Your Workplace May Be Making You Sick!

Your Workplace May Be Making You Sick Clean

With the majority of us heading to work every morning, we make sure our homes are as clean as possible for trying to prevent common household illnesses and allergies like asthma, mould, mites, fleas and much more, we rarely think of our workplace being a cause of concern.

Being a cleaning company, we see a lot of dirt and grime and we believe, that purely because of the number of people and the frequency of use, workplace desks, tables, phones are the most contaminated.

Research has also proven that everyday items used in an office like desks, headphones, stationery, chairs are teeming with bacteria sourced from activities such as sneezing, coughing, skin shedding, crumbs, and water, straight from the digestive tract which settles onto surfaces while you are talking. *Yikes*


Let’s see how you can make sure your office space is clean –

1. Clean your keyboard and phone 

It’s essential to clean these two items as they come directly in contact with your skin and face. The keyboard is usually a whole new level of ecosystem within as food crumbs, dust and bacteria easily settle in between the crevices.

Using a simple anti bacterial spray will do just fine.


2. Clean your desk every week 

Just like the phone and keyboard, the desk comes in contact with you directly, you use it to eat, rest and  also lean on, it’s worth giving it a good wipe over with anti bacterial spray to make sure nothing manages to grow out of proportion and cause you to phone in sick!

3. Wash hands!

We can’t stress enough about how important washing your hands are after you eat, or go to the washroom. Even things like using a photocopier or fax machine can leave thousands of little unwanted friends on your hands. Don’t get us wrong, bacteria live in humans naturally but things go wrong when there are more bad bacteria than good ones!

4. Clear crumbs and drink stains

Those little crumbs that you leave behind every time you take a bite, it’s a wholesome meal for any mites, bacteria or any living organism hanging around in your working space. Giving a simple wipe over to ensure there are no crumbs or drink stains on the desk will ensure you have a more hygienic and safer environment.


We believe if a cleaner environment can be created with a few simple steps then we always advocate it to our customers, family and friends.

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