Winter Is Coming! How To Stay On Top Of Your Home

As the summer holidays draw to a close, our daylight hours reduce and temperatures begin to drop, we welcome another infamous British winter. Whilst we aren’t quite ready to put up our Christmas trees, the cold and wet weather of the winter season can spell disaster for your home. But all is not lost; here’s some top tips from our guest contributor, Maid In Spokane, to help you stay ahead of those winter cleaning blues!

Start simple – doormats!

As the weather turns ugly, our boots and wellies begin to gather mud at an astonishing rate; muddy shoes equals muddy carpets. We recommend popping down to your local homeware store and getting a waterproof plastic doormat. Place these inside your front and back doors to stop those muddy marks in their tracks. Wait for the mud to dry and simply wipe clean with a wet cloth!

Throw Rugs

To avoid soggy spills and stains getting onto those precious carpets and sofas, try bringing some throw rugs into your home. They offer great protection to those high quality fabrics and can be picked up at an affordable rate. Not only do they bring great protection but on those especially chilly winters nights, they also offer some valuable extra warmth!

Use your time wisely… declutter!

During those dark and cold winter months, we don’t often feel like venturing outside, instead opting to stay at home in front of the telly. With more time spent inside, we need to enjoy being in our homes. Take the time to filter through those cupboards and drawers and have a thorough declutter. Not only does less junk mean less cleaning, you can free up some space to ensure the whole family has room to relax this winter.

Don’t forget the windows

As the clocks get rolled back, we wave goodbye to our long summer evenings and reluctantly welcome in those premature nights. With the limited hours of daylight everyday, it is vital that we make the most of it. Add regular window cleaning, inside and out, to your household routine. Wiping away the grime will ensure your rooms are flooded with extra light, giving your home a fresher and friendlier feel. 

As the gloomy winter months approach, don’t let the wet weather bog you down. Getting measures in place early, can help you keep the winter woes at bay and make your home a warm, welcoming place to come back to. Our top tips will help to ensure your home stays clean and cosy all year round.

Brought to us by our friends at Maid In Spokane.