Your move out cleaning personal inspection checklist

If you maintained a clean stay during your occupancy then the move out cleaning should not take much time. You can even do it yourself as discussed in the previous article. If there is no time, you do not have a choice to hire a professional end of tenancy cleaning firm to do the cleaning and restore the house to its former state. This is not the end, once the cleaning is done; you need to do a thorough inspection yourself. This is where the move out inspection checklist comes in handy. The checklist is not only for the cleaning but to ensure the house is in its original state in all ways. Below are a number of things to include in the checklist that will give a better success score and finally even earn you a full deposit refund.

Landlords care about utilities

In this case, we are talking about the water, electricity and gas connections. Property owners care about this items because they actually invested in them as they established their property. They could have invested a lot in them and will not be ready for any excuse in the case they do not properly function after tenancy. Therefore, ensure that the gas connections have not been altered, ensure the water taps are well functioning and that the electricity is properly working as it was at the beginning of a tenancy. If there was an issue with the utilities, have them fixed before the actual inspection.

Personal items on the property

At the end of a tenancy all, a landlord will want to see is his property sparkling clean. Not because it makes them happy but because they want the space occupied by the next tenant as fast as possible. During your personal inspection, make sure that none that is yours is on the property. If there is, remove all and clean up the area you have found the item to ensure there is no dirt is around in the actual inspection.

Trash on the property

Always make it to the end. This means that even after doing property clean up you still have to make sure there is nothing related to your dirt on the property. This includes trash, empty the bins, the trashcans, the ones on the inside and outside of the property, the best time to call trash collectors and have them pick the trash before the actual inspection.

The yard is still your business

Before a move in you must have found the yard perfectly done. The landlord will want to see the property just that way. Have yourself or someone else to mow, edge and trim the yard a day or more to the inspection and have the dirt in a faraway place before the inspection. Do not forget to attend to the gutters.

Check carpet

The landlord will definitely check if the carpet has been handled. On hiring the move out cleaning firm, ensure you have included the carpet in the must-dos. Have a receipt for the carpet cleaning. This should be an electronically generated receipt to avoid having the landlord slash your deposit to cater for the carpets.

Check the cleaning checklist

You need to ensure the areas you instructed for an end of tenancy cleaning have been perfectly handled. This means the areas like the walls, ceilings, the rooms, windows and doors are free of stains, marks, smudges, debris, webs, soap scums, streaks, and ashes if there is a fireplace.

Check the alarms

Replace A/C filter, after all, is done. This is to avoid being charged for a fresh one. Some landlords will check for how clean they are, they could come with their technicians and will definitely they will want it replaced or paid for. The smoke alarm should be as found, the inspector will actually test it. Install working batteries in all the alarms if possible.

In the end, you have perfected the imperfect places, thanks to the self-inspection description above. You are now ready for the actual inspection and a deposit refund. All the best. Do this inspection a day or two to the actual inspection and fix the needy areas.