Ways on how to care for care home kitchens

Care home kitchens and food handling personnel are paid attention to a lot. Caring for care home kitchens is important in order to prevent food borne illnesses to the elderly. Food safety in this homes is regulated, therefore, it is safe to keep the care home kitchens scrupulously clean all through. Below are some of the ways to take care of your care home kitchens:

Keeping the kitchen clean at all times

Keeping the kitchen clean at all times helps one ensure the kitchen is taken care of at all times. The kitchen being clean in care homes also gives a better view on food handlers being clean to prevent any contaminations. During the process of keeping care home kitchen clean follow the following steps:

Clear the kitchen surfaces

Start by clearing the kitchen table by removing all utensils starting from used cups and plates. This will help you during your cleaning process. This clearing process includes clearing all the decks ensuring that all staff are placed at the right place.

Wash the utensils

After clearing the surfaces proceed to washing all dirty utensils. Before washing the utensils make sure to empty any left overs to avoid blocking the sink during cleaning. Arrange the utensils in their respective places.

Start working on the sink

After cleaning the utensils run hot water and detergent to help you in soaking items that require soaking. This items include the dish drainer, large pans that require extra care, and the microwave turntable.

Take care of the refrigerator

During your cleaning start on the refrigerator. Make sure to empty the refrigerator and get rid of any spoilt foods and empty the dishes before cleaning. Defrost the refrigerator and start the cleaning process by using detergent and a clean cloth to wipe the surfaces. After cleaning and ensuring all parts are carefully cleaned, arrange it ensuring you replace old food with new food.

Take care of the kitchen countertops

Use spray detergents and a clean cloth to wipe the countertops. Ensure to use a soft cloth to avoid scratching the surfaces while cleaning. Proceed to cleaning the kitchen surfaces start from the top to the bottom to ensure you have gotten rid of all the dust as you proceed.

Clean your stovetops and microwave

Spray your stove tops with detergent and proceed to clean using a soft cloth to avoid scratching the top at the same time getting rid of any dirt. Proceed to wiping your microwave to get rid of any hidden dirt. Put your wet cleaning cloth inside the microwave and turn it on to clean. While leaving it to clean proceed with taking care of other surfaces.

Wipe all the remaining surfaces in the kitchen

Proceed to cleaning the other surfaces left to be cleaned including the kitchen doors ensuring to follow instructions on how to clean a certain type of surface.

Clean the kitchen floor

After all the other surfaces are clean use a mop and detergent to clean the kitchen surface in circular motions from the end part of the kitchen towards the door. Make sure to pay attention to the corners and hidden surfaces.

Check all the electric kitchen appliances

Check all electric appliances to ensure that they are in the right condition. Also ensure that they are taken care of in the right condition.

Caring for care home kitchens is important as it is the key to a healthy environment in the care homes. Therefore, we should make sure that our care homes are free of germs and contamination all the time.