancy cleaning firm

You might have had a bad experience doing an end of tenancy yourself, you could be having a tight schedule or you want to give a try to an end of tenancy cleaning firm. This consideration means you get access to the right, most efficient and most reliable end of tenancy cleaning service. You can only get this in a good end of tenancy cleaning firm. You could be asking yourself what to do when looking for a good end of tenancy cleaning services firm.

Below are considerations when looking for an end of tenancy cleaning firm:

A good firm is made of professionals
All the good businesses owe their credit to their staff. In the cleaning industry, having professionals make you stand out in front of all your peers in the industry. When looking for a cleaning services firm, check for how professional their staff are. There are firms that specialize in end of tenancy cleaning or those that offer a variety of cleaning services. Even so, subscribe to a firm that hires trained cleaning services personnel or trains their staff. This is a sign that the firm is taking a serious path in cleaning business.

A good firm responds faster
You could be a busy person and need to move out before lease contract expires. A good firm will quickly respond to this need. You might need a quick response to acquiring a deposit refund to help you pay for next place of accommodation. An always-on standby cleaning services staff is the firm you are looking for. Being able to do a week’s sign out work in a day or less is a sign of a good end of tenancy cleaning firm.

A good firm uses the right tools and techniques
Today we are talking about green cleaning. The use of eco-friendly cleaning methods. This hugely depends on the type of service you are looking forward to; for you, this might not matter. The point is to have space perfectly done and with the use of correct equipment and methods. The right equipment can actually mean the work just got easier, efficient and effective. Know the chemicals and any cleaning aids they use for better results.

A good firm prices its services professionally
Some success end of tenancy cleaning services can easily rip you off with their hidden costs. Professional pricing of services actually means that the services are worth the money being charged. A good firm offers discounts or prices through premiums. Inquire about the offers and ensure you get the right services after subscribing to them.
Choose a trustworthy cleaning firm
A good cleaning firm or end of tenancy cleaning agency cares about the trust of the clients. Good staff stick to the limit of the job, do not touch your personal items, talk about your personal information, or divulge client addresses to other people. A firm should have staff that respect client privacy. Research and read client reviews until you are comfortable with the firm you are trusting with your end of tenancy cleaning firm.

The above considerations should guide your choice of an end of tenancy cleaning firm. Good service is not enough more things come into play.

Easy deep cleaning hacks from a pro

Deep cleaning simply means no stone is left unturned during the cleaning process. Often times we involve ourselves in partial or just simple surface or shallow cleaning. Such cleaning is aimed at creating impression alone but if your visitor is curious about the state of your house, they will see the dirt right through your walls, carpets and clean sinks. Even the cleanest of people ignore their own pillows, pillowcases; rugs and toilet cover name them. You might be wondering what this could actually take a whole day but do not be surprised if it is actually two hours or less work You just need to know what to do.
Below are quick deep cleaning hacks from a professional. I hope you will find them of use as you perfect your art as a perfect cleaner.

Clean area rugs
You just need the right equipment and the right methods. Foremost, have the rag on a flat surface, in this case, could be a floor. Use a hose to soak it. In the case, the rug has picked up stains, use detergents on it and apply a bristle brush on the blemished areas. You can let the rug out on the sun for a while and later rinse with a hose, wring out the water and return to sunlight for drying.

Carefully scrub stove burners
Most precisely electric stove burners can appear dirty after long usage without cleaning. Electric stove burners can be unplugged and therefore the work just got easy. Use a slightly wet cloth and soap to remove the debris on the coils. Apply baking soda paste on the burners, leave it untouched for a quarter an hour as you do something else before scrubbing off and dry. You will love how clean it turns out to be after the cleaning.

Wipe, wash and dry vent covers
Every day, month or year passes since you moved into your new house and the cleaning has gotten monotonous. You might think you have done anything but you have been passing under the vents and definitely never noticed they need your attention. This is easy, fast and fun, you just need to remove the vent cover, wipe with a dry towel, ran sink water on it wipe and dry. Easy.

Tidy toilet syphons
Not many people recognize that this needs to be cleaned. Often times, we clean the toilet tubs, the covers but forget the syphon. However, this part makes up for a deep clean. Turn off the water supply to run the bowl empty. Wrap duct tape on the syphons and pour vinegar in the toilet tanks. Flush toilet, leave it that way for a night, remove the tape in the morning and turn on water supply.

Spray, scrub and wash sinks
Most sinks today are made of porcelain. It looks good when clean and you can actually avoid it when dirty. You can actually do something about the sinks. Spray sink with baking soda and scrub with a sponge. If you have some hydrogen peroxide you can still do the same, allow to sit for a quarter an hour and rinse with hot water. Perfect!

Soak and clean brooms
We use them to clean but we actually never clean them. Quite ungrateful! Very few people can actually stand using a dirty broom, you use and the feeling is that you are going to get sick the next minute. The trick is to just soak in warm and soapy water and disinfect after every use.

The list goes on and on, to stainless steels, couches and pillows but you will notice that none of the deep clean techniques is complicated. With good planning, equipment and technique all that needs to be clean can be easily made clean.

How to do a faster deep clean

As discussed in the article easy deep cleaning hacks. These simple hacks will help you do your deep cleaning faster. The point is not to do the cleaning faster but to do it efficiently and effectively. You will not have the excuse that the cleaning will take longer if you actually apply most of them.

All cleaning tools need to be in one place.
I would advise that you have all the tools in a cleaning caddy or a bucket. Having everything required for cleaning in one place means, you save on time spent looking for them. The focus remains on doing your cleaning within the time you are set to do the cleaning and finish.

Clear clutter before any deep cleaning starts
Cleaning takes a lot of time because the place could be worse. I advise that you start by moving to every room of the house and picking up the clutter. Picking up the clutter means in the middle of the cleaning you do not have to go for the dustbin or have to change the water because it cluttered so fast.

Deep clean the house as a whole
You decide to dust, vacuum or mop. Do not do all this for each room; pick a task and apply it across the house. You will be able to do it perfectly, easily and faster than you would have expected. Deep cleaning is about specifics and all you need to do is specialize and handle the cleaning in a general manner to be able to get the end without breaking your back.

Sweep before you mop
We used to do this in school. It worked, we could do the cleaning at games time and actually get back to the games before anyone knows it. The trick is to get the dirt out first by quickly sweeping and trashing it in the bins. A simple wet mop and finally a dry mop follows.

Disinfect countertop and surface area
Surface areas can be easy or hard. This depends on how frequently you do it. However, the easiest and most efficient way of doing them is by disinfecting the surfaces as you wipe with a relatively dry cloth. This could be faster than you expected, just focus on surface and avoid distractions.

Keep your cleaning equipment clean always
When cleaning equipment is clean, they do a good job. In the case you are doing deep cleaning, keeping the cleaning equipment clean can save time because the tools are fully efficient than they could be when dirty.
Move as you deep clean
Cleaning is an activity. All that is required is movement across the areas that need your attention. I would advise that you are actively moving as you clean. Movement as you clean means progress. You being able to progress allows you to spot an imperfectly or shallowly done place and fix the place.

Clean as a group
Deep cleaning when done by more than one person. The two or three of you can decide to divide tasks amongst yourselves and at the end of it all; it will be faster, easier and more collaborative.

All of these tips should help you perform a house deep clean quicker

How to Schedule a Cleaning Job in Bristol

Being part of the cleaning services in Bristol is a good business venture. Cleaning for your clients is the best thing you can do for them. Cleaning jobs bring impression to the place of work, homes or commercial spaces. It is not easy to schedule for cleaning in a busy workplace. Therefore, scheduling cleaning jobs is a priority for every cleaning firm.

Scheduling cleaning jobs in Bristol can earn you respect from most clients. Not being a distraction during work hours or making the business halls clean once dirty is a good selling point for your company.

Know the best time to clean
• After Business Cleaning
The days can be long and a lot of debris lies around once clients are done with work. Normally clients will leave the office the way it was. This is the time your cleaning team can come in and tidy up the place. Not moving the employees early in the day can be helpful. In the case, this cleaning has to be done in the customer halls. The midday can be a good time to clear any impending dirt. Employees are also motivated by coming in the next day and finding the workplace tidied up. This indicates the timing was great.
• Midday cleaning
This is a practice I have seen work in recent days. Most commercial working spaces today have customer halls. On a busy day, working places can turn become untidy even the day breaks, having a team on standby for midday cleaning is a good practice that ensures that your clients maintain a good impression for their customers.

Knowing your end game
This refers to what you are aiming to achieve at the end of your cleaning. A walk around the site enables you to organize the cleaning jobs systematically from regions that need the most attention to those that require lesser attention. Paying attention to those regions in your schedule makes your job easy. You will need lesser energy for the less demanding areas, therefore, paying attention to the more demanding areas in your schedule.

What needs to be done and the methods required
The intensity of your cleaning job will require the need for systems to be created to achieve good results. Preparing a good team for the job, choosing the right methods of cleaning is a big step towards job completion. Having the equipment ready for cleaning is an important part of the scheduling process.

Group cleaning tasks by frequency
As you schedule cleaning jobs, keep in mind how often you do the different tasks in the cleaning. Grouping the tasks by frequency are important in deciding the amount to allocate for each set of task. Paying attention to more frequently cleaned sites and the rest of the time to the less frequently cleaned sites. There are cleaning duties that can be done on a daily basis, some on a weekly basis, others on a monthly basis and even on yearly basis for longer contracts. Washrooms can be done on a daily basis, toilets a number of times a week, curtains on a monthly or quarterly and areas like the fridge on a yearly basis.
See! Cleaning just got easy. You just need to schedule your cleaning jobs smartly and you are ready to go.

How to settle quickly after getting a job in Bristol

Getting a job in Bristol was the first step towards setting yourself up in Bristol. But how will you enjoy your new job without know about Bristol? Below are a number of ways to settle in quickly in Bristol. You will realize that they directly affect the way you work.

Bristol is located right at the core of England. It is actually in the middle of the United Kingdom’s road and railway transport networks. This actually means transport is not an issue in Bristol. However, you need to be aware of a number of transport aspects so that you do not spend most of your money on commuting to work. There are commuting services like the First Bus and Severn Express which charge less than 30 dollars for a week’s journey to any place of interest. You can also use a bike or walk for short distances and enjoy the fresh air of Bristol.

The city of Bristol is made up of kinds of houses. Work and distance from the house should guide your choice of a house. The costs of housing in Bristol are relatively flat but keep rising. If you have moved for work in the town with your family, you will need to get a spacy house. The prices always differ depending on the location of the place. If your choice of a house that near a transport network that leads to work easily and cheaply, you might spend a bit more.

Bristol is a city in the UK. The UK is known for its cheaper internet costs than the Canada and United States. Your subscriptions for internet should be guided by the demands of your work. If you will require to work from home on some days, you will need to get a better broadband. The standard broadband of up to 17mb goes for as high as 25 British Pounds and as low as 19 British Pounds. You can also get a fibre connection of up to 50mb for just 32 British Pounds.

Food in Bristol
Nobody can work without food. At least this is a fact that even if you have moved to Bristol town for work you need to know where the food is, where to buy grocery, where the restaurants are and how to go about spending on your food. Bristol is in the Southwest of England. Most of the fresh produce comes from this place. You should be able to access a restaurant that meets your needs here.

Taxes in Bristol
Working is one thing and getting taxed is the other. Be ready for tax as a new Bristolian. There is a sales tax, what many refer to as Value Added Tax of 20 per cent on most of the goods you will buy. This is included in the price you will see against the products.

Having a home or renting is also a subject to council tax. This is hugely dependent on the size of the house acquired or the establishment built on UK land. In the case you will buy a residence or flat, you are obligated to pay stamp duty for the property.

The above knowledge should help you settle in quickly in Bristol.