Office Cleaning Etiquette

As an office-cleaning professional, there are things you need to do so that the client feels that you respect their space. There are rules of operation also known as the office-cleaning etiquette. This proves that you are a disciplined person. This is actually, what classifies you as a professional. However, what are these practices?

Commitment to safety
A good professional is a safety, conscious person. Many clients will avoid hiring you the next time if they feel you are a safety, health and environment freak. There are various ways to prove that your firm is safety conscious. Brace your staff with personal protective cleaning equipment like gloves, boots, nose masks and even hair and head protection like helmets and hairnets.

Using signage during cleaning to mark territories is another item to inculcate in your cleaning. This prevents you and staff of those you are working for from injury like slipping on wet surfaces.

This office cleaning etiquette is a good impression maker also a good deal breaker when looking for clients. Clients will always choose the safety conscious professional.

Good clothing
This is not new. It is good when your cleaning team is identifiable among others. Always equip the team with nicely knit and branded uniform. They will always appear good in a uniform; besides, they will be a marketing team for you out there. A well-dressed team refers you to other companies.

Follow schedule
When you get hired you will have an agreed upon schedule with your client amongst other agreed upon timeline conditions. Following the schedule is a good practice. If you have agreed on an early morning, midday soft cleanup and an end of the day trash collection let it be so. Ensure your cleaning team have a leader amongst them that updates on everytime sign in and sign out to avoid surprise clients calls.

Reduce noise caused during cleaning
Remember this is a workplace, office cleaning etiquette demands require less disturbing methods. Your staff should clean with decorum. Noise can irritate in a workplace that is demanding. You do not want your staff to be chased in the middle of a cleaning staff. Use easy methods of cleaning that do not need a lot of energy and are not resulting in a lot of noise in a workspace. A good reason why cleaning should be done early in the day when staff have not settled.

Know the important areas your client need to see cleaned
Have the team prepare a schedule and prioritise cleaning territories depending on the need. I will advise the office and coffee area get cleaned quite early before you move to the washrooms. Prioritising these areas means staff will not interrupt you as you clean. Some staff start with the washroom before moving to the office if your team is made of more than two people, as one person works on the floor of the office, the other should be working on the washrooms and having the windows open to allow for aeration and fresh air into the areas.

The above tips are enough an office cleaning etiquette. They are not all that is but create guidelines for your staff for them carry themselves respectfully in an office cleaning exercise.

Improving Office Cleaning Standards through Training

Your office cleaning service standards are important. Clients will hire you if they feel your team is capable of handling the job. You can hire experienced cleaners but this will not be the same for everyone you hire. Some days in business you hire somebody you want you to want to develop yourself. Training staff can be expensive but it is also expensive to get a good client but end up not meeting standards.

If you are new to the idea of training staff, you are in the right place. These tips will allow you to get improve your office cleaning standards through training. These tips will also allow you to make the training worth your while.
Be the role model of your team
Your staff are in a better position to listen to you if they respect you. Being a professional in cleaning could mean you have walked the cleaning industry. Your team acknowledging as a person with good standards, strict person, disciplined, and professional will want to emulate the same. An introduction of the idea of training to improve service standards will be received well because everybody wants to be like you.
Understand how better each of your staff learns
Not all your staff learn in the same way. The way your staff could be absorbing knowledge is not the same. Being able to understand this element will help you shape learning messages in ways they can easily understand. Incorporate various training methods to enable to be able to access the knowledge you want them to. Your delivery should be able to appeal to their easier learning part to enable them to get better.
Always seek out training opportunities
Every professional is always evolving. As the boss keep looking for opportunities that can make your staff better. Research online and read wide to be able to understand how better you want your standards to be. These new opportunities also what we refer to as new trends can help your company stand out against other competitors in the field of professional office cleaning. Keep your staff skills up to date with new trends.
Trigger questions and seek feedback
The best thing about learning is the ability for the learners to ask questions. Your training should anticipate questions. Questions that are aimed at improving office-cleaning standards will mean that the staff are motivated to improve office cleaning service standards.
Do not forget to seek feedback from trainees each time you conclude a section of teaching. This allows you to gauge how far they are at acquiring the new skills aimed at improving your office cleaning standards.

Practice skills acquired through simulations
Simulations are like real life practices. Allowing for your staff to exercise the same practices learned in class should enable you to judge how good your standards have become. You should be able to know how you would feel if your staff worked for you as the client. If you love what they do, seek an external opinion to avoid bias. If the judgement is good then you are good to go and try the same practices outside, to real clients.

Lessons on Good Office Cleaning Practices from a Pro

Just like all other professions in a variety an industry, office cleaning possesses ideal industry practices. Office cleaning practices are there to ensure that even with effective and efficient cleaning; everything respects industry standards and regulations.

For better industry practices, the owner of an Office Cleaning Services Company hires competent staff, trains them and fully equips them with the best cleaning practices. The company needs to show not only good cleaning practices but also good company management practices from service delivery, human resources, quality systems, Health Safety and Environment guidance, Good Governance and Green Building. These in mind, choose the best, safest and healthiest methods of office cleaning that will finally lead to a sterile, disinfected and sanitary environment.

What Are These Office Cleaning Practices?

Ensure cleaning are safety aware
As much as office cleaning staff or employees are the best at doing this job. Ensure they are safety conscious, safety aware and emergency ready. There is only one easy way to do this, enlighten them with the safest cleaning practices and you will be disappointed. This industry practice is also a marketing tool. Those that have hired you seeing how safety conscious your staff are will trust the work you are doing for them. Nobody wants to hire a company that does not understand safety; safe cleaning means care, discipline and intelligence.

Green office cleaning is the way to go
Many people care about their health, most about the environment. Some people relate disease to a poor environment or an unclean atmosphere. As the world is making efforts to go green, be part of this big difference. Use environment-friendly office cleaning methods. In place of hard and soft brooms, use vacuum cleaners, use organic air fresheners like lemons and flowers in place of the typical air fresheners to keep the air free of hazardous chemicals.

Exhibit professionalism in service provision
Show reliability in service provision by ensuring there is a team set aside for each company you work for. Have schedules, reminders and people supposed to handle your clientele? This means even when you forget, business is handled. Some companies can skip a day unknowingly because they are filled up with clients, being able to know handle such situations makes you better than your competitors. This industry practice ensures that even when some companies have left your shelves you still have those customers that always keep your business running.

Cross-train staff
This is where your staff are trained to do more than one activity or task; cross-training ensure in cases of unavailability of a given member of your cleaning team, somebody can still do their job. No client will want to know that the person for the job is not there. No industry accommodates such excuses. This practice should be cultured. This act shows talent and gives client fulfilment. Job completion is key to the development of any good business. People pay for jobs completed.

Procedure and policies
If you are an industry player, you know what procedure and policy entail. Good industry players have guidelines set for their teams to follow. Those rules ensure that employees stay focused on the job. Well-followed guidelines are a major step towards becoming a better industry player.

The above should set on the part of a good and illustrious office cleaning business.

How To Do Fast Office Cleaning

Usually cleaning an office can take long, sometimes short. Long office cleaning can affect your schedule, you might feel tired even before the day starts. You need to be a fast office cleaner. Fast office cleaning saves your time. You can decide clean at the end of the day, spent less than fifteen minutes to make your office spotlessly clean. This is relative, respective of the size of your office. There are ways you can be a faster office cleaner as follows:

Imagine an office cleaned by more than one person. The office area is quickly covered before your back breaks. Decide with your staff, divide the cleaning into bits so that someone is handling the debris, the other one is handling the furniture, one is handling the floor, one is handling the coffee area, and someone is handling the windows. Working together in the office can be easy, perfect and fast office cleaning.

Have a plan and stick to the plan
Cleaning an office can be messy if you do not know how easy to go about it. This being your office, you should be able to understand where to spend more time cleaning. Create a schedule of where to start maybe take out the trash, go to the floor, the windows and finally do the furniture. Dividing your cleaning and focusing on those steps is a good fast cleaning practice.

Purchase and use proper equipment
Do not focus on buying state of the art equipment for cleaning. Make it simple by just acquiring the right and good in shape in equipment for the cleaning. As long as the equipment can do the job have it in the right shape and use it. Using old equipment can be tedious; you could be using a lot of energy, wasting a lot of time, and actually doing nothing. Proper equipment is equivalent to easy and faster cleaning.

Motivate your cleaning
Cleaning and mumbling to yourself can be creepy. How about some music in the background. Always have something to entertain you and your team as you clean. The cleaning can be easy and fast even without focusing on the motivator, the feeling itself is enough to make it enjoyable for cleaning our workplace.

Dress for cleaning
Dress light and protective as you clean. Dress for success. Dressing for your cleaning is an important motivator. Knowing that you dressed for cleaning gives you clarity of what you are about to do. Cleaning the office in a cleaning attire is easy because you do not have to check yourself each time as you clean. Focus remains fully on the exercise, you will not mind about how dirty you will get in those clothes. Finish up, clean up and dress for your typical job.

Have all your equipment in one place
Faster cleaning means everything you require is right where you are doing your cleaning. You should not stop in the middle of your cleaning to go looking for cleaning items. Tote your tools in a tote tray. Just eject anything from the tray whenever you need it. This is a professional way of cleaning an office.
Use both hands when cleaning
Not only is it in office cleaning. Two hands involved in cleaning means good coordination that allows for effective and fast cleaning.
You do not have repeat a single point with one broom when you can do the same with both hands involves in less than half the time when one hand is lazily behind your back.

Common Risk Assessment Practices for Safe Office Cleaning

Today many companies are involved in risk assessments of work sites before sending their teams to work. This practice is also important when doing office-cleaning jobs. You are able to assess the environment you are hired to work on for any hazards. However, not all people understand the risk assessment process.

Below is a guide towards good risk assessment practices for your office environment before your team gets to work on it:

Checking for hazards
A hazard is anything that has a potential of causing risk. As the owner of the cleaning firm, seek out the help of safety personnel to help assess for risk by identifying hazards. As you identify the hazards, have them on record. Noting them down will allow you to know where to pay attention to hazards during cleaning. If possible the hazard can be gotten rid of to allow to for a safer working environment without the fear of any occupational dangers. Pay attention to how electric sockets, plugs, the cabling and how they may react to water and other cleaning agents you will use in your cleaning exercise.
Good relations with clients and good communication with your staff
Being in an understanding with the clients and their staff is a good way of ensuring safety in the workspace during an office-cleaning environment. Nobody understands the environment better than the employees of a workplace do. They know where to step where not to step. They know the hazards that you could be looking for. Good relations means they get to open up and save you the time of assessing for risk.
Communicating clearly with your team is good after risk assessment practice. Make it aware to them of the potential risks or the occupational hazards of a given area. Equip them with ways to respond in the cases of emergency commonly related to the office area.
Addressing Hazards
You, staff, or clients might assess and check for hazards and never work on mitigating them. Ignorance is a reason you, staff and clients might end unsafe. On assessing for risk, devise ways of dealing with them. Today we have safety engineers; they can come in handy in this situation. Deal with the hazards before you send your team out to work. If they get hurt after a cleaning exercise you could be at a loss, you might find yourself spending your revenue on treatment in a case you do not even have an insurance for them.
Always do reassessments
Hazards can be assessed, identified and addressed but always do reassessments. A change in cleaning equipment or cleaning chemicals can pose a different danger. Being able to know what new risk you are dealing with will be important. Will you need to do personal protective equipment? Will you need to change the cleaning agents, will you need to change the equipment and even have the open sockets covered. Being able to address new hazards ensures a fear-free cleaning exercise. You are also able to avoid any potential dangers office-cleaning exercise could be posing.
The above practices are suitable risk assessment measures to take to ensure a safe office-cleaning milestone at your new work site. Being safety conscious is what every wise client looks for. Never should you forget this important part of your commercial and professional cleaning services business.

Sickness Policy

Your employees are most likely the biggest cost in your company. Usually the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy workforce is as simple as making a focus on diet, a clean environment and staff well-being.

Want to know how much sickness is taken? As much as 1 million workers take time off each week due to sickness

Employee absence has a significant impact on your organisation’s performance.  Below are a few things that you can do to help reduce sickness

What’s the root cause? For an individual, there might be problems on the job or home which are causing the absences. These might be challenging to speak about. If you’ve noticed lots of sicknesses in your office, it might be that the office isn’t being cleaned properly

Either way, it’s possible to deal with sickness absence effectively and frequently prevention is far better than cure.

What’s your sickness policy? In addition to good info, managing sickness absence requires a clear policy. For employers to tackle sickness absence at work, keep an eye on staff sickness absence patterns. Have you noticed a lot of Monday & Friday ‘sicknesses’, for example?  

It’s also important that all employees know who they need to tell if they’re off sick, so make sure that you have crystal clear processes for handling sickness

Handle it properly to stay out of the courts When an employee feels they’ve been unfairly dismissed, they may take their case to an employment tribunal. In this case, it’s down to you as an employer to prove that they were dismissed fairly, not for them to prove that you dismissed them unfairly

What if my cleaner is underperforming?

A clean office provides you a crystal clear and relaxed mind, not to mention the wellness benefits. Cleaning is one of the most important portion of our life as it gives the basis to do everything else!

Office cleaning is usually allotted a big workforce and a lot of cleaning supplies and equipment so as to cover all the bases. Instead of attempting to do your cleaning done in-house and with your own employees, you could save yourself money by employing expert cleaners.

Your office is not just about having a polished area to receive your client. An office is the extension of your service, which you can regard as an advertising channel. A small office cleaning can create a superb impression on clients and employees.

What if my cleaner is under-performing?

The first step is always to bring it up with them. Tell them your concerns and post cleaning schedules as well as area rules as an added measure of ensuring that it’s clear what you need them to do. 9 times out of 10, this solves the problem!

If the problem areas persist however, then you might want to talk to other cleaners to get their opinion. If this sounds like you, get in touch today


Should I refurbish my office ?

Have you been thinking about this recently? The office is where all the action happens. If you’re working in a little space, you would like to make the most of the place.

Before you hire an expensive decorator to remodel your office, here’s a few thoughts that you might find helpful


Could I just de-clutter the office?

The office layout needs to be considered prior to any refurbishments are made. A tidy office is just one of the advantages of becoming rid of clutter. It is only one of the benefits of getting rid of clutter. The condition of the office also impacts the morale of the employees.

There are various means by which you can design an office with furniture. Sometimes even a simple moving of desks will make your office seem like a more spacious and open place to work!


Is my office just in need of a good scrub?

Most companies simply see cleaning as a line item on the yearly accounts. It’s so much more than that though! A clean office underpins a great impression for clients

Imagine you’re a client walking in to your office. A clean and tidy office helps build the impression that you’re trustworthy and skilled. It’s an extra bit of info that helps them decide that they would like to do business with you.

A thorough cleaning schedule doesn’t have to break the bank either. Office cleaning doesn’t have the identical intensity, so lots of our clients prefer our professional cleaning to be run on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

You can also hire expert office cleaners from time to time to really spruce the place up


I’ve decided, I want a redesigned office!


Very exciting! It’s always nice to have a snazzy new place. If you currently have office furniture, a good way to save money is to coincide with your new furniture to the old.

If you decide on versatile as well is functional office furniture, your office will allow you to be efficient while it’s still simple to move around the workplace.


So why don’t you take the very first step in rejuvenating your company, keeping a wholesome office is not going to only look good but it is going to aid with staff productivity.


Small Office Cleaning Tips from a Cleaning Jobs Pro in Bristol

You just started your business and acquired a small office for your everyday operations. You have thought of how to keep your offices clean and you have thought why not it cleaned once or twice a week have. You are in the right place because I am going to talk about small office cleaning.

If there is, something even clean corporate offices cannot avoid is dust. Dust is everywhere you just need to care and look. You shelves, paper, directories, keyboards, drawers and cabinets, windows and the monitor will always have dust. There is, however, a solution to this. You can always clean these places every time you are free maybe at the beginning or at the end of each day to avoid picking infections as you work.

Install bins in your office
The people you work with need to see them in the office so they can use them. Talk to them about it so that all that is useless goes into it. Even after cleaning, there are items like staples, papers, photocopy paper carriers that need to be gotten rid of. The best way to avoid such a situation is by having such installations in your office at any time.

Organise your office
Another tip that will ensure the office is clean is by being organised. Paperwork makes your office unappealing. The best way to solve this problem is by having files and a cabinet at a given point of your office. Once you have a file for all groups of documents. Whatever that is useless can be disposed of. Small office cleaning job firms will tell you that in the case that the office is unorganised it becomes a challenge for them to detect what is appropriate and what is not. You might end up losing important customer details or information.

Handle the floors
Floors are just the easiest parts of the office to clean. These days we have vacuum cleaners. Acquiring one will save your time and money you could have spent on the every time cleaning equipment. Since you are not allowing professional cleaning to your workspace every time. Having such an item is a big boost. A perfect cleaning hack for your carpets and bare floors.

Designated Eating Areas
The best way to adopt the one or two days professional cleaning for your small office is by having you and your staff not eating right at the work areas. Designate a given point of your office for food, drinks or beverages. This will means for anyone to eat they move to the area, this reduces on crumbs and food remains to get to your work area and worksheets. Such can be a source of a bad image to your customers. It will also ease up on time spent on cleaning having you focus on your job.

A clean work area motivates work and staff and improves performance.

Need a Domestic Cleaning Company in Bristol?

You just moved to Bristol and you just do not have the time to do a first-time domestic cleaning of your home. You definitely need a domestic cleaning firm to help with that. But finding one that suits you is not quite easy because all these firms are owned by different firms, have different styles of working and I bet you need the best of a domestic cleaning service. Below are the major considerations in hiring a domestic cleaning firm:

Is the cleaning firm professional?
This can be somebody’s side hustle. Something the firm does while spying on people. Research and let them show you their credentials from an office presence to a VAT registration certificate. This way in the case, anything goes wrong you know what measures to take. However, you should be able to get genuine domestic cleaning firms in Bristol.

Is the cleaning firm consistent?
Domestic cleaning is a sensitive kind of cleaning job. This is the kind of job where you do not need to see different domestic cleaners every week. Know if the firm is in the business of always changing a cleaner every week. This is not what you need; it all goes down to trust for a given cleaner. A good firm notices that and gives you the cleaner you are used to, the cleaner that understands the needs of your house.

Is the firm insured?
Domestic cleaning is not a cleaning job full of occupational hazards but anything can happen. Because you are a client, you do not want to be liable or for an incident that happens in that house. There could be a fire, a theft, or a damage in property worth a lot or so little. Still, ensure the firm is covered to compensate for damages that might result from their activities.

Are the cleaners trained?
Some people avoid professional cleaners and go for random guys for their firms. But for a client who is paying you are looking for value for your money. Somebody that understands where to look when cleaning your house. You do not want to pay for a shoddily done job. Hire a cleaning firm with trained cleaners to get the service for the money you pay.

Check their customer service and accessibility
A good domestic cleaning services cleaning firm needs a good customer service. Once they do cleaning, the narrative does not end there, you should be able to get to them with recommendations or a future order. There could be a problem with payment, you should be able to fix it through the phone without having to go to the offices or if need be there, the location should be accessible for you to go in person. The firm should not disguise itself in a mobile number; the customer service should be there in the office hours, whenever you need it.
What cleaning techniques does the domestic cleaning firm use?
I will always go for eco-friendly methods of cleaning. A firm that uses these methods cares for the environment. This means a lot and speaks loads about the firm. A firm that cares for the environment cares for the staff and cares for you.